Does This Look Like The Aura Of Someone Who Committed Suicide?

tumblr_mrxm35YwnR1sfxa5do10_400everyone is still talking about lee thompson young.
he committed suicide last week that left everyone baffled.
well someone posted a video that tries to trump the whole “depressed” thing.
it was a filmed a week before he killed himself….

people are saying he may have been allegedly murdered.
listen when i was depressed,
i was still outside with my best face on.
i had to meet people constantly so there was no time for “the look of sadness“.
my ex boss had no problem calling it out either.
the only person i revealed my suicidal thoughts to was star fox.
i trusted no one else at the time with those secrets as they could be used against me.
depression isn’t a set “look”.
there are many people who walk around here,
being extroverted,
and are ready to jump off the next roof.
don’t thinkthe attention whores of instagram aren’t suffering from depression either.
he was an actor and his job was to act.
that is why many of them can lie on camera in interviews.
this is their job.
it was when he was in his own space and alone to think did he take the mask off.
whatever happened to lee,
i hope he is at peace.

for anyone who feels depressed or even suicidal,
please talk to someone.
i know it’s tough,
and it can be embarrassing,
but we don’t want to lose you with no answers.
if you have no one to talk to or trust:

x click here for your local suicide hotline

and no shame or judgment,
but talking to someone who you may not know can help.
jamari fox capes for therapists HEAVY.
my old joint was great until she retired.
when i get my money in order,
trust i will get a good one to give me that extra help.
lastly writing on this website helped me tremendously.
i can be 100% honest with no need of lying to anymore.
i don’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinion about me.
i don’t care how much i speak about an issue.
it’s bothering me and i’ll talk about it.
i’m not embarrassed by my issues,
will let you know i’m a fuckin’ mess,
and appreciate the feedback i get.
both postive and negative.
there is always a message in both.
try starting a blog and writing your feelings out.
it could be private or a global platform for people to comment.
who cares.
writing ( x or even video blogging like beyonce ) can help get whatever it is out.

please don’t suffer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

46 thoughts on “Does This Look Like The Aura Of Someone Who Committed Suicide?”

  1. Sometimes a person is happy and upbeat once they have made that decision to end their life.They think I will no longer have to endure this pain, loss, emptiness so they are at peace knowing it will be all over in days or hours.So if you know someone who has been depressed and overnight they become happy and start giving away their stuff that may be a sign that they MAY BE planning on ending their life.That happened to classmate of mine.He shot himself when he was a college freshman.His suitemates thought he was getting over the “freshman blues” because he was upbeat.

      1. Yeah becoming suddenly cheerful after a period of depression and giving away prized possessions are warning signs .My classmate said he was simplifying his life by getting rid of some stuff.He didnt give away expensive stuff but the main thing was the change in his mood.That’s why everyone was so shocked .Fortunately he did leave a suicide note for his family unlike Lee.I hope Lee’s diary provided his family with some answers.

      2. Out him? Is your feeling based on insider info or just intuition? If you are right that person will be haunted by his spirit .

        1. intuition.
          this whole situation is weird to me.
          i don’t know if he was gay,
          but him just jumping to the suicide route with no explanation…
          no note….
          the diary had nothing suspicious…
          he was on a hit tv show….
          no girlfriend/dated anyone ever in his career…
          something is fishy and I hope he wasn’t being emotionally bullied.

  2. I have thought and thought about this sudden incident and I am left perplexed. We will never know what REALLY happened. Could it have been “staged suicide”, surely the CSI detectives are experienced enough to determine that, right? He was quite famous so it’s not like this will be some rinky dink barney fife type of investigation, right? I don’t know what to think of this and still to this day it shakes my very being. I watched the show R&I this week and last week and I just sit there with a glass of wine and SMH. Did he have someone special in his life, someone he kept close to his heart that he shared his deepest thoughts, feelings and spirit with? I ponder that; I feel we all need that one SOMEONE (i.e. our Star Fox) in our lives to keep us grounded. I have a couple of people in my life like that. I remember being teased and bullied in grade school and thinking about jumping off the bridge I walked over to get to and from the store my mom sent me to for errands, so many times I thought about jumping off that little bridge and ending it all. I thought about my mother and how much she needed me, even though I was the youngest son, yet she counted on me; I was more dependable than my older siblings. That kept me from jumping. This story continues to baffle me…..SMH over and over again.

  3. Him not leaving a note was a sign that he felt no one would care if he died, he likely was alone, think about it for a second. At his age, I doubt he killed himself because he was gay, that’s a stretch. If a black man is going to commit suicide because he is gay, it usually happens before 21. Some of you know I’m dead on with that. A 29 year old man killing himself for that reason is unlikely, it does happen but rarely. If he was gay, he likely would be comfortable with himself at that age. It wasn’t that.

    1. We got 50 and 60 year olds running around here still claiming they on the DL, closeted, etc.
      Some men will never accept their attractions to men. They never learn how to connect with other people in general, all their relationship suffer, because they are living lies. Some of them ultimately commit suicide in one way or another. Many drug addicts, sex addicts, alcoholics are out there circulating in the world because they have issues surrounding their sexuality.

      Not saying this is the case with Thompson though. At age 29 he was most likely going through his Saturn Return. Google this period. Saturn Returns are no joke, it’s the transition astrologically into adulthood anywhere from age 28 to 30. It’s the checkup from the neck up from the Taskmaster. Anything insufficient, unworthy, or overall not in your best interest in life will be exposed and swiftly taken away–people, places, beliefs, material things–it could anything.

  4. Good afternoon brothers and saints. Upon reading this, do you all realize he will find himself in hell? People who commit suicide don’t go to heaven. I pray God has mercy on his soul. He had everything to live for and God provided him with tremendous blessings and he chose to dishonor God by choosing death? There is nothing the Bible wont fix.

    1. You assume he wasn’t in hell here on Earth.

      You don’t know where people go when they commit suicide .

      Your god has no power to put anyone in a heaven or a hell.

      You clearly have no understanding of an allegory.

      You need to start reading other books other than the Bible.

      Try to the “Epic of Gilgamesh”, “Inanna, Queen of Heaven”, and “Coming Forth by Day” (The Egyptian Book of the Dead) all these stories should be familiar, they stories were consolidated in the Old Testament but this should be a good start. Then read up on Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, Mithra and Zoroastrianism, and hopefully you’ve already come across Horus/Heru after reading “Coming Forth Day by Day”, but if you haven’t reread the New Testament carefully.

    2. Dear Debbie Downer,

      Stop being a wet blanket and take that to the nearest toilet you can find. Nobody wants to hear that mess. Just pray that you make it into the Upper Room…. spreading your negativity. Why don’t you step outside into the streets to “spread the news” instead doing random popups online. Be Blessed.

  5. Good evening brothers and saints. Why is everyone lashing out? Does anyone not read the bible on this forum?

    1. I was not lashing out but you seem to lack a certain grace that being knowledgeable of Bible should provide. In so many words…. you need to work on your delivery. A person has died of questionable circumstances and you took it to a place that it did not need to go to.

    2. We’re not interested in your version or interpretation of the Bible. Go away. I hope that when you say your prayers this evening you ask God for wisdom and a non judgmental heart.

  6. Its a very sad situation. I myself dealt with suicidal thoughts since before i was even a teenager. What postponed me from following through was thinking of how hurt my Grandma would be. My best friend followed through when we were 14. I went to that funeral and saw that urn. When you realize the finality of it, things fall into perspective. People have so much more to them and they don’t realize it. Hopefully Mr. Young finds what he needed in his next life. Am i wrong for thinking its also a shame because he looked so Damned good?

    1. No you are not wrong for that unless that was the only reason why you felt bad that he died. Forget about his looks for a sec. He seemed nice and respectable, and he had a good head on his shoulders. You never heard anything negative about him. Lee was a good man. He didn’t deserve to die, but he thought he did.

  7. Good evening saints. I really don’t see how my statement was offensive. I am only speaking the word from the Bible. It is sad that he couldn’t take on anymore than he could bear, but I read he was part of a religion that wasn’t that of Christianity. He strayed from his Father who he could have spoken to when things were tough. 1 Peter 5:7 says cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you. I don’t understand your complaints brothers.

  8. I also had people in my family that told me how hurt they’d be if I died.They don’t know that I contemplated suicide though.My mom always said that she could never deal with losing a kid, she said if she did she’d be bed ridden for the rest of her life.I know it wouldn’t be easy on my brother either.I had a cousin, me and him are real/very close, he’s my best friend, when we were younger, like 13 or 14, he told me if I died that he would kill himself.I felt the same way about him, if he died, I’d kill myself and he’s been in many accidents that could have been fatal.

    To Deborah, I’m a Christian, non-denominational , I believe God and Jesus Christ is my savior but I don’t read the bible.All I know about is the popular stories like Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark, and Jesus of course.Atheists read the bible and know more about it’s history than I do.I don’t attend church either, I’ve never liked church, since I was a little kid.I used to cry when I was forced to go and finally my mom allowed me not to attend.My mom wasn’t strict nor one of those Super Christians.I just don’t really care for church but I’m happy that other people do and that you all have that but it’s not for me.I can be a good home Christian.However, I would love if there was an empty church/temple where I could go and sit and be alone/pray but all the churches in my town are group worship and money grubbers.I wish there was an honest preacher I could talk to as well.Most preachers in my town, specifically the black ones, are all the “Donate money to my church” even though I’m driving the 2013 Rolls Royce while the 2013 Bentley is driven by my wife.My mom had some excuse as to why you shouldn’t care about what the preacher is buying but that shitty excuse never sat well with me.I also had to deal with bad ass Preacher’s kids.

    A lot of Christian’s are hypocrites.I never got why everybody assumed all gay people went to hell.Being gay is a sin but there were many sins and the bible says “Sinners go to hell”, it also says that all human’s sin.Which I interpret as God telling us he knows we’re not perfect but to at least try to be.Some Christians act like they’d rather have a murderer standing next to them in Heaven than someone who was gay in life.I think killing someone is the worst thing you can do but the bible makes it clear that a murderer can be saved.I think, remember I don’t read it.A lot of these Christian Republicans would rather have George Zimmerman standing next to them in Heaven than Trayvon Martin.So many people defend known killers but are quick to throw a gay person under the bus as being the lowest of low and telling us about our lifestyle and blah blah blah.I don’t get it.

    1. I must also add that I hope “if” I were to die tomorrow that he wouldn’t take his life for me.I’d want him to continue on and live his life until it was finally his time and I know he’d think the same for me.We were little when we said “I’d kill myself if you died.”Now that I’m older I see that life isn’t as hard as I thought it was/would be and if he did die, I wouldn’t give up, I’d try and stay strong and live my life till it’s over and then we’ll be reunited.I’d probably name one of my kids after him though.

      I know a girl who killed herself a few years ago.She was 16/17 and pregnant.Her mom was a super Christian and she knew she couldn’t talk to her nor tell her she was pregnant so she committed suicide by hanging herself with a belt in the shower.I always wondered how her mom felt, not only discovering her daughter’s dead body but knowing her daughter was so afraid of her disappointment that she’d rather face death than talk to her.She could’ve gotten a secret abortion but her mom probably would’ve made her have it.

  9. Good evening brothers. Do you all have a problem with God because you are gay? The gays are not accepted in congregation and that is the hurdle you all face. All I see are excuses about the faith. I don’t mean to offended anyone but this is what I have observed being on this forum. You all attack me because I am strong in my faith and loyal on my worship. Suicide is not accepted by God and it should be accepted.

  10. This video is two years old. It was not right before his death. I went to youtube and found the same video dated back to 2011 with a different caption. No wonder why he looked so happy. He prob was fine then.

  11. LET ME AT HER!

    Sister V: You are making these blanket statements that are totally unfounded. There are more gays in YOUR congregation than you THINK; black gay men are prominent in the black church (assuming that you attend a predominantly black church). And yes you definitely need to sharpen your delivery and just not storm into this forum spewing your brain-washed biblical rhetoric. And to be clear, allow me to speak for MYSELF, I don not have a problem with God because I am God. I believe God loves and accepts me for who I am; you and I know so trust and believe HE made me. Now I do have a problem with people spouting off blanket statements and putting a group of people in one box. Are we clear?

    1. CORRECTION: And to be clear, allow me to speak for MYSELF, I do not have a problem with God because I am gay.

      1. I DK why you guys waste your time responding to this woman.She is a hateful , judgemental bitter individual.She has never expressed love, kindness, compassion, she is the antithesis of Christ like . Engaging with her is comparable to Obama engaging in a conversation with that racist Rush Limbaugh, pointless and toxic.There are young people who haved killed themselves because of the hateful messages that have heard from people like her .I noticed on the post re coming out to guys there were several new young guys.Please dont let this woman and others like her destroy your spirit.Don’t let their negativity cause you to question your value, your purpose, your self worth.Stay strong

    2. Good evening Zeus. When last have you attended church? Gave your time to The Lord? When have you been to the altar? I speak about God from the teachings I have received. When last have you opened a Bible?

  12. @deborah v…what did Jesus preach about the self righteous. I think it is presumptuous of u to assume to know what God’s judgement of Lee will be. U have no idea of his relationship with God. U cast your judgements on people as if u are not also a sinner. No matter how much we say that we are saved, we still commit sins. Therefore, we are all ultimately at God’s mercy. As a Christian, you should show love to your fellow man not cast judgements.

    1. Good evening Fla G. I speak what the bible has told me. Suicide is a sin and Lee commuted it. I pray God has mercy on him at his judgment.

      1. Your statement was that he is going to hell. How do you know that? Are u God incarnate? Your matter of fact statement totally contradicts your praying for mercy. I go to church and I read the Bible and I know that Jesus did not pass judgement on the female adulterer. As he said the people without sin should cast the first stone. You picked up a boulder and threw it at Lee. We know what the Bible says about keeping God’s commandments (btw thou shalt not be gay was not one of them) but we are each responsible for our own relationship with Him. I’m sure that we would appreciate you minding yours and let us take care of ours.
        ME DONE.

  13. Good evening brothers. I don’t understand why people are attacking me because of the faith that comes out the Bible. I’m not speaking bile or made up phoney baloney. I have spoken nothing but truth and its sad I get attacked for it. How many of you go to church? Read the bible? Turned your life over to God? All I have read are excuses and its shameful the amount of limited thinking in this forum.

  14. I cant with the Deborah character, such an attention whore. I thought you were at Megafest enjoying yourself. Why dont you go out and witness to all the saints there, you should have your hands full. How are you supposed to be somewhere having a good time, but all you are doing is coming to a gay forum to spread your fake concern. I cant with you Sis, you are a mean hateful spiteful bigot and your kind is going to knock the bottom out of hell. You are literally surrounded by thousands of down low gay men who are hiding behind this big church festival and will be trolling for dick as soon as the lights go out on Oprah life class tonight. Your fearless leader(T.D.Jakes-organizer of Megafest) that you are giving all your hard earned money to, needs to be taking to task for having all these R&B stars at his Christian function. You are running your ass to Megafest and you havent said a mumbling word about how he is serving two different masters mixing the secular with the sacred, but you want to come on here and ride the broom on the gays. If you really followed the word of God to the letter as you claim you would not have supported any parts of this religious circus called Megafest. You might as well go to the Essence festival or on the Tom Joyner cruise because its no different. They just are gonna throw in a few hallelujahs and thank you Jesus’s and you will be satisfied. You are really stupid and clearly cant see the forest for the trees. RIP Mr. Thompson though your death was tragic maybe you saved someone along the way and your life was not in vain.

    1. I agree. That’s why I don’t fool with her no more. I think she’s fake anyway, and by fake I mean a made up character just to toy with us. If so, whoever it is has been lurking for a while and knows what ticks us off. It could be someone in the comment section just commenting from two different addresses. Don’t be surprised if that’s the case.

      1. I thought the same thing, I got my suspicions on who this might be but I dont have proof so I will just keep them to myself, but clearly its someone who wants attention and who wants to cause controversy and division, almost as if they want to sabotage this forum. I am so glad that their are so many insightful thoughtful people who bring such good deep perspectives to this forum that whoever this is, is mostly taken as a joke and is ignored.

      2. Maybe it’s Jamari, notice we never see them in the same place.Has he ever replied to her or even acknowledged her existence before.No.That’s because he is her.Give it up, you’ve been caught Mar Mar. 😉

      3. Jamari, don’t mention his name…please lol.

        @Tajan I have a feeling too. If we are thinking of the same person. I have valid proof aside from this that they are a liar. Let’s just say Google is my best friend lol.

  15. So glad you posted this, Jamari. There are a lot of people out here in serious pain and agony who mask it. Depression and mental illness constitute major stigma in the black community. Also glad you posted resource link. The only way we’re going to make any progress is by talking about it. That’s one of the reasons I love this site so much. You provide a major outlet and service. Some people who could benefit from professional therapy won’t seek it; but, having this forum I’m sure has helped many.

    1. ^thank you oh.
      look i like to cut up and have fun,
      but this is still an outlet for me and many.
      i get inspiration and strength and i hope i do the same.
      the amount of d/l and discreet foxhole who read this site and send me emails…
      it’s insane and i’m grateful i created something to help.
      not everyone will agree with me and that’s fine.
      i don’t judge anyone who is in the struggle.
      i’m also in the struggle myself searching.
      looking down at people and throwing god everywhere doesn’t help someone who is in pain.

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