Being Black While Eating Dirt Off The Floor In Louis Vuitton

tumblr_inline_mozo6uxaEI1qz4rgpwell hot damn hoe,
here we go again…
so who here has something from louis vuitton?
okay let me rephrase that question..
who here has something from the actual louie v store?
like you can take it back to get repaired for free and they won’t look at you crazy?
oh ok cool.
well i wanted to get a wallet from louis vuitton,
when i got the money that is,
but it seems they don’t particularly and allegedly care for blacks.
well not with this new alleged lawsuit

Another major fashion company is being sued for racial discrimination. This time around its Louis Vuitton that has been slapped with a lawsuit alleging racism filed by a sales associate, Oliver Koffi, at the luxury brand’s store in London’s Selfridge’s.

The Mirror reports that Koffi is suing Louis Vuitton for racial discrimination and harassment after witnessing his boss make several racially insensitive comments. Koffi contends that the behavior created a “hostile and intimidating” working environment.

The lawsuit, which will be present to a Central London Employment court on July 18, details various incidents including an exchange that Koffi had with his boss and a few other employees in December last year. “During this discussion, my manager quite randomly stated that “black people are slaves and eat dirt off the floor,” Koffi told The Mirror.

When confronted the manager apologized and claimed it was a “joke.” Since then that manager has vacated the job following a disciplinary proceeding. However, Louis Vuitton still has to deal with the lawsuit.

According to The Mirror, the high-end fashion brand “accepts that the racist comment was made but defends the claim on the basis the company had taken all reasonably practicable steps to prevent the racist comment.” A spokeswoman for Louis Vuitton said the company “has a zero-tolerance policy to harassment of any kind. This reported sentiment is in total violation of the Louis Vuitton Ethical charter. This issue was investigated, and the manager in question no longer works within the company.”

In May Tiffany and Company was sued for racial discrimination, joining Barneys, Macy’s, Alexander McQueen, and now Louis Vuitton, in the growing list of retail brands battling accusations of racism.

bad enough,
these low class swipers ruining “luxury brands” with their ghetto shenanigans.
not even ruining,
but adding fuel to the fire.
thats a whole nother story.tumblr_inline_n7yprwAF8x1qa3fbpso i have a question…
was “louie v”,
the entire fashion brand,
being racist
or was it that manager?
it seems the company got rid of the racist virus who was spewing all the hate.
not that it makes a difference…
not for nothing,
but a lot of these labels only like “our” money.
they could give a damn about “us” it seems.
sadly that won’t stop sha`ka`zula from dropping her tax money on a bag.
it is what it is.
if this happens to be louis v at fault,
will we all stand together to blacklist them?
oh thats right!
it didn’t involve a jew or a gay.
welp nothing to see here!

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4 thoughts on “Being Black While Eating Dirt Off The Floor In Louis Vuitton”

  1. Another day another exposé. Who will be next? See, this is exactly why we need our own… never mind. Black people can’t ever have shit for themselves because they allow every other race/ethnicity to get a piece of our pie. What are we gonna do about it, start our own businesses? That will last about a year or two and then as soon we know it, Whites, Latinos, and Arabs will be running them. Then the same businesses we once ran will be telling us we can look around but we’re not welcome. Fuck it, just let em keep saying what they want to say. At least they’re being honest. I’d rather they tell how they truly felt than be fake and smile in my face.

    This is just an endless cycle with Black people and I’m starting to get over it. That’s why I admire the Asians and Indians. They keep their shit on lock.

  2. @Zen…you make a valid point. I don’t like to lump all blacks in this category, but many, particularly those with little or no education and those who live in poor neighborhoods, generally hate to see others doing well. It amazes me that you have other nationalities/ethnicities that come to this country and do very well for themselves, yet we quite often cannot do the same. We have that crab in the barrel mentality, where instead of lifting one another out of the barrel once we are free of it, we want to pull the person ahead of us back down, preventing their successful escape. True there are many blacks who make it and never look back, but then you have those who are successful and everyone and their brother thinks it’s that person’s responsibility to look out for them. Nah…it doesn’t work like that. But like you said, we are quick to spend our money in their establishment, but if it was owned by one of us, we’d be accused of “trying to rip people off”.

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