Lets Be Happy Together (Fulltime)

tumblr_m7f5x7q2iS1ruxpd8o1_1280i was all set to write about what makes me happy tonight.
judging from the 3 textedit windows and my writers block…
Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 11.26.56 PM
…let’s just say that ain’t happening.
truthfully when i think of what makes me happy,
like that legit happiness,
well it has to be…

inside jamari fox
“taking you real deep”

that’s the source of my happiness.
even though i’m a small blip in the blogsphere,
every blip creates a big reaction.
do you know i think about this blog pretty much 90% of the day?
even when i’m at work,
i have this website on the forefront of my mind.
i have little notes on my phone with ideas of what to write about.
i sneak and browse the entertainment websites just so i can stay up to date.
don’t even get me started when i come across a fine ass wolf.

IncrediblesJackJackFire31fLGall of my happiness leads back to this site.
every one of my readers in the foxhole,
from the great comments to the downright nasty.
i am truly blessed to get the kind of feedback i get.
i got the best readers in town.
i’m trying to tell ya!
you know what else makes me happy?
 the f-bi.
whenever i have a question,
someone is there with an answer.
just writing about this now makes me smile.
it brings life to my sad eyes.
all day today i asked myself:

seriously what can i do to make this your full-time gig?”

i’m so tired of working for this bitch,
that other bitch,
and all the other bitches.
i’m stressed out for chump change.
i’m living check to check.
(adds the “yes i know i am blessed to have a job” disclaimer)
so when i think of my happiness,
and what makes me fulfilled,
well it all revolves around this site.
it’s now time to turn this passion into a paycheck.
i guess thats first step on the stairway to destiny…

18bsbtlowkey: i appreciate all the comments in ( x the last entry ).
we all got each others backs in here.
thank you for always lookin’ out for me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Lets Be Happy Together (Fulltime)”

  1. I hope you reach that place of happiness soon. Just visualize your troubles a part of the process to eventually reach that goal.

    1. ^thanks man.
      doing that every day for the last couple years now.
      can’t say that i haven’t climbed a couple steps,
      but this job took me down a wrong hallway.
      i think there a big message in all this tho…

  2. Omg I just realize liar liar and the other bitch is like Randal and Ms. Finster from Recess, if you ever saw that cartoon.

  3. I can sooo see you doing this full time. If theat Nicole bitchy lady and Perez Hilton can do it with their blog I know you can. Shit i can see this blog being turned into a show or something……………….it’s that good.

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