how to potentially lose your business over a r&b singer’s concert during a pandemic

when you see something like ^this,
you automatically think this is before the rona.
you wouldn’t think,
during a pandemic,
that this wouldn’t be a thing.


you will never believe who was behind it via “nbc news“…

An Ohio nightclub was cited for violating Covid-19 health orders after hundreds of people attended an indoor Trey Songz concert at the venue on Saturday night.

Aftermath in Columbus received a citation for improper conduct and disorderly activities after the approximately 500 patrons were observed sharing alcoholic beverages and making no attempts to maintain social distancing, the Ohio Investigative Unit told NBC News in a statement.

The venue also had no physical barriers in place to encourage social distancing and most employees and patrons were not wearing masks, the statement continued.



why is he always in some shit?
the venue is crazy for hosting a concert during a pandemic.
you’re about to lose your business off pure stupidity.
trey is lookin’ crazy because he had the damn rona.
( x see it here )
that’s that big sagittarius energy apparently.
i use to think he was the sexiest r&b singing wolf in the game.
these days…

The veil to his mystery is slipping

did he fire all of his pr staff?
i’m confused why his image is looking so sketchy these days.
the decision making is baffling to me.
do we need to talk?
he made nbc news so i guess that’s the good thing,

lowkey: why does it feel like the rona is exposing these celebs and influencers?
it’s like they are all losing their minds.

article cc: nbc news

6 thoughts on “how to potentially lose your business over a r&b singer’s concert during a pandemic

  1. Wow Trey really?? He must be managing himself now or have family management because this aint it Bro. He is almost one step away from being a “Washed Up Act” and these antics aint helping his career. The mystery is definitely gone and he seems so Basic now. His recent birthday reminds me now that he is really old in terms of being a Hot R&B Artist who will be able to sell records to a younger fan base and he has sort of lock himself in that Bedroom Boom persona and never showed any real growth as an Artist, so even his old fans will probably leave his music on the shelf at this point. First Onlyfans now this, its a tough economy out here for everybody.

  2. Come on here Mari opens arms I know it’s hard to accept, and we’re gonna get through this, but I gotta tell u a lil secret…..Trey Songz ain’t shit 🤫 lol no but seriously his image is looking Sketchy cause HE is sketchy! Let’s look at his file 👨🏾‍💻 he has 1.Slapped a Women as he stormed through a crowd 2.Held a girl hostage & Pissed on her without consent 3.Sexually intimidated Keke Palmer to the point she had to hide in a damn closet 4.Destroyed expensive Stage Equipment cause he was mad HE went over his time 5.Scammed folk out $100 6.willingly attracted a crowd knowing damn well COVID is at an all time high! Don’t let his pretty face blind you from the fact he’s a foul ass dude!

    1. Thank you!

      He is who he is! Don’t let his looks and the lil talent he has fool you. Take the lil talent away and he’s simply a “jackal” like the other ones you’ve talked about. Lol

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