you know what’s fucked up about all that is happening right now?

How SELFISH people are.

how amazing that movies were actually documentaries about people’s behavior.
you’d think folks would chill out so we could get past this rona shit.
it insulting when folks say the rona is like the cold or flu.
so many people died and to say,
oh it’s only a cold“,
is kinda fucked up.
the following story sent into me blew my whole shit.
how you gonna kill your friend because you wanted to play cards?…


was ma’khia bryant killed unfairly in columbus ohio? or was she wrong?

black folks are angry.
we don’t know if we’ll be killed by a simple routine traffic stop.
right after the wild animal who killed george floyd was convicted,
we had another victim by the paws of the police.
it involved 16-year old,
ma’khia bryant,
from columbus, ohio.

she was involved in an altercation where she was trying to stab vixens with a knife.
she didn’t comply with the police and they shot her 4 times,
which ended up killing her.
this is the bodycam footage and it’s extremely graphic…

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how to potentially lose your business over a r&b singer’s concert during a pandemic

when you see something like ^this,
you automatically think this is before the rona.
you wouldn’t think,
during a pandemic,
that this wouldn’t be a thing.


you will never believe who was behind it via “nbc news“…

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king james keeps the president seething

if you didn’t think he was the king before…
so lebron james is out here doing the Lord’s work.
as you know,
he just ( x opened up an elementary school ) called “i promise”.
it’s in his hometown of akron, ohio.
i bet if anyone tries to shade him,
all he gotta say is “open up a school”.
as you also know,
he called trump a bum in a tweet last year:

…and he explained more about it in a recent interview with don lemon:

well our busy and mature president found time to respond on his usual.
this is what he tweeted about lebron and even don…
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He Was “Anti Gay”, But His Dick Told Another Story

they say to stay still and the truth will be revealed.
that being fonted,
i love idiots.
i really do.
i love idiots who spew hate and then their truth is set free.
everyone meet a potential idiot by the name of wes goodman.
he was an anti-gay politician whose weapon was his “christianity”.
^this hyena was allegedly caught fuckin’ a male in his office.
don’t start laughing until you read what a foxholer sent me via yahoo
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The Killer Jackal of Facebook Live

facebook live.
ig live.
i don’t know the true purpose of it.
on one end,
it helped document one of the biggest “black lives matter” crimes in real time.
the other side is it has everyone thinking they are more important than they are.

“i ate a chicken sandwich today and had a profound moment…”

“ask me anything…”

“let me drive around and look in the screen for no reason at all…”

well ^that jackal up there?
he decided to use facebook live to allegedly commit homicides in cleveland, ohio.
nbc news has more…
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