How Dangerously Do You Live With Your Phone?

i have a question for the foxhole.
this is a random question,
but i’m very random.
so here goes…

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Ezekiel Elliott Might be On Some “Fuck A Bitch Shit” Going Forward

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-9-13-59-pmi realllllllllllllllly love an idiot.
i really love when an idiot is exposed.
everyone remember that nfl baller wolf for the dallas cowboys,
ezekiel elliott,
scandal ( x a few months ago )?

well the she-hyena involved,
tiffany thompson,
has some ‘splaining to do.
reports are saying she allegedly asked her friends to lie for her.
baller alert has the scoop…
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Sage The Gemini Is A Bad Wolf and Gets Some Leakage

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 8.28.51 PMi like his hair like that.
well who knew sage the gemini would be in such a heart warming scandal.

he needs some kind of “edge”.
so as you know,
or don’t,
sage the gemini is currently dating jordin sparks.
its cute.
would be better with me but whatever.
anyway so it seems like allegedly sage was still texting his ex fiance,
“curriculum” hurley.
oh wait,
her name is curium.
how the hell do you pronounce her name?
well apparently he proposed to her this past january,
but jordin was the one who ended up getting chose.
still didn’t stop our sage from wanting some cooch tho.
how did we find out?
the shaderoom posted all the text messages for review…
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I Got A Problem (I Like to F*ck)

okyesso the text conversation took an interesting turn that night.
i was in the middle of watching monster’s university when sex the topic was.
well not how you would think:

“i won’t even fuck a bitch if a nigga in there.
don’t even think a bitch eatin my ass either.”

“but you would let her give you the sloppiest of throat?”

“yeah thats normal.
that other shit i aint with it.
if other niggas are thats on them.”

“wow sounds boring.”

i was starting to think my straight wolf was a prude.
or am i just a whore?
how did this all start, you ask?
well lets a trip back real quick.
it all started when i mentioned what my niece was telling me…
and this is NSFW,
and not for the straights...
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Who’s Derrick?

heyyyyyy joey.
consequence said he has your phone after your little incident.

he says you been texting a “derrick“…


he had a lot to say on hot 97 with angie martinez.
take a listen…

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Relationships Might B For The Birds

Was there a memo that it was  “Break Up With A Nigga” weekend?

So many couples I know were fighting.
I mean, the statuses I saw were crazy.
I had to ask myself:

Do I really want to deal with that shit?

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