folks are calling on Jesus for the number of a lawyer to sue kanye west

when i become turned off from something or someone,
i can’t do it anymore.

When I’m done with you; I’m done with you

so many folks were urging me to listen to kanye west and his “sunday service”,
but i just couldn’t do it.
my spirit had him blocked and reported.
it seems like they’re calling on more than God for kanye.

they are suing him in the name of…

Kanye West’s Sunday Service choir is taking legal action against the rapper for owing overtime compensation for the team that assisted with production for the first-ever event.

The event was produced by Live Nation and took several weeks to plan at the Hollywood Bowl. But there were several last-minute changes due to Ye’s demands and over a dozen workers weren’t paid as a result.

Now, Live Nation and the rapper were hit with a $1 million lawsuit for “failing to provide pay stubs and failing to pay minimum wage and overtime.”

It’s unclear who is behind the lawsuit but a hairstylist admits to receiving payment but being owed overtime and “unpaid wages, continuing wages, damages, civil penalties, statutory penalties and attorney’s fees and costs.”

i mean…

it was all good a few sunday’s ago.
do you know what baffles me?

Why do folks get confused when someone who showed you who they were fucks them over?

kanye has shown us who he was for years now.
we always think we’re gonna be a special snowflake.

“He ain’t gonna cheat on me and treat me like shit like his ex.
Issa spesuls!”

this is not surprising he would allegedly do something like this.
he isn’t even in his right mind.
i bet they saw this:


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…and went in during their group chat.

I’m calling the lawyer!
Jesus is telling me to do so!

folks need to have better discernment.
the clout shouldn’t be having you out here looking like a doofus,
even if it’s the name of the most high.

lowkey: church folks are always getting fucked out by these false prophets.
it’s crazy to me.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “folks are calling on Jesus for the number of a lawyer to sue kanye west”

  1. Those tickets to my knowledge were free and some started late. Either way, I believe them because he probably had them think they were doing it for “the lordt” so they wouldn’t ask for payment but they said, “GOD said that was a lie”. Can’t play with people money especially overtime.

  2. Uhh..why Chris got his house painted like that?! LMAO
    nutjobs of a feather flock together, I suppose.

    1. Chris’ style has remained Juvenile & tacky since his early twenties, there is NO growth with this man, he gives me “Man Child” personified

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