All Attentiontistos Do Hang Tough

i’d like to think there’s levels to the attentionisto game.
on a level of steven beck’s caliber,
he would only hang with those that are similar to him.
well he met up with another popular attentionisto in la.
a vix-bi just alerted me on the recent ig update and well…

i swear steven beck is like the “kylie jenner” of the attentionisto level.
he has gone through so many “friends” during his rise.
kellon deryck,
this one latino model wolf that i can’t remember the name,
and derek tramel are just to name a few.
i guess george is the new bff?

lowkey: i wonder what these two possibly have in common?
its kinda interesting the dynamics of this “friendship”.
i bet they wouldn’t even talk to you if you don’t have over 50k followers.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “All Attentiontistos Do Hang Tough”

  1. George looks really good, cannot deny that at all, but I am over him ,and I have never been a fan of Steven to begin with lol. These dudes really be out here doing the most.

  2. I’m confused with these two are they fucking or are they gay or are they willing to sleep with whoever for a come up or better yet what exactly is it that they do ?

    1. George says he is straight,not gay not bisexual but straight.

      Steven has never said he was straight to my knowledge.Steven is a model, wanna be actor and now he is on the reality show Black Magic which comes on tonight on Lifetime.Oh yeah Steven has a new calender that just came out.He just posted a couple of pics on his IG a couple of days ago.

      I don’t know much about George.I know he graduated from college last year.I know he does music.Also both of them post videos and pics on some site where people pay money to see them.I learned about that from people here in the foxhole.

      Based on some comments on Steven’s page I believe Steven and George may “work out “together today.(at the gym😀).So there may be shirtless pics at the gym later.

    2. You never know, because I deal with turning straight guys out, and I remember I let these two guys with girlfriends stay at my place for a few days, and one day I decided to leave work early and they were fucking each other, just because someone says he or she is straight, does not mean they are really or if given the right incentive or opportunity, he or she may perform with the same sex… -_-

      1. Oh my gosh Dee Jay, you caught them in the act lol, Were the dudes sexy? If they were I would of joined right in.

  3. Steven is still friends with Kellon and Derek.He was hanging out with Kellon the last time he visited Atlanta.He hangs out with Derek all the time in Arizona.They even take their kids out to eat,park,etc.Derek has a son who is about 2 , Steven has a daughter who is about four or five.So he seems to add friends but stay loyal to his long time friends.I have never seen him with George but they may have been friends on IG.I just remembered
    George is friends with Vinny Watson who is one of Kellon’s best friends.Vinny is the openly gay friend that George talked about when he said he wasn’t homophobic a few months ago.As in “I am not homophobic I have gay friends” 😂

  4. The foxhole be on top of it-LOL. I follow both of these attentionista’s on IG and they always like each other pics. Both of them posted the same pic on their respective pages. One thing about The Beck is that he follows all the hot boys on IG, I mean seriously if you are hot on the IG scene he is probably your friend or following you. Many of these attentionistas are now intertwined with each other, almost as though they DM each other to make sure they all get to play in the Honeycomb Hideout together. Everybody wants a seat at the popular table. G. Hill might be trying to be on Season 2 or get put on the tour review since his music project seem to be taking a little longer than expected but I am sure it is going to be FIYAH when its released on Soundcloud. Dang The Beck is almost giving me funsize vibes he is coming up a lil shawt. I guess we can always dream that they may be filming a new Dawgpound feature since they are in HOLLYWOOD.

      1. Where is a good place to meet the “Steven beck” type guys in Atlanta, to possibly become “friends” with?

      1. They finished filming the show last year.Unless he is trying to do something on the tour.They are doing a 30 city tour that starts January 26.Didn’t somebody say George produces music or plays music?

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