blind item: let’s dance into this potential scandal?

you know i love a good blind item.
the f-bi has been buzzing about this alleged story.
i received the following pictures anddddddddd….
so it’s about a famous gay couple who has been dancing their way into our hearts.
it seems like we might be able to two-step into their alleged bedroom because…



x a bonus?


if this is the alleged gay couple:

Do they have an Onlyfans that we didn’t know about?

these photos and videos could be of anyone tho.
all i see are nice bawdies,
but the mystery and “what if” is the exciting part.
i’ll let the foxhole decide.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “blind item: let’s dance into this potential scandal?”

    1. Shaun T can def get it. Somebody be kind and let me know when the vids make it to myvidster, please and thank you.

  1. Shaun T!?!? No way! I used to jack off to his insanity infomercials late at night back in the day when I was younger! Never would have guessed he was gay.

    1. He is married with kids to the same man that is in just about all his videos including those Insanity ones

  2. I know this might sound fucked up. lol But, Shaun became unattractive when I found out that he was homo. lol IN other news, that Insanity will fuck you up. lol

  3. It looks like they were hacked and these were leaked. I highly doubt with kids on their social media they’d want to publicly do an OnlyFans. I think of if my nudes were leaked how helpless I’d feel. I know people get off on it but Shaun seems like a nice guy.

  4. Ok so… I will say this. I can confirm this is Shaun T and Scott. Both of them have posted these videos on Instagram and their instagram stories. The more xrated ones may have been drunken posts on twitter because they do have a separate twitter account. Now Onlyfans they do not have because of their jobs. Shaun and Scott host a After Dark Wine Down on instagram and it gets real freaky on there as far as conversation wise. Shaun has said on there that whatever mood he is in, he may top or he may bottom. They leaked these photos themselves because some of these are old but its them. They are human so this won’t hurt them because they are very transparent about a lot of things. Their lives did change when they became parents so they don’t do a lot of stuff they used to do but these are their pictures

  5. You can clearly see that, that pic was posted on his Instagram. He has posted pics of him and Scott naked on Instagram.

  6. Whoever is selling them might not want Scott and Shaun to find out who it is because someway, I’m not a lawyer, but I believe they can sue for that. Its not invasion of privacy especially if it was posted on social media but I believe they can sue for copyright infringement issues.

  7. Fame ≠ wealth + times is hard. The fat white bitch Ashley Graham cracker or whatever the fuck her name is just had pics leak of her sucking her Black husband’s unfortunate sized penis.

    Anyone who watches Shaun T’s non-fitness videos will see that there has been trouble in paradise for a while. After all, he and his husband met (on Grindr) and began dating while they were both in relationships with other people. Most of the time Shaun is depressed and detached from reality. He’s bipolar. A lot of his permanent life decisions (career, children, marriage) were made during states of mania. He has an abusive past that he hasn’t been treated for so he uses alcohol (which has terrible effects on the brain’s serotonin and dopamine levels) to cope. Those white people around him (including his husband) aren’t his friends, they’re hangers on who don’t share his best interest. He has the resources to seek treatment and hopefully he does before it’s too late.

  8. Babe-bee his (Shaun T) nudes are from scruff! They been on the twitters since May! Now these vids of him and Scott… this is new!

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