are you a fox with that sweet nectar?


i felt proud of myself when a made a wolf nut in 5 strokes.
one of my life accomplishments tbh.
when i pulled that dick outta me,
the condom was filled with his love juice.
i remember him praising me for making him cum so fast.
even tho i was vex af,
that was the day i learned i had some good fox box.
when you’re a fox with that sweet nectar,
you can feel like the most powerful fox alive.
when a foxholer sent me this video...


i remembered my situation with that wolf back in the day.

I can see why some dl and “straight” wolves go coo-coo for a mean foxtail

even with giving throat,
we know how to please our own.
that’s why some vixens get good when a stud eats them stupid for an hour.
we know our spots on the same sex.
some foxes have a black belt in “making a pipe bust in 3 minutes“.
when a dl male gets some shit like that,
he is officially “turnt out“.
that’s why they won’t complain to fuck you in a rat infested trap house.
he could see the actual rats running around,
just don’t stop throwing that tail back and suckin’ the soul out his pipe.

Foxes: you ever notice when he comes over to your crib,
the look on his face is usually trying to play it cool.
he knows your shit is good,
but he doesn’t want to “look it”.
he only looks it when he cums and his eyes are rolling in the back of his head.

“Oh shit.
Ooooooooh shit.”

that turns me tf on.
something about a male cumin’ because i gave him intense pleasure is my fetish.
even seeing it porn gets me off really hard.

shout out to all the foxes with that sweet nectar in their fox boxes.
continue to learn tricks to keep them hooked,
but don’t fall for the games that come with good foxhole.
that’s the part that fucks us up.
Β there is one thing that trumps having that sweet nectar tho.

A wolf with good dick that will kill your shit.


we can definitely remember all the wolves who killed our shit.
those were the ones that has us looking crazy af.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “are you a fox with that sweet nectar?”

  1. My cousin sometimes gets a little jealous because I will tell him how I have niggas addicted once they get sum of this “fox box” lol
    The good good can have a DL nigga coming around alot πŸ˜‰
    “Practice makes the box works better ”
    Use this time in quarantine n shove a dildo up your ass so when it’s over the “Fox box” is ready n open for business 😘

  2. He used to be a fantasy of mine. He handsome as hell, but he would definitely have to keep quiet around me. LOL

  3. That happened to me once a very long time ago. I met this dude who was a full time college student and avid runner. This was before the dating apps were invented. He invited me over to his place and opened the door with just a towel around his waist. He said he had just gotten out of the shower lol. Now dude knew what time I was arriving but he just wanted to time his sultry tease with my arrival. Well it worked! I got so turned on by his lean slightly hairy body. Fast forward….after some small talk we decided to do the damn thang. His ass felt like two melons. I had never experienced a guy with such a firm ass in my life. It felt like I was f**cking a MAN. I blasted after just 3 strokes… I was embarrassed that I didn’t last 40 seconds but he seemed proud of himself lol 😝

      1. Jamari you are right on both accounts 😝

        I had a chance to turn the tables years later when I met a young executive who would leave his office to come get some of the dick. I would make him bust twice before he went back to the office. He was adDICKed πŸ˜—

  4. And hear I thought I was just finding all these one minute men. Oh you came, I hope it was good.

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