I Got A Problem (I Like to Fuck)

okyesso the text conversation took an interesting turn that night.
i was in the middle of watching monster’s university when sex the topic was.
well not how you would think:

“i won’t even fuck a bitch if a nigga in there.
don’t even think a bitch eatin my ass either.”

“but you would let her give you the sloppiest of throat?”

“yeah thats normal.
that other shit i aint with it.
if other niggas are thats on them.”

“wow sounds boring.”

i was starting to think my straight wolf was a prude.
or am i just a whore?
how did this all start, you ask?
well lets a trip back real quick.
it all started when i mentioned what my niece was telling me…
and this is NSFW,
and not for the straights...

so she was telling me how hood wolves on her block are getting down last week.
they are getting super gay nowadays.
not with actions,
but with how they interact with their niggas.
she mentioned going to a wolf’s crib recently and his boy was there.
the wolf was paying more attention to the dude than her.
all in his face.
looking in his eye.
smiling and touching him.

“they were acting weird.
i was confused…”

i don’t think i am.
she said all the dope wolves are now suspect.
the streets are talking.
i was telling him about him how different the world is becoming.
how everyone younger than us are becoming bi or dl.
i have no issues with it.
more fun for me.
not him tho:

“well i want to see my wolf fuck a vixen in front of me.
i love watching people have sex.
while he stroking her,
i’m suckin on her titties and kissing him.
after he is done,
he works on me.
fuck-ti tasking with my baby.”

“that sound like a damn porno smh.”

BradshawOMG…then it hit me.
that was something you would see in a porno.
it sounded crazy to him,
but to me that sounds like a holiday or friday night.
it made me wonder about this lifestyle…
are we just extremely and outrageously sexual?
i noticed that straight wolves and vixens aren’t like that.
they may like sex and do some freaky shit,
the most is pulling hair and spanking,
but they are pretty basic in getting a nut.
a simple missionary and doggy style is suffice.
we do all that but at a sex party with strangers or someone we just met.
giving head to the straights is deep throat with a lot of spit.
to us its giving a mouth bath to the entire lower body/ass region.
something right out of a flick.
has porn put us on a whole other level of being a freak?
is this why the d/l wolves always can’t leave our side of town alone?
we know how to fuck and suck our kind.
we know what men want sexually,
but we really don’t know what we want mentally.
well we do…
we just express it in some good ol jungle fuckin’.


tumblr_mtjpepisEp1si245xo1_500i had to wonder…

Is fuckin’ like porno stars keeping us single?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “I Got A Problem (I Like to Fuck)

  1. Hell yeah it is lol. Man I have watch so much porn on MyVidster that when I get with a dude now it is so boring and a let down. The last few times I have had sex it didnt quite live up to the fantasy of porn, its downright scary. Im at the point of when I do meet someone I click with, am I going to be able to have a healthy normal sexual relationship or am Im going to have to sneak and watch porn for that good satisfying nut. Porn has kept many us alive in this STD age but at what price. Intimacy among gay men seem to be a thing of the past and with all this easy access to sex and porn thanks to the internet, it may never come back.

    Its amazing how open these young dudes are to bisexual experiences. I noticed a trend about 5 years ago when I go out to str8 functions young dudes just hang in packs with each other and rarely interact with females. Many of these young dudes are living by the motto of of bro’s over hoes. I notice that many young dudes dont have the hang up of associating with out gay dudes like in previous generations and the young queens are very aggressive in courting str8 dudes. Who knows where all this is going to end up. I am sure Bisexuality will be the norm in the next 10 years more than heterosexuality.

    1. Porn has definitely destroyed intimacy for me, I rarely feel attracted to anyone anymore…..let along be intimate with them. I just watch porn, jacked off and that is enough for me especially when it comes to dudes. Ain’t much u can do when you don’t know a person’s status anyway. lol

  2. Of course offering throat before a man can get your name is gonna keep you single lol. 9 times out of 10, he don’t want you in the first place. A lot of these men like your asshole, but they don’t like you.
    Porn has fucked up so many people’s minds and views on life and what to expect out of someone they see as a sexual partner. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Hmm I don’t think porn ruin my sex life. I would say 3 out of 9 guys felt good inside of me even though it hurt like hell but it was like good pain. But those 9 guys were just plain lousy in bed and this one guy who is a smoker his dick taste so disgusting and when he jizz in my mouth it was like acid!!!!! And this one mexican dude had a 5:00 shadow and when he rim me it was like a rug burn or sandpaper rubbing in between my cheeks, and the sex was so boring cause i really didn’t feel much of his dick inside because i was too wet and he was too small.

  4. I watch porn sometimes but i don’t think it takes over my life. It doesn’t i’ve been celibate for almost 3 months now. In regards to gays sex life versus straight life from talking to my friends, 95% of which are straight men and women, and hearing their experiences..THERE are PLENTY of straight men and women who get into some freaky shit some of which would make even me cringe, but it depends on the person, some are freakier then others, regardless of orientation or gender. my female friend said her boyfriend cums in her mouth and then they french kiss with his juices (which i felt and still feel is just not sexy). but i know gays who do that as well so for them that’s normal, but extreme for me.

    Ironically though I have an oral fixation i love sucking dick, so much so sometimes i’ll just have dreams of me sucking dick and that’ll be it lol my longest session sucking dick (while talking a few breaks here and there) was just over 25-28 minutes. So i enjoy it and if we’re together and i know you’re clean i’ll swallow ( by knowing i mean you have paperwork saying your clean because i get tested annually), BUT i’m not kissing you with your own cum or letting you kiss me with my cum in your mouth. i find no purpose in that BUT different strokes for different folks and after hearing from my straight male friends/relatives (most of whom have a huge love for porn and etc) i just think in general in our generation sex is as common as buying candy from the store. there’s NO intimacy anymore, NO building of relationships. Don’t get me wrong i enjoy good sex just as much as the next man BUT at the end of the day EVERYBODY ( i don’t care how fine or how successful you are) EVERYONE wants love and somebody to come home to, because at the end of the day porno doesn’t replace the feel, the kisses, and stroke of a real man. ..

  5. SMH. It only ruins it if you allow it too. Porn is a fantasy, and the people in the videos are actors. Y’all keep forgetting that it’s not real.

    1. But it is real in that there is actual penetration going on.They are not actors.If a dick is going into a pussy/ass then that’s not acting.These people fuck on camera.That’s not a fantasy.I’d agree with you if porn was like non-pornographic movie sex scenes.The two actors don’t have sex but give the motions and moans like they are.No, porn performers have sex on camera, ain’t no pretending.The only thing that’s fake is some of the moans the girls/dudes give off.

      I’m not trying to argue but it bugs me when people use that excuse.I know a guy who does low budget porn and he’s adamant in calling himself a porn actor.There’s no such thing as a porn actor because you’re not acting like you’re having sex.You’re performing sex acts in front of a camera.An actor means someone who pretends to be something they’re not.If you participate in a pornographic movie then you can add that person to your sexual history because you had sex, you didn’t pretend to have sex like say Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.Even though that scene was very pornographic it was still acting.If Billy was penetrating Halle/had his dick in her then that’s not acting/pretending to have sex.

      1. It is acting. Doesn’t Malo, Arnez, and a few others portray themselves as masculine on cam? Yes they do. Don’t some scenes start off certain ways? Yes they do. They are acting. Bottom line is you don’t have to follow what everyone else does, and people compare themselves to porn actors which is sad. They don’t validate me.

      2. They compare themselves to porn performers because they see these people having sex.Actual sex.It’s different comparing a kid imitating Bruce Lee.Bruce Lee isn’t actually kicking people’s asses on camera because his hits aren’t actually harming the opponents.Porn performers are actually being penetrated by/penetrating multiple people on camera, that ain’t acting.If Bruce Lee was actually punching and kicking people then that’s real, not acting.

        We clearly see these people having sex with multiple partners and we start feeling lackluster because we’re either not getting much or none at all.The problem is that people need to realize that porn performers are nothing but whores.We’re not beat up trash bags but are society has become sex crazed and likes to put down people who don’t engage in sex everyday with a different person for mon tues wed thurs fri.They make you think you’re not having fun or you’re a prude but really you’re just not a whore.Which isn’t a bad thing because whores do nothing but hurt feelings and spread diseases because they don’t care about their private parts so why would you expect them to care about yours or anyone’s feelings.

      3. I get where you are coming from now Zen. It’s part fantasy and part real.

        That second paragraph is that absolute truth. They are whore and prostitutes, it’s just all on camera, and they get paid larger sums of money.

      4. I think the problem with porn is that we are sat in a dark room, mentally we are ‘looking for stimulation’- mentally placing ourself in that position and mentally sexually get off!

        I think that human interaction and ‘real life’ sexual chemistry is lost! I feel we ‘mentally’ get ourself off!

  6. Porn actors get paid to have sex on camera and must fuck on cue. That’s not real life. Sure porn is a wonderful thing, but you have to know the difference between reality and fantasy.

    1. I meant the act of sex is real.Not the set/set up of the scene.You even said “Porn actors get paid to have sex on camera.”They’re still having sex.The sex part is real.The circumstances of why they’re having sex is fake.Like thugbait for instance.Porn actors are prostitutes except they have a set on which they perform sexual acts.That’s not a fantasy.Delivering pizza to a housewife and her having sex to pay for the pizza is fantasy.His dick in her mouth and pussy is reality.These are not like Hollywood movies and plays.

  7. I honestly know for a fact that being a down low freak when the time is needed has made a way for me in some ways. To be completely honest, I use to have aspirations to be like Kim and Amber but I realized that life aint for me, being here helped me understand my worth in some ways.

    In the lifestyle whether gay or hetro, have tricks up your sleeve that set you apart from the rest is what makes you relevant sometimes when dating. I believe the porno like sex, because everyone watches them, helps anyone believe they got their own personal porn star. Show a ninja some yoga poses, cook for him and inquire about his aspirations and goals while you eat, serve a fancy dessert, then give him some sex that makes him say “god damn” and just watch how long he stays and/or stays in touch.

    I fuck the game up every time, and then I repeat as needed (smirks).

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