are you a fox with that sweet nectar?


i felt proud of myself when a made a wolf nut in 5 strokes.
one of my life accomplishments tbh.
when i pulled that dick outta me,
the condom was filled with his love juice.
i remember him praising me for making him cum so fast.
even tho i was vex af,
that was the day i learned i had some good fox box.
when you’re a fox with that sweet nectar,
you can feel like the most powerful fox alive.
when a foxholer sent me this video...

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Only For The Foxes With The Good Foxtail Are Allowed

everyone feels the got exceptional:


it’s life and sext conversations.
it isn’t until it’s time to have sex that you’ll find out.
a foxholer said that a nfl baller wolf allegedly has good foxtail.
it’s so good that allegedly everyone wants a piece,
but the problem is that he is stingy with it.
if you have good foxtail,
you shouldn’t be giving it to everyone.
would you give your expensive shit to just anyone to use?
you should feel that way about your butt cheeks.
well this wolf wants a warning about foxtail.
good foxtail.
he wants you to tell him in advance if its good.
an f-bi sent me this video that i had to share…
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Luke James Shows His Tail

wpid-screenshot_2014-07-21-01-29-48-1speaking of luke james,
and a friendly reminder from a reader of mine,
he showed his ass the other day.
of course i’m late,
but never late than never!
besides that ( x snow bunny slip up ),
he went bare butter ball naked for his video,
“dancing in the dark”
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