So Starbucks Having Black Males Arrested For Minding Their Business?

i don’t really drink starbucks like that.
i have,
but that shit is expensive.
it’s weird,
but just before the foxholers sent me the following story,
i found a starbucks gift card in an old christmas card from my last job.
i doubt i’ll be using it anytime soon.
so starbucks is under fire for another racist incident.
did i miss the first one?
last thursday,
two black wolves went into a starbucks and the hunters were called.
a managing she-jackal called the hunters on them for pretty much  sitting.
this is the video that is getting crazy traction due to protests…
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#TBT: My First iSPY

 i found my first ispy.
i took it when i had a shitty phone so the quality is “eh”.
i think i took it in ’09.
i can’t remember.
it’s funny how small the forests are.
so i was talking to foxholer,
about this one hispanic wolf we came in contact with.
he was a manager at bbqs on 42nd.
what caught my attention was how fine he was,
but it was his fat tail that was the star of that show.
i think everyone went to see him and their drinks.
i know i did.
well this is the ispy i sneaked when i was feeling adventurous
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“This Is A Shoe Palace Employee…”

who knew ^this little one had paws like this.
well his name is alè valenzuela.
a managing jackal of a store,
one i ain’t i never heard,
named “shoe palace” thought he could square up with that little one.
he learned that day.
of course,
an f-bi sent all the footage for review…
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Did Yung Berg Get Caught Diggin’ In A Foxhole Tonight?

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.56.18 PMso yung berg got caught up tonight.
ray j’s manager,
allegedly walked in on him while he was in the middle of a foxhole.
or maybe it was his foxhole?
well this is what he said on his instagram…
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Nick Cannon Is Heavy Cosigning Amber Rose Life

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.06.22 AM

amber rose is what you would call…
my spirit animal.
i love her dearly.
welp she is on the way to being divorced and back on the prowl heavy.
while wiz khalifia is reborn again with ( x purple hair ),
amber found something in a hopeful place to another newly divorcee,
nick cannon.
so much so,
he is now her manager.
he also had this to say about her life…
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Being Black While Eating Dirt Off The Floor In Louis Vuitton

tumblr_inline_mozo6uxaEI1qz4rgpwell hot damn hoe,
here we go again…
so who here has something from louis vuitton?
okay let me rephrase that question..
who here has something from the actual louie v store?
like you can take it back to get repaired for free and they won’t look at you crazy?
oh ok cool.
well i wanted to get a wallet from louis vuitton,
when i got the money that is,
but it seems they don’t particularly and allegedly care for blacks.
well not with this new alleged lawsuit
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