how do we sign up to nurse dez bryant back to health? (asking for a friend)

a seat or a ride.
pick one,
or both if you’re feeling lit,
but expect a series of ranting coming from underneath you.
baller wolf fav,
dez bryant,
was drafted to the ravens after being a free agent for a while.
on the night he was supposed to reunite with the cowboys,
his old team and arch-nemesis


and this happened

aww dez…
no baby,
the nfl is not stopping because you have the rona.
you know whoever he is dealing with is about to get an earful tonight.
i think he was hoping to show tf out tonight.
we’ll have to see his sexy ass next season then.

the good news is we get to see him working out until then.


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lowkey: are all of us about to get the rona?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “how do we sign up to nurse dez bryant back to health? (asking for a friend)”

  1. Dez is very Hot!!!! . I was bummed out and disappointed that he wasn’t more careful in his attempts to avoid Corona. I hope he gets another opportunity.

  2. I read the Trey Songz entry before I read this one, but I feel the same way about this one as the sentiment was in the Trey Songz post, I was blinded by all that chocolate beauty and booty, use to think this was one of the hottest dudes on the planet at one time but when you look past your own shallow lust you start to see that most of these men we fantasize about aint shit in real life, all the lust I once had for him is a thing of the past, some of his past antics have been straight TRASH. I do hope he has a false positive and does not have Covid and if he is Covid positive I wish him a speedy recovery.

  3. He’s another beautiful black man—we all are. Beyond that, I’m not really impressed at all. What does turn me off however, is a boastful man who cannot back it up, and bring the full package to the table. Intelligence is sexy. Language errors and following the crowd is not. I hope his “God givING” ability begins to extend into his proper usage of the English language, otherwise all of his work in “da LAB” is futile. Furthermore, I’m not falling for the “I was doing the right thing this whole time, so let me drown my sorrows in wine because my phat chocolate ass got caught” song and dance. Most of them are out there dipping and flipping in and out of multiple members of forest behind closed hotel room doors. Quarantine for your 14 days in your mansion and keep it moving. Next!

  4. This whole Sports Reboot Season has been plagued with injuries and Covid-related players opting out. The leagues need the money to keep the game going or the players will have to play for free when the real season start because they are out of money.

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