So Starbucks Having Black Males Arrested For Minding Their Business?

i don’t really drink starbucks like that.
i have,
but that shit is expensive.
it’s weird,
but just before the foxholers sent me the following story,
i found a starbucks gift card in an old christmas card from my last job.
i doubt i’ll be using it anytime soon.
so starbucks is under fire for another racist incident.
did i miss the first one?
last thursday,
two black wolves went into a starbucks and the hunters were called.
a managing she-jackal called the hunters on them for pretty much  sitting.
this is the video that is getting crazy traction due to protests…

this is the shit killmonger was talmbout.

according to reports,
the managing she-jackal wasn’t immediately fired,
but left due to “mutual decision”.
that bitch needed to be fired.
well a foxholer sent the alleged picture of said she-jackal in.
her name is holly hylton and this might be her:

cc: melanoid nation

she looks inbred.
ya know,
i was just telling someone this country has gone fuck-less with the racism.
some of the white folks don’t give a fuck anymore.
it’s getting out of control how comfortable,
but blatantly stupid,
they’ve been getting as of late.
maybe it’s a good thing?
you know i love a good idiot who drags their own self to hell.
this is certainly not the climate to be a dumb ass,
but alas,
look at our current president.
nuff said.
i hope those wolves sue and spend the rest of their days in testimony.

pictures cc: melanoid nation

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Author: jamari fox

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