blind item: let’s dance into this potential scandal?

you know i love a good blind item.
the f-bi has been buzzing about this alleged story.
i received the following pictures anddddddddd….
so it’s about a famous gay couple who has been dancing their way into our hearts.
it seems like we might be able to two-step into their alleged bedroom because…

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The Wolf Who Allegedly Rents To Others

“the best thing i could have done is started renting to others.
no craigslist.
even though i have a 9 to 5,
i do this nights and weekends.

i have gotten great reviews from many visitors.
i own a brick house and the piping is said to run deep.

it’s worth the price and will have your needs met.
oh me,
you ask?

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“Cum In My Office After The Scene,” Said The Producer?


you know a fox loves a good blind item.
well one of the f-bi knows as well.
this is what was sent to me…
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The Blind Leading The Foxhole

tumblr_mztzap5D5I1s8zvkoo1_500well an f-bi sent me 3 blind items for the foxhole.
i know how much you love these.
check em out…
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BOTTOMS UP To This Blind Item

tumblr_nsoaiaGNLd1sd2ieco1_500i wonder how he likes it?
maybe we can share stories…
so as i was catching up on the first season of “gotham”,
an f-bi sent me this blind item that was pretty obvious.
well i think it is…
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f0xmail: For The Right Price, You Can Have Bambi and Thumper Too

3a8655ad5cfddd533e85556c9f91c6c9every time i write about these attentionistos,
i am always left disappointed with what gets revealed.
its usually how they manage to achieve all their insta-up keep.
its never really from working hard.
no good jobs here.
its always either from a good pounding or giving one.
it all depends on how much “work” they put in.
well i got this f0xmail about “bambi” and thumper”.
you know bambi and thumper well.
i’ve posted about them before.
one of the foxholers got to experience them both and well…
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