The Wolf Who Allegedly Rents To Others

“the best thing i could have done is started renting to others.
no craigslist.
even though i have a 9 to 5,
i do this nights and weekends.

i have gotten great reviews from many visitors.
i own a brick house and the piping is said to run deep.

it’s worth the price and will have your needs met.
oh me,
you ask?

masculine/str8 acting

use to play football
currently body build

well to rent,
it’s a simple click away.

i’ll hit your spot for a good time.
i promise.
this is all after we discuss payment.
all the best wolves don’t rent for free.

all allegedly fonting,
of course.

Who am I?

don’t ask jamari who i am.
he won’t tell you.”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Wolf Who Allegedly Rents To Others”

  1. Yes, I was thinking about that Haitian dude for real and those nudes are something else! I believe he trains or live in brickell

  2. I’ve seen his photo on grindr a couple months ago. Yeap, those Haitian features are a dead give away and he is the smoothies sensation I’ve seen. Now, I wonder if I find him on rent boy?

      1. ^That doesn’t mean it’s him though. People are good for stealing pics and posting on sites like that.

  3. Aw shit get ready to feel the wrath of Dutty Boukman the Haitian Voodoo Prince to rain down on you and curse you from ever finding some Trade LOL. Dude is well known in these IG Forests. You aint heard this from me cause you know I aint one to gossip, but it is alleged that he puts the Ass in Asshole. Some out here saying he is a stuck up Beotch. Now I have never heard about no escorting or any of these other alleged activities, I am almost positive someone is catfishing using his pics. But never underestimate a personal trainer, actor or model, they will always do something a little strange for change especially around the 27th of the month to keep from paying late fee’s on the rent. I would not be surprised J if he got at you for this entry.

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