“Baby D’Angelo” Takes It Down (Takes It Off)

his thighs>>>
i lovvveeee a wolf with nice thighs.
it’s like ridin’ a trampoline.
so we have talked about kiaree elijah daniels before.
“baby d’angelo” as i like to call him.
he puts up the most random videos of him after a long hard day…

if only we all un-dressed like that after a long hard day.
and then this one:

he doesn’t need to talk.
sometimes that’s best with the attentionistos.
ruins everything.
he just needs to stand there and looka like snack:

i’m satisfied.

lowkey: i’ll need him to give them timbz some breathing room tho:

…or maybe that’s a new yawk thing?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““Baby D’Angelo” Takes It Down (Takes It Off)”

  1. Firstly he did not get the memo on those Tommy Underwear. Nigga no black person wears TOMMY so don’t be frontin in no video like you reppin. Secondly whats this playing around shit. If you going to STRIP then fucking STRIP. Ok so turn around and show some of that fine ass but nigga we all big people here so fucking take those MF dirty racist tommy draws OFF so we can see those fine tight cakes!

  2. I think I need a drank after that. Good lord, I’m just sitting in my bed, I don’t know what to do now…..

  3. *starts playing Rihanna’s “Sex with Me” song* I wonder how sex with him is gonna be like. I wanna him to make love to me and I’ll make love to his dick while sucking it. I’ll make love to his ass while eating and he’ll make love to me while penetrating.

  4. this man just gets my hormones going chocolate ass and those fucking lips lawd god bless the female who gets to ride that everyday im not even mad at her whoever she is lol

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