Who’s Derrick?

heyyyyyy joey.
consequence said he has your phone after your little incident.

he says you been texting a “derrick“…


he had a lot to say on hot 97 with angie martinez.
take a listen…

lowkey: ive heard some things about joe.
i would let joe get a butt cheek special,
but i wouldn’t date him.
maybe even a phone sex session.
that voice of his would get me high.
he too crazy for long term.
i couldn’t do it.

23 thoughts on “Who’s Derrick?

  1. woah you got girls commenting on your thing now? time to backup and read in the shadows

    1. All girls aren’t bad but listen if you are not comfortable with me commenting here I will stop.I realize that this site is a safe haven for you.I found this site while googling Frank Ocean’s gap believe it or not.Im not a spy trying to get info on DL men.Let me know if Im not welcome.BTW if I was trying to get insider info,I would use a male name not Colette:)

      1. Don’t go nowhere lol. I cannot speak for everyone else, but I do not mind having you up in here. I didn’t even know you were a female, I sure didn’t.

  2. 1. Consequence isn’t a reliable source.
    2. I doubt he would have a dude’s name attached to suspect text messages, much less the phone would be unlocked to begin with.
    3. Consequence coincidentally destroyed his only hard evidence of his accusations.

    It’s kind of laughable actually.

    1. DL dudes never have the dudes name in his phone if he is really on the DL. My phone had a Sherill, CJ and Ellen.

      1. I’m curious why would you use female names? Weren’t you afraid your girl might see the text message? My ex who was on the DL used initials or code words like mechanic,detailer,barber,weed man to conceal his DL buddies.Eventually he came out to me,after surviving a horrible accident,and now we are good friends.
        Off topic I think Lil Wayne’s camp are downplaying how bad his condition really is

        1. ^thanks for sharing.
          did you suspect your guy was DL before?

          this whole wayne situation is weird.
          im not posting until there is a conclusion.
          too many conflicting stories.

      2. I didn’t suspect he was DL because he wasn’t homophobic or uncomfortable around Gay men nor was he Too confortable around them.Also my Gay friends didn’t get a Gay “vibe” from him.I sensed he had a secret though.He told me he drank and smoked weed to cope with his secret.Another interesting thing about him is he never hooked up with Gay or Bisexual men.Only guys who claimed to be Straight or DL guys.Its funny ,guys who are claiming to be Straight yet regularly have sex with men.In a way I’m glad I had this experience with him.I’ve learned to be less judgemental,more empathic,more forgiving .I remember a while back you posted something about a friend calling you a gay slur and I said give him another chance.My ex lied to me by omission but because I know his background,his father is a preacher,I could empathize with him and forgive him.We are all flawed,right?

        1. ^we are definitely are!

          thank you for sharing your experience with us.
          we often don’t get to hear the vixen’s side,
          and when we do,
          it is filled with hate and animosity.
          some of the situations can require that,
          others is from vixens who never even had anything happen.
          they just start to pick people apart or accuse every little thing a man does
          as DL.

      3. Listen I am no saint,I think my situation is different because he wasn’t outed or caught cheating.While in the hospiital after an accident that could have been fatal he ,while sobbing told me he had a secret.He was Gay.I asked are you Bisexual? He said no I am Gay.In tears he told me about the depression,the drinking,the praying the gay away,the suicidal thoughts…He,was so vulnerable and in so much pain I could only show compassion and love.Now if I had walked in and caught him riding some dude it may be a different story.One more thing before I go in terms of looking for signs some female friends say Girl if he is chummy with Gay guys he is sus.Others say if he acts like he cant stay Gay men he is suspect.That’s why I mentioned earlier my ex was confortable but not too confortable.So like the other vixens I was guilty of looking for signs.I got to go but I need to ask you guys about these porn videos called Thugbait.I came across them on Pornmd.com.Are does actors ,the ones that are tricked? Ive seen a few and I cant figure out why they continue after they see its a guy and why they allow their faces to be shown on video.Ill check back Sunday thanks for any info on Thugbait.com

        1. ^thugbait are actors.
          it is also wack ass flicks too.

          …but damn.
          that is quite a story.
          DL wolves come in so many various packages now.
          they know all the tricks vixens try to play to catch them up.

      4. Oh yea, thugbait is fake as shit. If they are straight men, they would not be able to take dick on spot. I’ll leave it at that.

  3. I don’t care if Joe has a lil dick, He is still sexy as shit. Beat my ass and take me to Saks afterward , with his baby penis ass. That voice commands attention and is such a turn on.

    1. ^consequence is one of the biggest ghost writers in hip hop.
      he wrote all of kanye’s first and second album.
      he is also q tip from tribe called quest cousin.

      he needs to be behind the scenes and cut this reality show shit out.

  4. Lmao….@Angie “what are you saying?” Damn, Joe. He has fucked up again. Maybe it’s Tahiry, and he put her name under “Derrick” so Katelyn would not catch him.

      1. If he is on the DL wouldn’t he use initials or code name? Just asking? Also Consequence claims he destroyed the phone because he was so disgusted by the text messages.Lastly I’m suprised his phone wasn’t locked.

      2. No one has figured out Derrick J yet ? Not only is he gay as skittles by Consequence using his name it makes the whole thing unbelievable.

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