Nick Cannon Is Heavy Cosigning Amber Rose Life

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amber rose is what you would call…
my spirit animal.
i love her dearly.
welp she is on the way to being divorced and back on the prowl heavy.
while wiz khalifia is reborn again with ( x purple hair ),
amber found something in a hopeful place to another newly divorcee,
nick cannon.
so much so,
he is now her manager.
he also had this to say about her life…

Nick, who is now working with Amber Rose as her manager, dropped the hyperbole while revealing that he has some very high hopes for their future together.

“I feel like she’s one of those people who are truly an icon when it comes to fashion, style, and even just someone in pop culture,” he said of his model client. “I want to help her develop a lot of things and the first thing we are starting with is a book. We just did a huge book deal that we are really excited about.”

Nick went on to describe their future projects together, dropping some big clues about Amber’s planned career trajectory: “I think it’s going to shock a lot of people. I think it’s going to be really good for her brand and launch. My plan is to [begin with] the book then television, and so many other things. You’ll see, it will be out soon!”

…he called her an “icon”?
oh that only means:

3102tumblr_m3oad6n3dx1qjltiq…and this is why amber is my spirit animal.
this all screams of “we fuckin good”.
am i wrong?
well whatever she is doing to that wolf,
she came up pretty solid.
poor mariah must be fuming.
i hope things work out in all her future endeavors.
between us foxes…
if his toes aren’t doing this:

images…when your mouth is on his pipe.
then you may not get that cosign you was looking for.
between us foxes:

listen to him
bitch at him
make him scream when he nuts

…well you a triple threat.

lowkey: don’t sleep on the nerds and cornballs.
those are usually the best ones.

article taken: celebuzz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Nick Cannon Is Heavy Cosigning Amber Rose Life”

  1. We’ll see look at Kim k girl can’t sing or act but is in the public eye and making bank for heaving a sex tape, a reality show, and fashion sense.

  2. i am more interested in how she is gone cover that wiz tattoo up. Not mad at her come up at all. Went from a stripper to dating a real icon of our generation (Kanye). Married Wiz ( and had a baby) and is now fenna get a nice lil monthly check for the rest of her life. You go girl. I’m not even mad!

  3. B. Fears, this white chick married apparently two black men with screws loose that have a thing for white chicks. Kanye West is an idiot and an ass. Wiz Kalefa isn’t too far behind.

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