f0xmail: For The Right Price, You Can Have Bambi and Thumper Too

3a8655ad5cfddd533e85556c9f91c6c9every time i write about these attentionistos,
i am always left disappointed with what gets revealed.
its usually how they manage to achieve all their insta-up keep.
its never really from working hard.
no good jobs here.
its always either from a good pounding or giving one.
it all depends on how much “work” they put in.
well i got this f0xmail about “bambi” and thumper”.
you know bambi and thumper well.
i’ve posted about them before.
one of the foxholers got to experience them both and well…

Hi, Jamari,
So here’s the tea on Bambi and some tea on Thumper too. Bambi used to advertise his KIK name on his Instagram bio (he’s since taken it down). A friend of mine hit him up and ended up giving Bambi a blow job for $400. I thought my friend was lying until I tried myself.
What I’m about to say might be hard to believe, but it’s the truth. The KIK convo speaks for itself. The last reply was me asking Bambi for his number and giving him mine, which is why I cut that out. Bambi replied by giving me his phone number. He called me and we set up a meeting in June.
I met Bambi 3 different times: Twice in June and once in July. Each time I felt like it was money wasted. He charged me $700 per session. We did pretty much everything to be honest. I sucked his dick, I ate his ass, he sucked my dick, he ate my ass, I even gave him back and foot rubs. Then I fed him. He eats like he’s a pregnant woman. I spent close to $300 on room service for his food bill alone. Multiple that by 3 and shit gets out of control.
Bambi sucks at sucking dick, though, and he’s really what I would call “gay for pay.” His ass is tight but he whines which kills the mood and makes you just stop or do something else. He’s also a bit selfish. He’ll suck your dick then talk you into sucking his to get him back in the mood. It was the worst $2100 I spent. The only real positive out of it was that I was able to get Bambi to give me Thumper’s contact info.
I have videos of Thumper sucking my dick and fucking him bareback, but I told him I would never do him dirty by releasing them. When I tell you Thumper has the tightest and sweetest boipussy in the world, I totally mean it. I backed up from Thumper because he’s money hungry. He let me cum in his ass during our second session and I was like “whoa, you’re a real freak.” Then he started hitting me up with sob stories about how he hates where he’s living and if I could help out with a deposit for a new apartment. I told him I would but then he never got back to me. I guess he found a new sugar daddy. 
As for me, I’m 32, black, bisexual, versatile, single, and I’m an attorney on _____________. Not ugly but not omg hot either. Most people say I’m about an 8 in the looks department.
I’m currently planning a trip to ATL for the month of September and a few of the well known ATL “straight wolf” Attentionistos have taken the bait. One in particular agreed to do some batshit crazy stuff for $4500. That’s chump change to me so I’ll try to get video that I will be able to share.
ooooooooh mutha f’er…
i’m ready for that “atl shenanigans” video!
someone get me a “taylor swift” gif.
tumblr_nq1mqhA04r1u1kkrfo4_250when i say…
i read that this morning on the way to work like 17 times!
i couldn’t believe what i was reading.
well that is until the kik convos with bambi got delivered shortly after:
convo1 convo2 convo3 convo4 convo5

there you have it.
i was a little disappointed in what i read about bambi tho.
i wanted to smash him the hardest.
yes a fox can smash back while getting smashed.
don’t ask questions.
either way,
there goes my fantasy.
at least we know there is always a “story” with the attentionistos.
its just which lurker in the forest is willing to share it.

disclaimer: names changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.
that being said,
if you happen to figure out who,
then thats on you.
i won’t reveal confirm or deny.
if you ask me,

prepare to be ignored.

…got a story you want to share with the foxhole?
attentionisto inspired?
well send it to: CONTACT

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

121 thoughts on “f0xmail: For The Right Price, You Can Have Bambi and Thumper Too”

  1. I’m super late but I wanted to look back on some older post of this blog. Y’all a hot mess😂. The story was very eye opening and I honestly can’t look at any attentionistos the same. I don’t see anybody being right in this story. Prostitution is illegal and it sucks you paid for bad sex, but like you I am VERY sympathetic and 80% of the time show lots of compassion. Either way I CANNOT JUDGE WHATSOEVER! I’ve been offered a few times to have sex for money… and why the money would be nice, I just couldn’t do it to myself. I guess being as young as I am male prostitution cover up careers never really crossed my mind. Overall you seem like a genuinely nice dude and I hope you find the one for you. It does seem like y’all are bashing Pierre though but I understand the honesty…. I’m rambling now but Pierre do you man lol just be careful and let’s show some sort of kindness with the choice of words when stating opinions, overall I sipped Hella slow on this tea with this sad ass music playing

  2. Wow! I’m obviously late to the party but this story and the comments that followed really made my Sunday morning quite entertaining.

    @Pierre – You sound like my kinda dude. You live life by your rules, and you’re under no illusions about what’s real and what’s fantasy. Some gay dudes believe this lifestyle is like a fucking romantic comedy. You meet a good looking guy, fall in love and live happily ever after lol. I wish them luck with all that lol

  3. No fr, y’all going in on Pierre and i’m over here like Fetty Wap telling bruh to “Come My Way”. Shit, you work on wall street too? I’m trying to build my stock portfolio, let’s be a power dynamic. hahaha.

    1. Lol for real! He dont mind mind helping out & either. I would just want the contacts. I enjoyed the story nontheless

  4. Serious question for everyone,

    What is the difference between Puerto Ricans?Dominicans?Cubans?Brazilians?Mexicans?do they all have certain traits?They look the same to me

  5. I think Jamari broke the internet today…never seen so many comments on a single post in a loooong time. lol. I be telling y’all bout Dominican men but y’all ain’t listening. if you don’t have money you better have swag. Just like in RD they will hustle you. I just can’t fuck with the games and the sob stories. I’ve been accused of being a traitor to my Dominican brothers …but give me my Puerto Ricans any day.

    1. You really aren’t lying! Every Dominican I’ve been with, around 6 or so, always had the worst damn luck, needing money for bills, or whatever. And the sob stories will have you buckling your damn knees. I was like, damn life ain’t fair, let me open my wallet lol.

      1. There’s a stigma attached to Dominican men…they either abuse women or they are whores. Nobody I know sees them outside of sex. They like the attention and the spotlight.

        I have one that blows up my kik everyday ….he claims he’s not gay but will let me fuck him for a 100 bucks because he’s been here over a year and he wants to get settled. Then he tries to say I am the only one he’s talking to like this….dwl

        Maybe if they stayed in School in The Dominican Republic they would stop using their bodies . Lot of these guys have kids and girlfriends back in Dominican Republic.

        I get where you’re coming from about the money. I believe if you work hard for your money, you should be able to what you wanna do.

        Men have been spending money on sex for centuries..nobody complains when a straight man spends thousands of dollars on a woman before he can get some pussy.

    2. Shyt…some of them are just as bad. When they know that they are attention grabbers, those mofos take advantage just as much as the Dominican fellas do! I’ve dealt with both, and both have thought they were getting over…only to be shown the door. One thing my dad used to tell us, the worst thing you can do is loan a person money because 9 times out of 10…yo won’t be getting it back. Friendship and money don’t mix, just as much as relationships and money don’t mix. When someone doesn’t really know you well, but starts coming with sob stories to get money from you…don’t do it!
      I had one Rican kat I knew who wanted to borrow money to get out of arrears for child support. WTF?!! I don’t have kids…so I damn sure don’t plan on taking care of YOUR responsibility. A Dominican kat wanted me to loan him money to get his car out of the shop. Why do you have a car for which you can’t afford the maintenance/upkeep?
      They think just because they look good and got the equipment, they can sweet talk male and females. Needless to say, when I didn’t help either of them out…I never heard from them again. It was on to the next one…who’d believe their bullshit tales. LOL

  6. Was I the only one saying to myself “Don’t do it Miss Celie!” when he tried to go in @The Man?


    Ok carry on…

    1. LOL No carry on lol. I’m tired of arguing with them man. I’m just giving my opinion in a firm way as always. When you start cursing me out, insulting my career, and at that the same path you went down in an issue. I’m not taking that.

  7. Pierre, thanks for sharing. I get a little skeptical about letters posted on different websites from anonymous ‘readers’ so you owning the letter made it that more interesting. Tajan wasn’t the only one that enjoyed the tea for what it was, I and many others did too. With everything, there will be critics and ‘haters’. There’s no way around it. It is what it is. You provided clarification for the readers, which was not necessary but was thoughtful of you. No need to apologize or clarify any longer. It’s your life, your money, your time and your world. Everyone was grown and consenting adults free to do as they pleased. If someone doesn’t like it or approve, fukk them. LMAO! (Some of the comments remind me of the nonsensical feedback people leave on xtube and myvidster…”Oh my, why are they fukking on camera, why are they having raw sex, he too cute/fat/ugly/fine/built for porn, why, why, why! etc” Like really? It’s porn, bust a nut and keep it moving.) Anyway, can’t wait to read about the Labor Day ATL shenanigans with SB and friends. A mask, some dim (not dark!!!) lighting and ACTION!

    1. The critics aren’t hating. We don’t condone it, that simple. Get over it. Live your life, but y’all ain’t secure with your actions, so you get mad at the opinions of others. Y’all don’t like us, then leave. We didn’t ask for his story. I really don’t care tbh.

      1. If you don’t condone a story about sex workers and tea being spilled, why would you read, and reply several times? Again, I must say: all the favors in the kitchen and you CHOOSE to be salty. Just amazing.

    2. Thanks for accepting the tea in the manner it was offered. And I hollered at your myvidster analogy! I was just on there and that was dead on what they do lol.

  8. Fucked Borrel dick was so so. He only good at eatin ass. Other than that not worth the funds

  9. I’m on vacation down south and here I am giving this more attention than it warrants.

    1) I never thought there were heroes or villains in this story.
    2) Jamari has posted Bambi and Thumper on here a lot and I had an interesting story to share.
    3) I don’t know what kind of foxes y’all are, but sometimes I enjoy tea for the purpose of tea, nothing more.
    4) I posted this not to be malicious or to clown anyone, why that’s assumed is kinda sad but whatever.
    5) I am sorry if I’ve offended others, but I don’t think it’s fair to expect me to be quiet while y’all drag me by my eyebrows and subtly wish that I get HIV/AIDS and then hide your hands when I reply forcefully.
    6) I don’t regret sharing this tea with Jamari, but I thought better of those commenting, that was my mistake.
    7) I made the mistake of thinking that sex work would be respected, but it’s clearly not here.
    8) Again, for the last time, I was sharing tea for the purpose of sharing tea. Not to see anyone dragged.
    9) It’s been an interesting ride, you guys, but I think I’m going to bow out now.

    All the best to those who were non-critical and sipped the tea in the spirit that it was offered.


    1. Bonsoir @Pierre ! listen bro, There’s no need need to apologize. It’s your money, do as you Please. I personaly think this story should have been kept private, but that’s just me, I’m a very private person. I think from now on, you know what to share with the foxhole.

      Je pense que tu as appris ta leçon…

    2. Well thank you for sharing your story. This shit was interesting. When reading this I had an instinct that they were BorrellJr and Maravilla, but the biggest clue with the sad story because I been with some Dominican men and they always come up with some sappy stories. I thought it was sweet of you to pay for Maravilla’s apartment tho.

      1. One minor correction: I offered to pay for half of Thumper’s apartment deposit. He got ghost on me, so I was never able to pay it. He came back and gave another sob story about his family needing money so it’s a never ending cycle with that one. He’s adorable tho.

  10. This is definitely about Maravilla and Borrell. They strip at gay clubs and if the price is right, will do whatever to make money behind the scenes. Suck dick, eat ass, fuck animals, whatever. In Dominican fashion, because they get the most ratchet, they dont care how they look as long as it don’t effect their money. Those two sold their souls long time ago so don’t feel sorry for them. Don’t be surprised if they catch HIV.

  11. Setting the record straight again, even though it’s pointless at this point, because some of y’all are intent on making me be the “bad guy” here. And FYI, I don’t think there are any bad guys amongst the 3 in this story.

    I made the mistake of expecting deference on an anonymous blog site. That was my elitism that wasn’t in check and I’ve since realized that now. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that there are about 5 posters on here who are determined to be cantankerous, mean spirited, and assign negative motives to my text. I guess I can’t control that, but I am still disappointed by it.

    Nevertheless, here is more clarity for those who care.

    1) I never knew I was degrading Bambi (B) and Thumper (M). I spoke my truth. I never added what I thought were petty details of our encounters, and I never thought I was too good for them. If any of you thought that, that wasn’t my intention. But because about 5 of you thought that, I’ll take that L, apologize, and reflect.

    2) I kept going back because I want to believe that people are fundamentally good at heart. Even a paid escort is allowed to have an off night! Hell, y’all should see the way I treat the paralegals at work. I don’t ride them. Why? Because I’m not a slave driver. People have a way of fucking themselves in the end and I’m all about letting them do it.

    3) I was more annoyed that Bambi (B) ordered room service because I thought we worked that out before he arrived. I asked him countless time if he got hungry I would take him out or provide food. He was intent on ordering room service and the kicker is half of it was for his roommates. He asked to have food to go after eating like a pregnant woman. Yes, my elitism kicked in again. It was embrassing to order room service and then ask them to wrap it up to go for my guest. Shoot me for being elitist. Damn. I get it, he wanted to look out for his friends/roommates, but I had no problem ordering food and having it sent to their place in the BX. I also told him that, so I was annoyed. Again, nothing major. I get annoyed at lot but I let stuff ride.

    4) I was disappointed in Thumper (M) because I thought this was a business transaction. I allowed him to come to my place and I even agreed to buy him large/small items. I felt like if I agreed to pay half of his apartment deposit in NYC, without anything in return, he could have at least called and said, “Thanks bruh. But I got it.” He ignored me, for what he thought was a better option, until he needed something else, and like a dummy I considered it. I still think I respect Thumper (M) more than Bambi (B), and that is MY right and MY truth. Humans are flawed. Escorts are flawed. Johns are flawed. Stop acting like y’all expected perfection from all 3 parties and then throwing shade for no reason.

    5) Looks aren’t correlated to if you “have” to pay for sex or not. Anybody remember Hugh Grant from the 1990s? He was caught PAYING for a working girl. He surely didn’t have to pay for a blow job at that point in his life/career. So please don’t try to throw shade and cast aspersions on my looks, which none of you have seen, FYI.

    6) Stop tying to tell me where I should find my sex partners for free. I don’t want to use mobile apps or go to the local book store to get ass. Why is that so irksome to some of y’all? I know there are apps for easy “hookups” and I choose to avoid those like the damn plague. So if your issue with me is that I had mediocre encounters and kept going back, then that’s your problem. I don’t need someone looking out for me. Thanks.

    7) I know I’ve been blessed financially and I try to spread the wealth. I think that’s why I’m getting a lot of hate from about 5 of you. Y’all don’t care if I enjoyed the experiences or not. Y’all are upset that I had the audacity to pay an escort what he asked without bartering for a lower price. I could get really nasty and talk about why escorts don’t take black johns but I’ll keep it cute and you can figure out the rest. Hint: Asking an escort for a lower price just for the hell of it gives all black wolves a negative in the business.

    8) This is a part II to bullet no. 7: Sex work is work. Do you go to McDonald’s and talk about how you can get a burger cheaper from the local mom and pop’s store so you want it for $2 instead of the advertised $3.30? No. So why do some of y’all think it’s okay to barter with a sex worker? This is your only free lesson in #capitalism that y’all will get from me.

    9) Bambi is B and Thumper is M. Again, for the afternoon crowd, they are two friends, Dominicans, living in NYC, who have been featured on here A LOT.

    I’m telling you all of this, not for y’all to feel sorry for me, or even to reject me, but to add to this awesome site. I didn’t know how judgmental some of y’all were. But it’s a lesson learned…

    Good day, Foxes!

    1. Thanks for breaking it down, I am intrigue and hope you will share more in the future of your adventures.

      1. I’ve spent way too much time being in my feelings. Now that I’m good, I want to say it’s all good. Thanks, Tajan. I was going to flee this website and never come back. But why punish people like Jamari and Tajan and the others who weren’t so damn hyper-critical? I’ll focus on the positive comments from now on and do my best to try to ignore the critics.

        I’ll be in ATL in September and I’m working on a video. Keep a look out, Tajan…

    2. We’re not judging you, and no one cares about how much money you have either. I’m a freshly 22 year college student majoring in Criminal Justice, and if everything goes accordingly, I’ll be graduating in Dec. I could easily be where you are, still can, but practicing law is not the path I’m taking. A few of us having been given advice for years on this blog…ok. You are not the first one to get in your feelings in a foxmail, but some readers have appropriated our advice and realized we were not dragging them, but giving them some tough love, and we have helped some people. Did you think we would drag these escorts and let you off the hook? Nah.

      If anyone else wants to write Jamari do not be afraid, we got y’all, but be prepared for our answers. If you talk about raw sex and banging escorts, sleeping with someone’s man and dogging people out, we gone give some tough love. Ok.

      1. I’m starting to think you’re slow! I never wanted anyone to be dragged, read for filth, or anything like that. I shared a true story that I thought the Foxhole would enjoy! Nothing more, nothing less. Why you jumped in your feelings, thinking I was hopping Bambi and Thumper would be dragged, is projection on your part.

        And, yes, I’m being a dick to you because you’re not man enough to own your fuckery! You could have said, “I thought you were dragging the two escorts, but you’ve stated countless times that that wasn’t your intention, so I’ll back off.” Instead you chose to double down then lie. “We’re not judging you” is a got damn lie from the pits of hell and you know it.

        And to be quite frank, I’m disgusted with myself for even getting riled up about a 22-year-old fucking kid who hasn’t even graduated college yet. “If everything goes accordingly” sounds like the best laid plans of mice and men. So maybe instead of trying to clown me on here, you should be making sure shit goes to plan to get your degree in criminal justice (lmfao).

      2. Y’all better tell em before I hurt his feelings. You got the wrong fucking one today. I’ll run yo ass outta here, you won’t even want to READ this blog no more. Where in the hell did that come from? Cursing me out insulting my intelligence based off my age. Fall back..all the way back

        First of all, you are insecure. You came here bragging about your appearance as if you were reassuring yourself. “People rated me as an 8” Boy bye. “$4500 is chump change.” All that screams insecurity. This 22 kid knows a lot baby, and I have experience in this lifestyle outside of sex. This kid has enough common sense not to pay for something repeatedly, when it didn’t satisfy me the first, or even second time. You are the one paying for sex and going to bed with yo bank account taking a weekly hit by paying thousands of dollars for sex that is only worth $2.50, not me, and feeling sorry for people who are clearly conning you with sad stories to get your funds because you are foolish enough to do so. Understand marginal benefit and marginal cost and come see me, which you do not understand because you’re still giving them your money for bad sex in return. You are pathetic for a 32 year old established man with a career in law, an absolute disgrace. Established, yet still have no one to hold you at night, while other folks who are consuming lesser salaries and who are humble are living comfortably, and are in love with someone who is satisfying them sexually, mentally, and giving them unconditional love for free baby, FREE, not for $2,100 or $4,500, FREE. Just because you have the funds doesn’t mean you have to spend it, instead you should invest in yourself for when you are no longer practicing law and can still be well off when you retire. That is the logical thing to do. Will you do that? Absolutely not. No, you see, you will continue to spend your money on high end escorts and you will remain single until stop looking for satisfaction in places you’ll not likely to find it, at all. I hope and pay to God that when my career gets established I do not become conceited and full of myself over having money and being well off financially.

        Oh, and as for bashing my career, let me tell you something about that and being leery. I’m not worrying about failing in my work. No, now that I have relocated out of my apartment back to regular housing, I will not be assigned my room until late. See I will have to pay money to an outside firm who will charge me after I graduate since contracts are yearly, and I’m due to grad in Dec. I decided to just relocate back to regular housing and owe nothing, instead of staying in the apartment, which is owned by an outside firm who is going to charge me thousands after I graduate. Smart right? Unlike you, I’m smart with the decisions I make in regards to my funds, and as a 22 year old fucking kid who hasn’t graduated college as you put it. I never tell my business, y’all know there was a point to it lol. Guess what tho? In the middle of writing this, I checked my status and I’ve been assigned. Crazy how shit works huh. I’m one of the realest readers on here, and have been for nearly 4 years. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon either, and these people reading know my intentions are good. You just got saltier than a bag of Lays because someone told you the truth.

        Now check that.

      3. All these damn flavors in the food box, and The Man chooses to be salty, going on and on about campus housing? Lol good evening, sir!

    3. When you pay for an escort you pay for their time and pleasure. Borrell ain’t worth the time the first time. U ordering food for that nigga? FOH. He is too pretty to get his hands dirty. If u gonna pay for legit sex then you gotta feel like the ass was worth it. He selfish and like most pretty niggas he expect you to worship him. He ain’t worth no 800. He like 150 tops

    4. Aye,

      Brother I respect the breakdown. I see you did some self -reflection (which wasn’t really necessary, you’re anon), but I respect that as well. It’s your money, you’re going to get flack, do you! If you get off dropping bread on escorts, that’s what YOU like, you’re not living for nobody else but you, the only thing, I found negative about the situation was the barebacking, but I noticed you said you were on PReP, so once again…DO YOU! Have fun be safe. I don’t understand why everybody going, shit i’m over here trying to figure out how I can get to the M’s and spend money frivolously.

      1. I know it is them because “Then he started hitting me up with sob stories about how he hates where he’s living and if I could help out with a deposit for a new apartment.” I been with enough Dominicans to know that they loooooove telling sad stories to get money. I know from experiences.

    1. If this is the case, ugh. Neither are my type. If I’m paying, wouldn’t be with them. Look like they nothing but hype.

      1. @Man, Bro I couldnt have said it better no bueno for those pineapples, now if they said Travis Cure, I aint gone pay no big bread cause my budget is struggle, but hell I might put some Jordan’s on lay-away for this brother for Xmas LoL!

  12. Damn, this post was too good. I guess, I am going to go against the grain and say, I see nothing too bad, maybe the raw sex, but you will pay one way or another when you date someone. I dont think it has anything to do with how you look and who can attract either. If you are a Top and you date someone, you will more than likely fall into the hetero pattern of paying, I have bought many meals out of dates with foxes and not one of them ever turn me down. I guess in my case, I would always see my Dad pay for meals when we went out as head of the household, so that was ingrained in me, even many moons ago when I dated females lol. Lots of foxes out here buying their wolves nice things as well, so again you may not pay up front but eventually in any interaction where sex is involved you will pay.

    I cant see what Brother Pierre is doing that different from a hetero male with money. Many men are out here every day buying expensive present for women they barely know and giving them money. It may just be a male thing. I dated a young dude a couple of years ago, very small guy especially compared to me that when we went out it was noticeable and we got a few looks, but I enjoyed spoiling his little ass buying him gifts, maybe it was just my male ego and liking the fact that he was small, but he loved it and that made me happy, so no harm, no foul. I think when you are on the level as Pierre your time is valuable and you are cutting to the chase without all the extra, and I see nothing wrong in getting someone you are attracted too, its more of a business deal. If that is what a dude is putting out there, and you both know the deal, go for it without any judgement from me. Hell sometimes, I wish I had some tricking money that would entice a Braylon Edwards or some of my other athletic crushes, catching em between paydays LoL. Letting my ratchet side show today.

    1. Tajan, our issue with Pierre was that he was boasting himself while degrading the people who are giving him his fantasy, in which he has to pay for to have. Then on top of that, he is not getting what he is paying for. He could go on Jack’d and get more than that for free. Seriously. Dude says he is an 8, he can go on a hookup site and pull a fine man easily. They out there. If he is not getting satisfied is it really worth it? Paying hundreds for a so called “fantasy” that is really only worth $2.50.

      1. Oh Damn went back and re-read a little closer, I was so busy reading the comments, I think I missed some of that. Wow you got beat for ya Cheddar Bro, my ass is too hood for that, if I paid that kind of bread, yo ass gone be pussy popping all night or some fees gone be deducted or some ass is gone be beat literally lol. Damn now I can see the other point of view as well as some of the details should have been left out of this one.

  13. I just hope for the foxholer’s sake that the two in the subject matter do not retaliate in a way that results in his personal information being made public. Messy situations like this never end well!

  14. This is SAD. Period. The whole situation is sad. I swear the day I ever sell my body for sex is the day my soul will die. I’ve been offered so many times on IG through DMs but I knew how it would cut me up on the inside if I ever went on to do it. The foxholer clearly has self-esteem issues. You claim you’re an “8” in the looks department, but you’re out here paying for sex? Yeah doesn’t sound like an “8” to me.

    You already outed the escorts in the previous comments and I’m not surprised. I just pity them that’s all. And that’s not coming from a place of malice or condescension. It’s just what it is. I’m not going to mope for them because that’s THEIR choice so it’s none of my business & it’s neither here or there for me. It’s just sad that people have to resort to f*cking X,Y&Z to make a living. That sh*t is sad, I don’t know how many times I’ll use that word but that’s the first thing that came to mind when I read this lol. And I’m speaking in general.

    1. Damn, what you looking like that dudes want to make it rain you? I’ll be the one to ask. Lol jk

  15. First of all, I do not believe this story should have been told. This is sad for the escorts and for you, both of you should be embarrassed. How in the world are you going to talk down about them, when you are the one paying for sex? I do not understand that. A lot people haven’t pointed this out, but if the price was not worth the encounter, why go back especially if you have to pay? You could just go on Jack’d and get it for free, you might even get to cuddle afterwards. You might as well right? The escorts are already doing you raw, it cannot get any worse from there. People charging an arm for low quality sex. Rip off much? Pierre, I suggest you get yourself together and stop wasting your money on these dudes for your own good. Yes, you have the accolades, but the self-esteem does not match. You can improve it, you can start by cancelling the trip to the ATL. You told this story, thinking we would bash them, but it was the other way around. We know what to expect from them, but an accomplished attorney tho…

    This lifestyle is dark, I learn something new each day I swear. SMH. I really do not even care who the escorts are to be honest.

    1. +2

      This lifestyle has some very dark corners. It’s sad, and on many levels, depressing. Hearing about the guy in the story who reached out for rent money after letting dude cum in him raw made me sad the most. It’s such a common story.

      A lot of these guys have nothing going for themselves outside of their bodies. They don’t have an education or a decent job. They flex on Instagram, but they’re struggling to make ends meet. At some point, they stop being the face everyone wants and the body, after being overexposed and used up, nobody wants. What is there after that?

      I don’t feel horrible for them because ultimately, it’s a life they’re choosing; but to be the one to take advantage of it? I don’t know. Seems a little heartless to me. The fact you knew right off the rip that you could approach with some stacks and they’d be down for it is telling.

    2. Shit, trust you haven’t even seen how dark it can really get. I’ve met many different guys that have showed me things I’ll never forget. I’ve met legit pimps that turn guys out and I’ve seen first hand how white guys get young black dudes all high and make them do porn for money or a fix.This whole lifestyle can be very seedy. Probably why I don’t view sex the same anymore.

      It’s a more common reality than we all think.

    3. I agree with you, Man. As I originally said, this story told me more about the writer (Pierre) than it does about Bambi and Thumper.

    4. +3

      Finally some clarity in here.He claims that he’s an “8” but he’s out here paying over half a grand for sex. Lol Idgaf if you got money, that doesn’t sound “8” to me. THIS is what leads to HIV & what not. He said he gets tested but how does he know if the guys who he messes with get tested? They can tell you one thing but then do the complete opposite when you’re not around. And I agree @Random, this post was depressing to say the least. That’s what I always think about escorting. What happens when you’re clocked up and pushing middle-aged? What then? Is life worth living after that? And trust me, these lonely rich men hire escorts ALL the time. It’s nothing new. It’s just that he exposed them made him look so messy & desperate.

      This whole thing was hard to read. It creeped me out. He tried to clown the escorts but it only backfired on him.

      1. It’s clear you’ve never heard of PrEp. Your reading comprehension is at an all time low, so I won’t bother trying to reason with you.

      2. And Pierre, maybe you never were told that PrEp should be used in conjunction with a condom. PrEp does not protect you from other sexually transmitted viruses and diseases not called HIV.

    5. Not every story has to be clear cut black and white. There are no heroes or villains here. Why is that so hard for your ilk to comprehend? I’m over it.

  16. Let me clear the record because I see a lot of unnecessary b.s. being thrown my way. (or maybe I’m in my feelings?) Yes, I’ll out myself. I love this site, discovered it about 5 months ago, and constantly read it several times a day. Jamari has posted guys I know or know of in real life and that intrigued me. I have so much respect for Jamari, so I wanted to give him some exclusive tea. When I e-mailed him, we had a pleasant convo. He told me straight up that he wasn’t going to “out” the two wolfs, and I respect his decision.

    As for me and why I do what I do? What the hell. Why not? I’m from down south and a bit lonely. I make six figures as an attorney in NYC, but I kinda hate it here, so I find ways to pass the little free time I do have. Excuse me if I enjoy the occasional escort. I have a lot of people who know me, and some would even call me “friend,” but I see them as acquaintances. It’s hard when people see you as an ATM. So why not just cut the bullshit and get an escort so both parties know the deal? I’m not up for the song and dance of meeting people, them finding out what I do and where I live, then trying to “trap” me so they can get a “come up.” Harsh? Maybe. But it’s my truth.

    FYI, I’ve explicitly paid for it 3 times in my entire 32 years. We all pay for it in some way, though. Whether it’s time (begging the fox to come through via phone or text), providing transportation for the fox to get to you or you to get to him (gas money/bus pass/train fare/cab ect), buying drinks at the bar/pub, you get the idea. I find that escorts are a good way to streamline the process.

    I get tested every 3 months and I normally only use rubbers. It was Thumper who suggested I go raw and I got tested directly after. Yes, I’ve used PrEP and yes I’m DDF.

    I hope this answers any questions y’all might have had. And here’s a tip: Bambi and Thumper are Dominican wolves located in NYC that are friends and have been posted on here regularly. 😉

    1. And one more thing! I don’t barter, I lead. If I ask how much and he says $800 and I can afford to throw that away, that’s what I’ll do. I don’t believe in acting like sex is a flee market where we both haggle on the price. I let the guy set the price and I say Yea or Nah. It’s really that simple and not that hard to understand. If it means I’m paying too much, so be it, it’s only money. I can’t take it with me when I die, right? I was actually more upset about spending $300 on room service food than I was on the sex. Why? Because I felt like Bambi was trying to get over on me. It’s hard to explain and you’d have had to be there to get my point of view. I have zero debt, no kids, and my parents’ own their house down south (thanks to me). I can afford to help them out if I have to financially. And I’m an only child so I don’t have nieces or nephews or sisters or brothers to spoil with the money.

      1. However you want to go about in your personal life is your business. I don’t think anyone is slamming you for your truth. I do find it to be reckless, a bit insecure and sad that you feel victimized because of your success and seem to believe that a man would have no other interest in you outside of what you can do for them. You seem to pull your self confidence from career and that’s dangerous. I peeped how you rated/described yourself in your email and although you say you solicit escorts for the convenience, I think it likely has more to do with the fact that you don’t believe that you could land these types of men without satisfying them financially. Ergo, you don’t believe that you are good enough. So, I’d say I actually have compassion for you.

        But I digress.

        The real issue is that in your email, you went at great lengths to describe them negatively. In so many words, you portrayed them as money hungry escorts posing as desirable men, only good for a quick nut (and, according to you, still not even that) who let you, this guy who paid what you consider to be “chump change”, cum in them raw. That makes them the freak.

        Rather than making you just as thirsty. Or morally corrupt. Or predatory. Or miserly.

        I appreciated the submission. I’m just saying sweep your own feet before calling others a mess.

      2. This is why I like Random, speaking the truth. Yea, I noticed the description as well, way too much. SMH Yea, you are accomplished with a good career with pay, but what else is good about you? You can be a millionaire, but that will not keep me around.

      3. You’re good because I would not have explained myself. People are going to say and do whatever they want to you. Let them.
        While I do agree that bareback sex is risky as hell, that was your choice to engage in the act.
        If you want to spend your money on dudes from time to time…then do you.

      4. @Pierre WHICH one is Thumper and Bambi? You’ve already said that it was Borrell Jr & Mavarillo so you might as well spill the tea on who’s who lol

      5. Bro, I promise I’m not judging you. That would be hypocritical considering some of the men I’ve associated with in the past.

        You got defensive with me because I said you paid too much. Spend your money however you want! I know there’s a huge market out there for escorts through past experiences with guys I’ve met. Many lonely, but well to do guys willing to pay rent, down payment on cars, trips, etc. Do what you do. What worried me is you didn’t seem to enjoy the encounters but you kept coming back. A guy once told me the money you give an escort is basically a contract saying satisfaction is guaranteed. You didn’t seem satisfied.

        It’s amazing how any attraction I had to thumper and Bambi has now evaporated now that I look at their instagrams with this knowledge lol

        I think the charging for sex part ruins exclusivity and that makes my dick soft. I mean sure someone you’re smashing for free could be smashing countless others for free too, but when you pay you literally know anyone with the right amount of cash can hit.

        I’ve seen white men that just want to sniff a thug’s crotch for 30 minutes for $300. Weird fetish but they were satisfied.

  17. I agree with Y Colette. So much unprotected sex going on and HIV is still a gigantic problem. He paid a mint for the sex but did he also pay for HIV? When will they learn?

  18. Totally perplexed as to why there’s this disgust about the two escorts taking money for sex, but little to none for the thirst bucket paying to do it. Your reaction to a man letting you cum in him raw is that he’s the freak?

    As Y Colette mentioned, contracting HIV and other STDs happens regardless if you’re on the top or the bottom. You’re out here shelling out $4500 to play in the sun with some escorts and putting lives in danger by dirty dicking. It’s disgusting.

      1. Having a JD doesn’t always equal having money, per se, but I can say that I’m making bank. I’m a junior associate securities attorney on Wall Street or for a Wall Street investment firm rather (which Jamari blocked out for his own reasons). I make mid-to-high six figures. Why you are so intent on being a hater is really beyond me. But please do carry on. Ciao.

  19. Tops can contract HIV and other STDs ,particularly when you have unprotected intercourse with a person with multiple sex partners.I hope if these people are HIV negative,they are using PrEP.It would a shame to pay thousands of dollars AND contract HIV.

  20. If you only want my my money, then you can’t have me, nor will I want you. I know its hard out here but no one is worth me throwing money away like that. If its under $100 then its not that big of a deal, but it won’t be my hundred!

    No dumb boy is worth $700,$2100, $4500 for anything, as fine as some of them are. You see the way he responds to the man too? “ok”, “800”, “ok”. He would never hear from me again LOL! Like Jamari said in another comment, I need passion, you need to WANT to fuck me, or I will be bored. I’d rather jack off for free.

    To the foxmailer, you have accomplished a lot at your stage of life, your self-worth should be too important to be throwing your money away at these men who aren’t even of your calibre, chump change or not. Focus your priorities on finding quality men who will give you the sex and loving and companionship you deserve!

    1. What if I get you a cheeseburger and a large fries and rap a drake verse to you. Canadians like that no? Lol jk

      1. NO! LOL! JAY! I would hope you would know me better my now!
        (Switch Drake with the Weeknd and we’ll talk and not McDonalds! One of those gourmet burgers)

        Lmfao if only I were that easy! 😉

  21. How come everybody is saying who they think it is but not saying any names? I need a name!!

  22. Haven’t commented in a while. Been heavily lurking lol. I will say this tho to the critics. Like Jamari said, we all just wanna get smashed by our fantasies.

    Would you turn down sex with someone you been fantasizing about? Even if you got to pay for it…

      1. Agree with @The Man. Not everybody is that desperate. Some if us have some sort of integrity.

  23. Who are bambi and thumper? Can someone please be bold? Is this Steven B and his boy or Tavis C and his boy?

    1. I’m sure Bambi Is Steven Beck and his boy either the Married guy or his best pal the Light skin Thirst King…..He’s known in the ATL and DC circles. I thought it was Johnell And his boyfriend at first

      1. Hey, Truth! Bambi and Thumper are NYC Dominicans that have been featured on here a lot. That’s all I’ll say about that. 🙂 SB might be the dude in ATL who is down for some freaky shit tho come September. 😉

      2. Damn @Pierre, fantasy in the garbage…..especially with Thumper, like u let some random stranger nut in you exposing u to STDs

        Thats if he dont already have them. ugh

        I figure they were Escorts if your assessment is true

  24. I know the team. And your source is a bad negotiator. Or perhaps he just gets off on throwing money away. I say he paid twice what he needed to. I’d be down for that with Thumper though. Use what you got to get what you don’t got. It’s the way of the world.

    1. Yeah I’ve seen homeboys negotiate with male prostitutes and he got three to fuck him on camera for what this dude paid for one encounter lol

  25. Wow! That’s truly sad if you really think about it to pay to lay with some loser who feels entitled to get paid because he’s cute and fine and feels he should be worshiped but see that’ll learn em’ because all you guys do is gas these men’s heads up and treat them like gods so they will continue to get away with this crap. Gay men you need to stop and get a hold of yourselves a stop allowing these losers to do you like this or they will just continue to suck you dry do you want that kinda life? Just stop it and next time one of these losers approach you about some gay for pay direct him to the nearest unemployment office.

  26. I think the saddest part of this story is that someone is paying for sex. I like my coins too much for that (and I have too much pride lol). I can buy a toy and a tub of Vaseline.

  27. Dam you charge for sex and still not good at it And I wish I knew who you are talking about lol I’m never good at guessing I figure it must be a instagram model lol

    1. ^lex…

      have you ever been in a straight man convo when it comes to females they smashed?
      or when vixens are talking about pineapples?
      this was far from messy.
      “messy” is putting names out there.
      i would hate to see you go,
      but if you must leave us…

  28. That’s a lot of money but it ain’t my money. What gets me is that some of these guys charge that amount of money and have the audacity to tell you what you can and can’t do to them!!!!! If I’m gonna shell out that much dough I own you.

  29. This story tells me more about the foxholer than it does about Bambi and Thumper. And I won’t say anymore just to be polite.

    1. Yup at the end of the day you damn near paid someone’s tuition for a semester!

      Too bad neither of those dummies went to school lol

      1. He let me cum in his ass during our second session and I was like “whoa, you’re a real freak. That line speaks volumes.

    2. I want to agree with you but then i think about those prices and how many more people Bambi and Thumper fucked. Like how many more people does they let just cum raw inside them? ugh…

    3. RK, Jay, et al, please hop off your high horses! Some men don’t pay for sex, they pay for convenience. The foxholer is clearly doing better than y’all. He’s 32 with a JD. He’s clearly making bank and he may do whatever he pleases with his coins. But just for giggles, what are your credentials, RK and Jay? Talking trash on a blog site isn’t an accomplishment, loves.

      Now to the heart of the article, I think this foxholer is living his life. I ain’t made at him.

      1. You’re clearly mad so I’m assuming you’re the guy in question.

        I simply said he paid too much for half ass sexual encounters, which he (YOU) stated already. Convenience would be an excuse for married men. Gays have jackd, can’t get too much more convenient than that. I mean he could pay for discretion but he’s the one putting his business out there now isn’t he (YOU)?

        Not that I have to answer your question, but I work for the government and when I finish grad school, I’ll be making 6 figures with my school paid off. Oh my credit rating is excellent as well! Does that satisfy your inquiry?

        I certainly don’t think I give the impression I’m uneducated or struggling. I come from a family of Attorneys that passed The Bar on the first attempt.

        Any gay man could easily be ballin with 50k a year with no kids or family to take care of and minimal debt.

      2. You seem to be the only one who is uptight around here. I don’t need to show my credentials to you or anyone else. As you stated, this is a blog site and people can say whatever they want to say. Not one of us here knows whether it is true or not. I never stated any of my accomplishments. So what are you talking about? If someone is going to tell their story for anyone and everyone to read or hear about it, then you have no right to complain. This foxholer’s story can cut both ways. Sorry I offended you.. scratch that. I’m not sorry. You took it personally. And where did I say I was mad? Things that make you go hmmm…

        Chill, man.

      3. I have to agree with Pierre. Once you have enough money to handle your basic needs and those of your loved ones, the rest is to buy what you want. All these people are grown ass men, despite their woodland nicknames. Anybody who is stripping/ instagramming/ training for a living has already announced to the world that his flesh is the best he has to offer. It seems only reasonable to me that he maximize what he can get for that flesh while he can get it. I don’t really see the difference between selling a specific experience and chasing ballers on the chance that they might upgrade your lifestyle. Beautiful people fuck rich people. Twas ever thus and ever thus shall be.

      4. And by the way, the foxholer is the one spilling tea. He even says so in his letter. He just spilled some tea on himself as well. Are you mad or nah?

      5. Living his life until he takes his ass to the clinic, but I digress.

        Lol. 32 and a JD means you’re making bank? Lololololololol.

      6. DAMN JAY!!! I’m late, but y’all frying em lol. That’s one of those Phaedra tell offs.

  30. Shit if I’m paying “Pretty Woman” type prices you better give me the “Pretty Woman ” experience. Passion, romance, and a great fuck, not a lackluster one

  31. This is an interesting post! I think I know the team…just don’t know which is which! LOL
    Is Bambi the light one or is that Thumper? LOL
    It both saddens and excites me to see/hear this.

  32. Idk, if I had that much money to drop. I would do some touchy feely but I couldn’t do intercourse if I knew it wouldn’t be mutually passionate.

    But I never take these attentionistos seriously, their just something to get my mind off of reality…

    1. ^right opm.

      this is why i can’t do one nighters.
      i need passion.
      i need the person to smash me like they trying to penetrate my soul.

  33. $400 to suck a dick, and $700 per session…GEEZ. Was anybody else blown away by those prices or is it just me?

    P.S….Can someone remind me who Bambi and Thumper are?

    1. ^that is my damn rent in total.
      i see why bambi and thumper always look so fly.
      they charging highway robbery for medicore sessions.

    2. You’re not the only one the prices had me shocked.

      Oh and Bambi and thumper are fake names J is using to protect those involved.

    3. They rippin the brothas off…’cause the white boys don’t get charged those rates. LOL

  34. Lmao! I seriously think I know only because my homie is an Engineer that travels and he told me about some dudes he picked up straight off kik.

    I don’t get why you would pay these dudes that much money to suck their dick and rub their feet? I mean even if it’s chump change, I need you to have me satisfied.

    It’s sad so many are lusting after dudes that are literally prostitutes. Funny enough, I have no problem with prostitutes because some use it as a means to get to a better place in life, it’s a harsh reality they’re REAL about.

      1. If I paid that kind of money I’m hitting that ass 5 times back to back. Putting dessert toppings on it and licking it off and taking pictures and making them lick cookie butter off my dick…

        Shit I can get a dude to do all that for free.99. Lmao

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