Bk Brandon Has Good Face

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.25.27 AMi’ve liked talkin’ about bk brandon throughout the years.
he looks like a heavy mix of “exxotical” meets “arab”.
…or am i the only one?
although he looks fuckin’ mean as hell,
he also gives good “body” as well…


i will never forget…

when his “incredible hulk” lookin ass…
strolled in an industry event i attended.
even tho he looks like he would pull your spleen out through your mouth,
on some mortal kombat type of shit,
i will say that pictures do this wolf no justice at all.
he is “who the fuck is dat?” in person.
his voice is straight “brooklyn” too.
i can’t even deal…
BTW: bk brandon is super duper straight.
you can look online,
but definitely don’t try it.
bk brandon is now a full time father and personal trainer.

lowkey: i must say tho,
cute baby b!

well done!
quick question…
is your gorgeous baby mama still running over hoes who comment about you?

rhoakenyajust asking as i await her lengthy tweet.
you can tell her i come in peace!
his baby mama don’t play about him.

i don’t really blame her at all tho.
i’d stay locked and loaded.

*all pictures used are credited to bk brandon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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