Rauve Haley Is Chocolate Wonderful

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.29.05 PMyes.
yes take it all in.
everyone meet rauve’ haley.
we just talked about personal trainers this morning too.
well one of my f-bi had to alert me of all that chocolate milky goodness…

tumblr_inline_mrv0wwqiHk1qz4rgphe is just my type physically too.
can i find someone like him?
anyway here is a little bio on rauve:

Rauve’ Haley was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia in a large family of six. He was raised primarily by his mother, sculpted by his older brother, who helped him developed a sense of fashion, and art respectfully as a young child. Rauve’s Father died when he was only eleven, which left him as the man of the house while his older brother went to college. This series of events at an early age forced Rauve’ to become a man, make wise decisions, and look after his 4 sisters while his mother worked religiously to provide for her young. Later as a young adult Rauve’ began to gain a strong interest in sports, particularly basketball which helped him stay away from drugs, and birthed his nickname “Rauve Suave.” Rauve’s Teachers and Teammates gave him this nickname as a play-off “Rico Suave” because he was known for being well dressed and groomed.
Rauve’ later decided to attend College in Atlanta, Georgia at Clark Atlanta University, however transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond, Virginia. Rauve’s experience during college was very jagged, because his family did not have much money, he was worked several jobs at night while attending class during the day. At times during this struggle Rauve’ felt frustrated to the point that he considered following his father’s footsteps. However Rauve’s mother always told him that one day he would be somebody great and that piece of mine kept him pushing. Rauve’ realized that god gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers, and that if was going to make something happen giving up was not an option.
Rauve’ graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, and now owns his own Personal Training Fitness studio located in Washington D.C. He has been blessed with the opportunity to follow his dreams, and create his own path.

well this is rather impressive.
good looks and a working brain?
how hard is that to find?
 i hope whatever vixen puts the cuffs on this one does what i would do:
his wood.
her mouth.
before breakfast.

at lunch.
at dinner.
talk about the day.
him for dinner.
him for late night snack.
do same procedure next day.

tumblr_m2jwxxipDZ1qb3v76o1_r1_500lowkey: does he remind anyone of johnny crome?
or is it just me?

bio source: rauve’s facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Rauve Haley Is Chocolate Wonderful”

  1. MMM MMM MMM be still my heart and my loins. Like him, I’m from Virginia Beach and now reside in Washington, DC. I may have to look him up! #familytime

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