BK Brandon (Cums) Back

as you know,
i think bk brandon is sexy af.
ever since he became a father,
he also became a tad boring.


all gone.
well when he posted this video recently:

i had a feeling he was going to be on the way back soon.
well he caught us up last night
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Bk Brandon Realizes His Black Bawdy Matters


i like “woke bk brandon”,
but i love “ratchet and shirtless bk brandon” even better.
you know he was in a relationship when he stopped being naked on the gram.
glad he is coming back.
he posted ^that the other day and i couldn’t be happier.

i missed it.

lowkey: all jokes aside,
i really love his ig posts about black injustice.
5+ foxhole points.

picture credited: bk brandon

Bk Brandon Does “Red Drawz”

bkbrandonedit2nice picture,
bk brandon.
i felt it needed a “jamari fox” touch tho.

BK Brandon Is Covered In “Puts In Work”

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.02.55 PMi realllllllllllllllly shouldn’t be looking at this kind of shit,
especially when i’m on a 30 day non get off fast.
day 3 and i’m in hell.
i say!
i can thank bk brandon for sending me into overdrive with this video…
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I Guess I Owe Bk Brandon 20 Dollars?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.16.52 PM

i lost my voice for a second there.

i can go to bed very happy now.
thank you bk brandon for making a fox’s wet dreams come true.


I Would Pay BK Brandon 20 Dollahs To Post That

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.14.56 AM

i mean my 20 dollahs is good for it.
bk brandon needs to bless the foxhole with that boxer shot,
top left.
that would make my weekend simply the best.
better than all the rest.
not last weekend,
but you get my drift.


lowkey: how big is he trying to get.
when i saw him,
he was a mountain of muscle.