When The Eggplant Cums (Towards You)

you ever went shopping for an eggplant at your supermarket?
random question,
i know.
well not only did you get the fruit,
but you also saw one in “meat form” coming towards you…

that has to be advertising.
ain’t no way he didn’t know that would show in his poom poom shorts.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When The Eggplant Cums (Towards You)”

  1. God knoooows I’ve done tried to get discreet videos like in the past this but I could neva get it right and get nervous and be recordin’ the floor ‘n shit…I can’t even get the back view on mofos, smdh…how do these cats do accomplish these feats w/o bein’ detected?..cause I can be aloof ‘n shit, but I swear I”d notice a mofo precariously holding their camera tryin’a film my bird go by…*shrugs*…I stopped trying long ago and jus leave it up to the pros w/ NFTG!

    1. ^it can be easy in the right setting with the right phone.
      there is the:

      “i am looking at myself in the camera”
      “i’m talking on facetime when i’m not”

      the way you angle your phone is also a factor…

  2. Thanks for posting J.. Now my morning is all fukked up BC I want some eggplant now.. Not to mention my fox hole hasn’t been open in some months now….

      1. But don’t it be the fine ones in the grocery store, after a hard work out at the gym… With that light work out sweat still glistening of them pecks and arms… Hell put me in the basket, take me home and eat me like some groceries..

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