Pecs, Bunz, and Hazel Eyes (Yum?)

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.49.31 AMi know you’re wondering whose body this is?
…or maybe not as you could be just focused on the pecs.
as i was.
well remember ( x the honey bunz ) from last entry?
well he has been found-ed.
one of the f-bi,
chi fox,
did a little sniffing around and brought us presents.
we like presents!
everyone meet “1ratedgq”

mfgEqROoh you want more?
well this is how he gets those honey bunz lookin so glazed:

i’m not even…
i can’t…
let me just go head and wipe the drool up off my chin.
there is not much info on him,
like his real name or where he lives,
but he claims he is a “self proclaimed fitness model”.
we have heard that before in the foxhole.
lets just call it like we see it:

he likes to take his clothes off for likes because he got body

tumblr_n5mj0jbD3O1qzijlno4_400…and we ain’t complaining one bit over here.

*all pictures and videos credited to 1ratedgque

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Pecs, Bunz, and Hazel Eyes (Yum?)”

  1. Can I just say how hazel and green eyes are perfect for brown skin people. Damn I hope I can meet a brown skin guy with green or hazel eyes or hopefully my child will have them.

  2. smh SO damn fine..damn daddy but WAYYY out of my league…he’s a gym rat i’m not even half as fit, but it’s nice to look at though!!! btw that pic of him in his boxers though….DAYUM!!!!!

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