Luke James and The Black Women Who Hated Him

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.51.14 PMso singer wolf,
luke james,
kinda fucked up…
i think.
his bad!
so what had happened was…

luke james has one of the best voices out right now.
he can sang his ass off.
i have seen him live and been around him a few times.
truly a nice and humble wolf in the business.
lowkey better than alot of the mainstream r&b artists today.
giphyhell beyonce even cosigned him to open for her last tour(s).
luke’s fan base is a majority of black vixens.
so when he put this picture up:
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.58.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.58.22 PM
…all hell broke loose.
that lovely snow bunny is kim gringas.
girlfriend of his and a backup dancer for beyonce.
some of those same black vixens went ape shit on his instagram.
 he is dating the snow bunny in question.
he then deleted that picture above and posted this:

htgEjaz…so when his true fans got on him about deleting it,
he re-uploaded it again and posted this:

i’m dizzy too.
first off: what????
he should have kept the damn picture up.
that whole fiasco didn’t show confidence within himself.
hell within who he is dating.
i will say that from a pr standpoint,
it wasn’t a good idea to put up that picture.
i’ll tell you why…
his main audience is black vixens.
some people don’t even know who he is.
he has no cross over appeal as of yet.
bad enough,
many black male artists don’t show their love to their black fan bases.
they will have other races of hoes in their videos,
but still want that loyal “black sista” money.
as an r&b artist,
the allure and mystery is the selling point.
“single and ready to mingle”.
they want to know you are singing to “them”.
the fantasy of it all.
not the snow bunny.

their panties can’t get wet off that.
who he date off the grid is different.
plus most black vixens are very fickle nowadays so it is what it is.
he doesn’t even have an album out yet and trying to drive away his fans?
uh luke…
get it together please.

follow luke as he gets it together: INSTAGRAM

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Luke James and The Black Women Who Hated Him”

  1. Oh well who cares? Black people don’t care for other black people, I mean, look at everything that been going on rest of the world are against blacks. So are other black people who against blacks. Gotta face the music.

      1. It really hard to be proud to be Black when you don’t have the love and support from other black people who keeps breaking you down and themselves, especially the dark skin. I hate to say this but I am embarrassed to be black for a lot of reasons.

  2. I’ve never heard of him before. I think I’ll look up his catalog but it’ll take me awhile because I still have yet to listen to August. You are right tho. It’s just like Luther Vandross singing to vixens in his songs even though he really liked dick… or so I heard. We all know if Luke and his girl’s genders were switched, Black women would be making hella Youtube videos and twitter hashtags telling Black men to get over it and praising the White boy for being team Black girl.

    1. 100% agree regarding the hypocrisy with interracial relationships. black women will curse a black man up and down for dating a snow bunny but then turn around and act like they just hit the jackpot when they see a black woman with a white man

      1. It’s because black men rejected us first. So when we see a sista being loved, by anyone, black or white or other man, we’re happy she found it in this climate.

  3. Yeah he needs to do the Denzel Washington thing and know your audience. I forget the movie but Denzel was filing some movie with Julia Roberts and request there be no kissing scene, he knew his core fan base being black women at that time would not want to see him in a romance with a white woman.

  4. Luke is out here trying to commit career suicide. He shouldn’t have revealed his white girlfriend at this stage in his career. SMH. Black women will eat you alive, chew you up, and spit you out.

  5. He’ll be fine career wise, black women and men don’t buy as many records as they put on..these celebs have more followers on IG and FB but most of these fans up here are just nosey trying to see whats going on in the singers life…..he’s opened up for Beyonce many times across the world, many people know who he is simply because of that and with his vocals he’ll be around for some woman need to build a bridge and get over it, black people in general kill me with this…just like i heard some brothas were mad at Eve because she married a white man..i’ve dated outside my race before, and if at the end of the day the man who i settle with that knocks me off my feet, just happens to be something other than black my folks will deal…my family is so crazy i think me bringing a man home won’t be the problem but if i brought a man who wasn’t black or latino home i think that would cause more issues lol

  6. He talked about love. This is about what I’d tell him: “Love is love is love. That is a person of one ethnic/racial group can come to love a person of another ethic/racial group and that’s fine. On the other hand, we know that there is a tremendous amount of self-hating racism among African Americans whereby they hate black/African features-dark skin, broad noses, full lips and strong/nappy/tightly coiled hair. And because of that self-hating anti-black racism, they see is superior/preferred white/European features–pale skin, pointy noses, thin lips and stringy hair. I don’t know whether or not your or Shaun T’s affection of your girlfriend and husband is influenced by this self-hating racism but I do reject racism in all its form and all its permutations. ( I do suspect that your and his affection of your girlfriend and his husband is influenced by that racism because in the USA, we swim in racism/racist media all day, every day.) So, I cannot agree with the attitude “as long as they’re happy, good for them”. I say “As long as they are happy and not influenced by racism, good for them.” I reject racism in all its forms and permutations–even if it is disguised as “just love”. And I invite you to reject racism in all its forms and permutations.”

  7. Time to delete him from my iTunes, and to stop checking for him. He lost my coins and the coins from the majority of those who supported him.

  8. I legit do not see what the problem is about. Once the union isn’t driven by inherent self-hatred, then it’s fine by me. A real supporter and fan won’t drop support of him because his significant other has a lower melanin count than he does.

  9. Dean i agree it goes back to self hate, and it takes alot to deprogram this. But great for him he found love but before i start laying my opinions on his shit i working on mine.

  10. Y’all need to stop the hypocrisy….if Black fine (Wolves) Who were well established start parading their non Black companions around, you dudes would be up in your feelings and shtting on their existence. Y’all would be just like these Black women out here LOL
    Just like the Michael Sam and that bball player who came out

  11. I’m learning to just let this stuff go. I don’t like to see it but it’s whatever. I’m starting to think that black men and women with strong minds are becoming rare. Like It was this one white guy online that was talking about how black men were shading him because of his black lover. I was in aw as their whole relationship looked so stereotypical (big blk muscle guy with his overweight white lover and all their friends and associates not being blk, not one) I personally have drawn all the straws I can with both. I’m going to continue winning and not letting black men/women and men/women from other races detour me from reaching success. I may not be anything special to them but I know that I am something special. Stay winning Jay.

  12. Short and simple. Those same black vixens will call BLACK men all out of their names, praise EVERY other race of men over their own, and invest their money in music that belittles and dehumanizes men. Those same women hole the proverbial scissors that castrate black men daily and to make matters worse they expect black men to lay down and take it. Come on. Let’s not forget those Leave Tyrone and Date Brad memes that are floating around. I do wish Mr. James would have stood by his choice and kept the picture.

    1. Jericho, you apparently have swollowed hole hog the worst sterotypes about black women and you are now spouting them. That’s not wise.

      1. People like that are looking for an excuse; an “out”. There were just as many memes saying to leave Shonte and get a Brianna. But they ignore that.

  13. I have no problem with interracial dating, there just seems to be a trend of black men choosing very basic to bottom of the barrel white chicks to parade around, as if they are reaching for whatever white woman will have them.

    I have yet to see a black man with a white woman that is thoroughly attractive to the point that it would indicate pure jealousy if you didn’t agree with her attractiveness.

    Maybe the problem is that top notch, universally attractive women like Scarlett Johanson and Blake Lively aren’t into black men.

    Say what you want, but from my experience growing up in the south, you don’t see many black women with anything other than black men.

    Bottom line is it wasn’t wise to share his personal relationship this soon in his career anyway, regardless of his girl being white. Then the fact he took it down after a few bad comments made him look even worse. All black men dating white women are like that. They don’t bring them to predominantly black gatherings and they look away when they see black people looking at them in public like they’re ashamed.

    Claim your basic white girlfriend!

    1. Yes, me and you have agreed on that before. I hate hearing Black men talk trash about Black women and then you see they’re with a White chick that looks like Miss Piggy or the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.

  14. “Open outside of song”, eh? So he is singing to this honkie? Good to know. He never got a dime from me and never will.

  15. “Open outside of song”, eh? So he is singing to this h0nkie? Good to know. He never got a dime from me and never will.

  16. “Open outside of song”, eh? So he is singing to white women? Good to know. He never got a dime from me and never will.

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