Did Yung Berg Get Caught Diggin’ In A Foxhole Tonight?

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.56.18 PMso yung berg got caught up tonight.
ray j’s manager,
allegedly walked in on him while he was in the middle of a foxhole.
or maybe it was his foxhole?
well this is what he said on his instagram…

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.55.15 PM yungberguhohand:

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.58.36 PM yungberg1.







elle-wine-tasting-ramona-gif-hi mean…
well he always did strike me as someone who might be on the d/l.
something about him made my foxy senses tingle.
allegedly speaking.
the foxhole can have him.
i definitely wouldn’t be interested.
but wait a minute tho…
i also heard some alleged things about wack100’s client.
maybe he shouldn’t be throwing stones tonight either?

lowkey: remember when ray j was mad at fab?
they had that little tiff and he said:

I’ll smack the sh** out of that n***a, then I’m going to get my big homies on the phone that like n***s and they gonna rape that n***a. Bend that n***a over and stick him in the booty. I don’t give a f**k’- Ray J

s’all i’m saying.

found: instagram

23 thoughts on “Did Yung Berg Get Caught Diggin’ In A Foxhole Tonight?

  1. Regardless of what one say HIV/AIDS is serious and people must know that it is still out there. Protect yourself and know who you dealing with. I told a friend just the other night, GOD left us on this earth for a reason at one time we all were buck wild and was doing whatever. Stop pointing fingers at who do what and how it is done just know you can get it regardless!!!!

  2. In Africa, the majority of HIV transmissions are through heterosexual sex, not gay sex. So women can get and give HIV.

    I heard the Ray J rant. He’s an idiot and should be beat with the ugly stick.

  3. This down low giving HIV argument is pathetic. Everyone out here having raw unprotected sex and a few gay men get exposed for down low behavior and we all getting the blame? Everyone is out here falling victim to raw sex and he isn’t just down low men. Please stop with these stereotypes.

    1. And wasn’t there a post about a STRAIGHT man giving women AIDS a week ago? Everyone is dead set on blaming down low men for the HIV problem. No it’s you nasty oversexed hoes with the rampant HIV problem.

      1. Who says that man was straight D? You know him personally bruh? Do you even know the definition of downlow? The last time I checked they are oversexed hoes. Downlow men are dudes who are active with both sexes over a period of time. For example, a dude who bangs a another dude one night, and goes home to his girl the next morning and bangs her. If that ain’t a hoe then what is?

        People want to bring up studies and the CDC and all that stuff. That shit ain’t accurate, here is why. The stats from the CDC come from surveys that are conducted from interviews and of men. They take a sample of men and ask them questions regarding sexual orientation, sexual activity etc and get their data based on that. How can their findings be correct when most of the men they interview are going to LIE when asked about their sexuality? That’s where the flaw is in these fraudulent studies. If they ask me, I’m going to tell them I’m straight, and I’m not the only one. Y’all can try to downplay it any way you want, I don’t care. I said what I said, and I’m sticking to it. Y’all gone learn the day, if ya don’t just stay in the dark on the topic. They say ignorance is bliss. If you are not sleeping with both sexes back and forth every day of the week, don’t worry about it. Not talking to you.

      2. Maybe one day you will realize you don’t know everything.The CDC specifically doesn’t use terms like gay when doing these studies.They know DL men don’t identity as gay.The studies compare MSM men who have ever had sexual contact men who consider themselves STRAIGHT to Straight non MSM .
        Of course there are women who have been infected by DL men.Just like there are women who have been infected by non DL men.You act like every man out there is Gay or DL? Straight men can and do contract HIV from women particularly women with other STDs and high viral loads.
        It is myth that DL men are the cause of high HIV rates in Black women.There are many factors for the high STD rates for Blacks.Just like there are many factors for the high rates of out of wedlock births in the Black community.

    2. exactly and having str8 friends i hear these guys mention ‘going up in a bad bitch raw’ all the time…many str8 men will quickly sleep with a beautiful woman raw in a heartbeat…i’m just tired of this argument and it ONLY occurs in the black community…white dl men and dl men of other cultures are heavy on a4a, grinder, bgc and everything but you don’t see white women standing up in churches saying hiv is spreading in our community from dl white men or white woman standing up saying that they cant find a good guy because all white men are gay…this stereotype just further proves my point that the black community has more psychological issues than we care to admit…quick to attack a subset within their own culture because they don’t understand and this is why so many black men WON’T come out because they’re still painted as the boogey man in our community…

  4. The CDC has stated DL men are not responsible for most of the HIV cases in Black women. Stop perpetuating that MYTH.Google the CDC studies.I have to get to work but I had to respond .Have a good day.

    1. What does the CDC know about DL men? Nothing Y. How do they even know which men have sex with both sexes? We’ll just agree to disagree, but I’m staying true to what I said.

  5. Folks who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Let us not forget about Ray J and Young Buck. Google it…

  6. Okay Jay, I am co-signing Ray-J waddling his plump ass up the stairs, lol. I think I paused and rewind that scene about 10 times….

    1. ^i thought I was the only one…

      i actually started when he first pushed her in the pool and his shirt lifted up.
      you see the curve of the cheeks and everything…

  7. Smh I can’t even picture dudes like Yung Berg and Ray J dickin down no female, and I’ve seen the Ray J and Kim K. sex tape!

    Ray J’s chick Princess is bad as fuck, but I get zero intimate vibes from them when they’re together. I still don’t believe him and Teairra Mari went together either.

    Oh but I did spot Ray J waddle his plump ass up the stairs after he walked away and left his girl when she fell in the pool!

  8. I bet the “dark butts” are happy they were spared. If this is true, I don’t want him anywhere near my dark butt either. He looks like a stank bottom you’d see in a low-budget gay porn. I bet Ray-J gets down too. That quote gave him away. Sounds like someone throws sex parties on the regular.

  9. can i just say im SO TIRED of the TIRED argument that d/l men are putting black women at risk when it’s been proven that most AIDS cases are thru heterosexual sex…MANY black women do not make themselves a priority in their relationships thus they do whatever their man says and puts up with multiple affairs and etc, many of which occur with other women…and how do you expose someone on Twitter and then try to say no disrespect to the gay community…it was the ultimate form of disrespect because for some odd reason in the black community people act as if being gay is the worse case scenario so allegedly exposing someone as such as almost like you trying to end their career….smh over it….the media is so hell bent on exposing people as gay and until they stop demonizing homosexuality this problem will remain common…and ray j gets down you can tell….

    1. Wait a minute Malcolm, a man and a woman having sex is a heterosexual sex, that’s true. However, if a man is on the DL and sleeps with both sexes, he is having heterosexual sex when he sleeps with a woman, which doesn’t include the acts the man may engage in on the side, which may involve other men. Think about this for a second. How did women get HIV? Let it marinate for a second. One of my professors was lecturing about this one day a while back, and it perked my ears up. Decades ago, most cases of HIV were gay men, I don’t even have to search that. Women started getting the disease through men who are sleeping with both sexes, believe it or not. Women are not out here giving it to other women man. Several years ago, my mother told me about a man who was DL back during the late 80’s and early 90’s, who was having sex with men and his wife. He was having sex with multiple men, even one who was locked away in the pin for a minute. This man was banging men and coming home hitting his wife raw, and on top of that, he was banging her in the ass as well, even thought she did not like it, but felt obligated because they were married. Years later, she finally found the courage to divorce him after suspicious activity and the rumors about him around town. The man eventually caught HIV and he later died, which shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. Dude was dirty dog.

      I hate it when dudes try to use the excuse that they are bisexual to sleep with both sexes at the same time man. I’m bisexual and I have never done it. For one, I’m not a cheater, never have been to this point in my life. I’m glad Berg was exposed, he has a girlfriend who he is sleeping with and engaging with acts with other dudes, which is wrong on every level. I despise men who sleep with men and women at the same time. Nasty af.

      1. Every black woman that catches it is not a victim. What about the ones who were not responsible and caught it.jo

      2. Yea, but where did black women get the disease from in the first place? They shouldn’t have it. Switch hitter men, who are dippin into both sexes with multiple partners is the reason why they do. I’m not saying women are victims, I’m just acknowledging the fact of why they have it to begin with. This shit has to stop man.

      3. what i’m saying is that medically speaking that’s an ill-founded truth….to say that black women who caught HIV only caught it from men who slept with other men ISN’T the truth…you have a men who sleep with both men and women, who tell their girls up front that they’re bi ( i know a few here in philly that are openly bi) and are not carriers no do they have HIV…this is a stereotype that many propagate as truth when it’s not…many black men and women don’t stay on top of their health and spread diseases without knowing simply because of lack of communication and poor health practices to put the entire premise of spreading of HIV on black gay men is ridiculous and have no merit when, again most cases of HIV are contracted and spread thru heterosexual sex, like in Africa 80% of the cases are thru str8 sex…i just feel that in the black community gay and bi men have become the scapegoat because people don’t take care of themselves…some black women are too quick to open up their legs…its like in 2014 everyone and their mom wants to have sex unprotected and all they fear is an unwanted pregnancy not realizing that STD’s are very real…but that’s all i meant..it’s just a tired argument that’s been covered over and over yet…and lastly if someone is bisexual they’re going to sleep with both genders, whether at the same time or periodically during their life…to me a person sleeping with multiple partners of a different gender isn’t any less repulsive than someone who sleeps with multiple partners of both genders…it’s still being promiscuous

      4. My brother I have to disagree with you here. As someone who has worked in the field of HIV prevention as well as counseling and testing, I can tell you from profressional experience that women can pass the virus to their partners. I remember a case where a lesbian couple came in for routine testing and one found out that she was positive due to exposure to another woman who had not been with a man. She got it from oral sex. I also know a case where a brother contracted the virus from oral transmission. While your professor made some plausible points it just doesn’t hold up to scientific data.

        While my field severice is almost two decades old, I can tell you that the CDC knows quite a bit about the so called downlow. Don’t believe for a second that they are I’ll informed. I can say that because some of the work I did was tied to data collection for them.

        HIV is a serious disease man and I wish that the Black community can get that regardless of how it got here, its affecting the community in a big way.

        I left the field because the many days of watching people bypass prevention messages and the agony of giving positive results. Talking about heartbreaking!

  10. Yea, I really don’t care for him either, not my type looks or personality wise. He looks like he bleaches his skin too lol. Fizz and O are the only ones I like on that whole Hollywood show, which is why I can only watch every now and then lol.

    Teenager tho? I’m stuck on that. These industry folks I tell ya. I rather be holding a styrofoam cup asking for change on a corner than to fool with those people.

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