“This Is A Shoe Palace Employee…”

who knew ^this little one had paws like this.
well his name is alè valenzuela.
a managing jackal of a store,
one i ain’t i never heard,
named “shoe palace” thought he could square up with that little one.
he learned that day.
of course,
an f-bi sent all the footage for review…


did that jackal really follow him into that sephora?
that looked like sephora.
the tiles.

i’m glad he got washed.
he headbutted the wrong one.
alè nearly had him in a chicken wing and everything.
alè immediately posted on his facebook what happened:

i hope he follows through.
he can get some flexxin’ money for summer.
maybe even own the “shoe palace”.
the whole situation was ridiculous.

lowkey: that same alleged “f*ggot” had paws tho.
was i the only one laughing at:

“i’m suing you!”
the “stop, stop guys” in the “can’t be bothered” voice

the vixen repeating the store name

video taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on ““This Is A Shoe Palace Employee…””

  1. Bona-fide cutie?…✔
    Penchant for smelin’ good?…✔
    Kick ass @ the drop of a dime?…✔

    *sigh*…a man after my own heart!

  2. I knew this kid looked familiar. I don’t remember if you covered the story, but Ale’ Valenzuela allegedly faked his death for attention a few months ago. It was a huge scandal within the black gay realm on Facebook. I won’t hold that against him, but I’m curious to know what happened before the camera started rolling. There’s a possibility that the white guy had a good reason to confront him (despite his unwise choices of physical assault).

      1. Hmmm…so this “stunt” may be a new money grab! Maybe, just maybe, he did something to provoke that store manager into fighting him BEFORE the camera picks up where he’s headbutted.

    1. Just reading ur post and I would just like to fill you in on what happened before the fight broke out. Ale went into shoe palace to make a purchase. He was trying to use stolen credit cards. They were being declined. When he started getting upset the Assistant manager had to call for manager to help the situation. When ale didn’t like the response he was getting he then started calling the manager all kinds of names including an ugly faggot. Which ale is claiming hate crime but he did the same inside the store. After the scene he caused in front of all the customers and harassing the manager, that is when the manager felt he needed to defend what he thought was wrong. He finished what ale had started. But the public only saw ale and his friends video which of course appears to make the manager look bad but if the public knew the whole story then they might think differently. This had nothing to do with a hate crime or even race.

      1. ^thank you for clearing this up!!!
        im glad the alleged full story came out.
        if he can fake his alleged death,
        he might be capable of doing anything.
        is his creditably officially shot?

      2. If I was using stolen credit cards why wasn’t I arrested and why would I press charges against the store manager who was arrested and I had to give the police my full information so before you go spreading lies and defaming rumors get it right. This is just more more evidence for building for my lawyer to add to my court case . Thanks !

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