All The Meat That Is David Mcintosh

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.49.21 PMwhen i saw the owner of all this meat,
i wasn’t really feeling him before.
thats right.
i admit it.
while everyone was going “coo coo for cock pops”,
i was sitting there like,
it wasn’t until i saw this last night…

his complexion>>>
his swagg>>>
that prison yard body>>>
that sag>>>
was he wearing see through drawz?
someone catch me please!!!!







now that i’ve come back,
everyone meet david mcintosh:

and personal trainer extraordinaire
the right kind tho.
one that has built his brand to get on the bet awards.
hell i don’t even know what jennifer hudson was singing.
i don’t think i even care.
(btw that song is dated as hell)
“more of him please”.
well sadly he is straight and dating a snow bunny,
but that doesn’t mean we can’t look right…

tumblr_mydznafx5Q1qej93ko1_500…and trust and believe:
i want more.

lowkey: i hear that he is gay friendly with his brand as well.
one of the reasons he beats all the attentionistos on social media.
you gotta know where your audience lies.
the foxhole is sleep tho.

go to david’s website: here

follow him on: twitter | instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “All The Meat That Is David Mcintosh”

  1. Yeah, another triple threat… 🙁

    I’m sure Tyler Perry is calling him up right now. 😉 That’s definitely his type.

  2. He’s biracial, mixed, mulatto so snow bunnies are relatives. He’s gay friendly as long as the price is right. That is, I’ve see that he’s made appearances at black gay events and I’m sure that he got paid for those appearances.

  3. The new SPORNOSEXUAL Jamari…he is a ladies and a MANS man. YUP….he knows why he is taking all those pics, and it ain’t for the ladies either. Of course he is gay friendly, hello, he recognises his market and is playing to them. Poor snow bunny. According to Kermit. SOME OF THESE LADIES HAS A MAN WHO HAS A MAN, but its none of his business.

    1. What do you mean lol, I heard he’s straight? However, I get what you are saying his twitter is filled with man to man fantasy depicted through images and comments. Sadly, he is too into himself and that is a turnoff. I think he’s attractive, but if he came to me I would probably point him to the next gym down the street as that’s all men like him want these days lmao.

  4. I never really felt for him and still today. I like guys with cute faces, but I do give David points on the body, but that face nah

  5. He is VERY Gay friendly. At almost every pride and a couple HotBoyz/GoldenBoys parties. Met him once. Pretty cool guy……I definitely thinks he’s family #ButThatAintmyBuisness

    1. I don’t get that vibe man. He just seems like a confident genuine person. Gay friendly does not equal gay.

  6. He did an interview for a gay mag in his homeland. He trying to break in the American market. He succeeding so far with his appearance in J Hud performance, more people know about him.

  7. David has been modeling for quite a while. I’ve been lusting after him for a few years now, ever since he did a “nude” spread in a magazine some years back. He’s new to our shores, but he’s a “brand” over in the UK. He’s appeared on the British version of American Gladiator, he and his brother (a cutie as well) own a chain of gyms, and he was in the British military. He is very gay friendly. As someone stated, he knows his fan base and he takes advantage of it. He knows men and women lust after him, and he eats it up. Whether or not he has banged out a dude’s back is unknown, I’m sure that someone with a shitload of cash would probably be able to fulfill that fantasy. That’s just the vibe I get…but I could be wrong. He could be a dude that is just comfortable in his own skin aroung gay men. LOL

  8. He’s engaged to a woman. I don’t think that he’s gay. I think that he’s comfortable with his sexuality and is not treatened or challenged to be around gay men. And dealing with the gays–appearance fees, etc.–puts money in his bank account. Follow the money!

    1. That means nothing. I personally know a model that has been on tv that is married to a white woman but fucks with niggas on the regular

  9. Gay black blogs have gone crazy over his ass. I just get the feeling he is money hungry and only messes with us as we are willing to put up him for than one long fuck session.

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