August Alsina Bout To Get Real Cocky Now

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.40.16 PMeven tho i think he is low key bat shit crazy,
and his hair was kinda interesting last night,
i’m genuinely happy for foxhole sorta-fav,
august alsina.
i really enjoyed his album and still listen to it on my way to the plantation.
plus he cried when he got his award.
i’m a sucker for triumph.
dare i say,
i actually found him attractive?
his skin>>>
his lips>>>
his album is definitely for those who been in the struggle.
shit still are.
congrats a.
here is his performance along with songzbird and breezy wolf on mo gin’…

is august the better singer than the other two?
or is that just me?
trey should never have followed after august set tho.

if trey songz keeps these lazy performances up,
he gonna be a full time actor pretty soon.
tumblr_n80cmdxxGf1s9eauqo4_250just my opinion.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “August Alsina Bout To Get Real Cocky Now”

  1. lol i was thinking that too last night after hearing him he’s actually a nice vocalist…i’ll buy his album just to see what the music is about…i love his story though…seems like a cool dude..and i love his hair like that..i found myself lusting over him in the suit for some reason smh idk why but i did but i like my wolf to have age and experience…i lust after trey songz him and even chris from time to time but i like my wolves to be in the 30+ grown and sexy age group…there’s just something about the idris elbas and the omari hardwicks of the world lol

  2. I kept staring at his lips and I fell in love.That’s my in vitro fertilization baby daddy up there lookin smoother than butter.

  3. I’ve grown to love August as well, in spite of his crazy episodes. My cousin put me on his music, and now I’m hooked on him. Trey will always be my number one slim lover tho.

  4. Asina Alsina Alsina the ratchet boy i somehow like . To see him and Trez last nite was like HELLOOOOOO, how much money did u all get for this performance? Alsina hates that nigga to the core. But that aint none of my business,hmm good tea.

    But this is his first recognition for anything. He is now making money and you can see a stylist is doing wonders for him. Youth, youth, youth, hate that he is going through the Terrible Twenties. Not necessary but he is still hanging on to his ratchet friends and assholes around him. He will learn sooner or later, like sweetboy fox Chris has hopefully learnt, that friends FUCK with u and fuck you up. He is still living that ghetto life, again a Terrible Twenties symptom and hopefully we will see maturity takes him and change his sweetass into the fyne specimen of man he is. These fuckers never know how sexy and good they are until some bitch comes into their life and fuck the whole thing up.

  5. Now you attracted to him Jamari. He had the same lips and skin for years. You know you secretly want to test drive that wood lol. You ain’t gotta lie Craig.

    August is blowing up and it is about time. Finally, everyone is witnessing his musical talent. August is the new King of R&B. Come sit on your throne my man.That dude can sing, and he is so damn sexy. I’d kiss on his tats for days, weeks, months, years, and decades.

    1. he has a LONG WAY to go before he’ll be the King of R&B, shoot half of the brothas on that stage have a long way to go before they even come close to that title lol

  6. He sounded damn good at the awards! That last note was EVERYTHING. He sounded better than Trey and Chris IMO to be honest.

  7. I have been rockin with him since DAY ONE. Since before you called him an overrated yella bone from the hood. Or something like that…but he has raw talent. I just wish he would keep that diva attitude in check

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