Bi-polar and Antidepressants

OKthe closure to why lee thompson young committed suicide have finally been released.
eta: i literally just asked myself the other day if his death will just go down without answers.
god seems to answer my random questions when i ask.
well there was no foul play.
that’s good.
just someone who kept a smile on their face to hide the pain inside.
nbc news take it away…

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Does This Look Like The Aura Of Someone Who Committed Suicide?

tumblr_mrxm35YwnR1sfxa5do10_400everyone is still talking about lee thompson young.
he committed suicide last week that left everyone baffled.
well someone posted a video that tries to trump the whole “depressed” thing.
it was a filmed a week before he killed himself….

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You Aren’t Anyone Until You’ve Commited Suicide

leetyi’ve been reading various websites about lee thompson young today.
funny how death will make you learn so much about someone’s life.
well they are saying he may have killed himself due to depression.
it’s funny how now he is dead,
he didn’t realize how much people cared about him.
strangers who followed his career and watched his shows.
people he knew that remember all the joy he brought in their lives.
i haven’t read a bad comment about him yet.
“he looked so together!
he was good looking,
was a good actor,
had a steady job,
and had many accolades in his life.”
those are the ones who fool you boo…

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“The Famous Jett Jackson” Commited Suicide!!!! OMG!!!

tumblr_m8roxkAQNK1qe0gimo1_500Lee Thompson Young — who played the main character on Disney’s “The Famous Jett Jackson” — has died after what officials believe is a suicide … TMZ has learned.  He was 29. Sources tell us Young’s body was discovered with a gunshot wound that appears to be self-inflicted. Young currently appears in the TNT show “Rizzoli & Isles” — and we’re told when he didn’t show up to work this morning, staffers called the landlord of Young’s L.A. home to check up on the actor. We’re told … when the landlord opened the door, he discovered Young’s body. Young was a rising star in Hollywood. After he made it big as a Disney star, he went on to play running back Chris Comer in the 2004 movie “Friday Night Lights.”

that is some sad news.
i use to think he was so cute.
i hate he had to go out like that.
suicide is no joke.
ive been there so i know what it’s like to just want out.
rip lee.

 source: tmz