ya’ll need to stop blackmailing these dl males before you end up killed

i don’t know why people rush so fast to blackmail someone else.
it never ends well.
you see how it ends up in the movies and tv shows.
this is why i say when i’m done with a wolf,
i’m done with him completely.
if we were messing around on the low,
i’m not sending anything private that we shared in a mass group text.
i wish we could have pulled this young fox to side before his untimely death.
this 15 year old fox was killed by his 19 year old dl wolf because of blackmail

Matthew Mason allegedly took Alex Rodda to woodland in a sleepy Cheshire village on the “pretence of sexual activity”.

While there, the 19-year-old murdered him in “cold blood” using a long wrench to repeatedly batter him, it was said.

Alex was later found partially clothed by refuse collectors on December 13 last year after he was reported missing.

Chester Crown Court heard today how the pair had “enjoyed an intimate sexual relationship” but Alex was “threatening” to post explicit photos and videos Mason had allegedly sent him.

By November 23, Mason had paid £2,020 to Alex, jurors were told.

The attack was brutal and merciless. The overall pattern of the injuries was indicative of a violent repetitive assault with that wrench estimated to have involved the landing of at least 15 separate heavy blows.

“Alex did not stand a chance. His life ended in those woods.

Jurors heard how Alex was openly gay and attended Holmes Chapel school.

He had known Mason “for some months” leading up to his death, it was said.’

Mason meanwhile had a girlfriend of around two years who had been messaged by Alex on November 3.

The text said: “I thought I should let you know that the past 2-3 weeks matt has been trying to message me he came to my house in his car to meet me last week but I told him my dad wouldn’t let me out so I didn’t meet him.

“I have told him it has to stop but just thought I’d let you know before he does a d***head move and I didn’t know he was dating you until I went to go follow him on lnstagram.”

Alex also said Mason was “flirty” and claimed he sent him a picture of his privates and an explicit video, jurors were told.

The court heard how Mason denied sending the items but began making payments to Alex’s bank account at the same time.

Alex had told a pal Mason was paying him for sex and said he would report him to police if he stopped, it was said.

Mr Unsworth said: “The messages that have been recovered show that, over time, the defendant was complaining that the payments were cleaning him out.”

Mason, of Knutsford, denies murder.

damn it sounded like he fucked him for the last time and killed him.
there was a lot wrong in this story tho.
so in england,
the age of sexual consent is 16.
alex was still very young so that is the first issue.
i’m gonna font it tho:

Alex seemed like he was a young jackal.

why was he blackmailing this young wolf and contacting his girlfriend?
he should have known what he was getting into.

Jamari Fox investigates EVERY WOLF who wants to get inside him

i go down them twitters,
and tik toks.

i wanna know who “she” is and who “he” is.
if the wolf is presenting himself as straight,
i have the choice to either pass or know exactly what i’ll be dealing with.

as a fox,
or even a hybrid or wolf,
you should always be investigating who is trying to get at you.
you should ask all the questions before letting anyone in your life and butt cheeks.

this story taught me that some the youth need guidance.
they need to know how to move in situations like this.
it is sad how it ended up,
but i think this could have been prevented.
two lives were lost over not knowing how to handle a sexual relationship.
i hope my young gays and bis learn from reading this site and the comments from the foxhole.

lowkey: always remember…

Males are very protective of their sexuality

stop dragging males out the closet before they’re ready.
there are other males who are more comfortable to deal with out here

article cc: the sun

31 thoughts on “ya’ll need to stop blackmailing these dl males before you end up killed

  1. sitting at the computer, ages older than those two young lads, you all are so very
    smart… now… afterwards… in fucking safe distance.

    i didn’t read here any justifying of murder. neither i did read here and justifying of blackmailing. get your heads out of yer ego-asses gentlemen. you’re not fooling anyone let allone convincing someone. we have to look at the bigger picture. these kids not having their stuff together i find grounded. you guys here have no excuse at all however.

    the sole topic remains:
    – are we surprised by all this – in the year 2020/21? i’m not – for many reasons you know too.

    still in the year 2021 being sexual among males, is explosive material, and it shouldn’t be.
    – what means, we let the young kids down.

    this is no single case. and it will not stop, unless none has to shame, for wanting dicking around some. and you all know it. so are you guys grabbing a ladle and help changing this?

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It’s unfortunate he’s dead, but where were his parents in all this? He was playing a dangerous game.

    15 is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, unfortunately he obviously never thought this dude could kill him

    If this was in the states, a good attorney could get the defendant temporary insanity with the right jury.

  3. I remember the panicked feeling I had when someone was blackmailing me.Felt my life was over.Didnt eat for days.I just didn’t know which way to go.Thought about suicide and murder at the same time.Didnt have the balls to do either and the bastard went ahead and told everyone we had sex.
    Murder ain’t good but I can see exactly why that 19 year old did what he did.

  4. What i read here is diiturbing, really. Calling that boy a messy queen. HE WAS A FUCKING CHILD, of course he was stupid. Yall grown af what is your excuse ? Like JWSen it should be “it’s sad he was blackmailes but murdering a child is just a no”. Not you tryin to “but not really” and excuse “but not really”.That 19yo is a peadophile and a murderer.

    Do we really live in a world were we justify murdering a child ? This is really disgusting.

    “Maybe it’s different for the ultra fem types that have no idea what it’s like to be a normal regular average gay man” and what the fuck that even means ???

    If you have to say, “i’m not defending/justifying/excusing” you know you’re doing exactly that so own it.

    The is a new low.

    1. We have different views on children, I don’t consider that boy a child anymore. I consider him a teenaged minor, with a lot of issues at that. Now the 19 year old being a pedo and murderer? I don’t disagree, I can’t imagine what a 19 year old would see in a 15 year old and find it disturbing.

    2. an adult killed a child for threatening to disclose his sexual identity and most of the responses are comfortable with this…in the united states the older kid would get off using the gay panic claim…insanity would not work. I hope the older kid gets a sentence equal to the lifespan of the child he killed

    3. I just saw this post and I’m shocked by some of the comments,some of them remind me of things I’ve read about murder cases when the gay panic defense is used.Fear of being outed is no excuse to murder someone just like being upset because somebody made unwanted sexual advances is not an excuse.

      The prosecutor says Matthew had “murder on the mind” researching on the Internet pushing somebody down the stairs,poisoning,etc. Also after he bludgeoned Alex to death he hung out with friends at two different pubs/bars,appeared to be his happy self said a pal,took selfies, posted on Snapchat,etc.BTW it’s interesting reading more comments vilifying an alleged blackmailer than the person who killed him, allegedly striking him 15 times with a wrench possibly after engaging in a sex act with him.SMH

      I read Matthew’s father is a millionaire so I’m sure he has excellent legal representation.His defense attorney said jurors should consider the killing to be self defense or “loss of control”.Self defense or temporary insanity, as mentioned earlier, are often used in gay panic defense cases here in America.I don’t know about in England.Well anyway the trial is expected to last several weeks.

      RIP to Alex who was murdered a year ago tomorrow December 13,2019.Maybe one day fear of being outed as gay won’t be a thing because being gay won’t be seen as something bad or negative.

  5. The victim-blaming going on here is a little disturbing. That 15 year old child was murdered, y’all. In the coldest of blood. With a fucking wrench. The “I’m sad he lost his life, but…” should be the reverse. I’m sad ole boy was being blackmailed, but murdering someone isn’t/wasn’t/never will be the recourse.

    This is what happens to rape victims (“why was she out at night alone?”), murdered prostitutes (“she knew it was dangerous”), battered wives (“why did she stay/go back to him?”), etc., too.

    1. Sorry but comparing rape victims, murdered prostitutes, & and battered wives to an extortionist doesn’t work.

      If the boys ages were 25 and 29, i doubt you or anyone else would have a problem with what went down.

    2. Poking a bear with a stick and getting mauled to death is an unfortunate situation but a bear was poked, and now we know not to poke a bear.

      Rape victims are trying to get home safe, this little boy was trying to make some money at the expense of someone’s secret. The difference is one of them is minding their own business. A prostitute being killed unprovoked is not their fault, had they done the same thing as the little boy then it was sure to go left. A battered wife doesn’t extort her man for money, the whole point is she has been beating into submission.

      He was a victim of murder which is unfortunate, period, that doesn’t change his life choices. Death does not absolve you of your past wrongdoings, this is a story to learn from. It’s a shame he lost his life, may he rest in peace and condolences to the families involved.

      1. The point is that – not unlike with rape culture and violence against women – culpability can be found with the victim in many cases (i.e. perverse rationales like underage drinking or “she hit me first”), but that never, eeeeever justifies their victimization.

        Extortion is wrong. That child was wrong. But extortion does not merit a death sentence. And that he was murdered for it is the greater scandal here.

        Someone here equated his behavior to poking a bear. Except that 19 yo is a human being, not a wild animal, and we should require he respond as such.

        Again, extortion is not provocation for a violent death. Especially the violent death of a child by an adult.

        I’m not sure why this is even controversial.

  6. The thought of a 15 year old minor getting killed by his 19 year old lover is really sad and disturbing but I just can’t for the life of me find it in me to feel a semblance of sympathy for that messy little queen.

    I’m really not surprised this story went left especially knowing the feeling of anxiety at the thought of being outed. I was never DL but I imagine the 19 year old thought his life would end especially since he had a GF, the irony of it all.

    I just can’t imagine myself at 15 blackmailing someone I cared enough about to have sex with, then having the audacity to go to a dick appointment with him after I extorted him for £2000+ and probably going to ask for more, it was an obvious set up, my alarm bells would have been ringing like crazy. I lowkey think the 15 year old was a narcissist or something similar because the nerve…

  7. I’m sorry but i can’t use that boy’s age as an excuse. He shouldn’t have blackmailed him. People are willing to do crazy things when backed into a corner. I know myself if i were outed i would’ve probably committed suicide. It’s sounds harsh but i would’ve seen that as my only way out.

    Sorry not sorry but the dead one would’ve probably grown up to be a catty little queen always trying to expose people. I’m not trying to be mean or say he deserved what happened but there is a stigma in the gay community against outing people. Most of us knew better at that age. Maybe it’s different for the ultra fem types that have no idea what it’s like to be a normal regular average gay man because they were never in a closet but that’s still no excuse. The majority of the gay community don’t tend to look at outers favorably, in fact we think of them as trash so i have no idea why they keep doing it.

  8. This is just really sad for EVERYONE involved. At 19 you don’t know shit and you damn sure don’t at 15! Hopefully situations like this might lead to more frequent and honest discussions about how we can choose to move through life…

  9. I learned when I first got into this lifestyle. If they have nothing to hide you as a DL now have nothing to hide.

  10. Well here’s the thing. YES, it is very wrong to blackmail someone especially if you knew what you were getting into! As for the murderer, he should never dealt with someone that was not on the low like himself that was his mistake!! A person with nothing to lose will cost you everything!! To gay lives were lost with this one and they did not have to be if they would have been wiser!

  11. I’m not happy this boy was killed, but I agree with you Jamari, What Alex was doing was F’ed up…At 19 your still trying to find yourself aswell, you don’t have a lot of money, and your parents/ friends’ opinions still mean every to you, I know it sounds bad & im honestly not trying to defend him (I believe he should go to jail without question) I just Myself know that panicked ass feeling when your about to be outed, I too wish he’d had an Older gay male influence in his life to let him know how DANGEROUS this gay life can be, these young boys are so comfortable nowadays they don’t know the dangerous like those of us 30 & up know, shit I still remember the story of Matthew Shepard bck in the 90s! That was enough to let my then 9 yr old self know I had to move differently!

  12. I speak on this all the time….I am 42 years old and back in my 20s I would deal with DL guys and I would not even share it with my best friend…but nowadays I see these younger guys and they love to share with the cis gender females who they’ve slept with not knowing the females are gonna start talking to the next person about. I’ve even witnessed some of the younger generation guys get together and start comparing notes on the DL/Trade they’ve slept with….But I say this…..My business is NOT everybody’s else business!!! I “had” one friend who would always say I’m secretive about who I sleep with…..No BITCH…. I’m not secretive….I am GROWN!! I don’t owe nobody anything when it comes to my personal life!!! I just hate that had to happen to that young man!!! But remember…..some people are like a broke refrigerator…. can’t hold water….. That’s what my Grandma use to say..

    1. This!

      It’s terrible that that kid lost his life, and it’s almost as terrible, that him learning mess 101 from ____, is what led to it. This is the epitome of ppl being in over their heads. I was 15 many, many yrs ago, and these kids today have even more access and exposure than we did then, and can’t even get a damn license! Again, I’m not absolving that 19 yr old for anything, (esp murdering this kid and ruining both their lives), but let’s not pull out the ‘kid gloves’ now for a kid w the wherewithal to have blackmailed someone for over $2000 to keep their sexuality secrets and freedom safe! Extortion is a risky game.

  13. Doesn’t apply in this case though. 15 years old he was a kid so not only did the 19 have relations with an underage boy he killed him too. Throw his ass to the wolves. At age 15 you have no concept of everything regarding sexuality and how everything works. I still have questions at age 33. This is disturbing. To beat someone to death you have to beva psycho.

      1. ^right.

        he was 15 and didn’t know what he was doing,
        but he was 15 and getting fucked tho?
        knew how to make this guy spend money on him for dick?

        ok 👌🏾

    1. if the younger kid had been a girl doing this….the older kid might also been charged with statutory rape as well

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