Luke James Shows His Tail

wpid-screenshot_2014-07-21-01-29-48-1speaking of luke james,
and a friendly reminder from a reader of mine,
he showed his ass the other day.
of course i’m late,
but never late than never!
besides that ( x snow bunny slip up ),
he went bare butter ball naked for his video,
“dancing in the dark”
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#TBT: Was Luke James the “Beyonce”?

tumblr_mxiih9sxHb1qbqem3o1_500luke james has come a very long way.
still waiting on that album tho.
well an f-bi shows me just how far he has cum.
here are some #tbt from a group he was in back in the day
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Luke James and The Black Women Who Hated Him

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.51.14 PMso singer wolf,
luke james,
kinda fucked up…
i think.
his bad!
so what had happened was…
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i love chocolate.
i like dark chocolate with nuts even better.

i have been around this singer a few times.
when i say he can blow?
not that kind of blow!
he can sang.
he could have taken me on the stage.
he is a little short for my taste,
but his lips look good enough to ride...

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