I Hear You’re A Freak In Da Mernin’ and A Freak In Da Evenings

tumblr_mrt132qdQk1r4os7no1_400yeah i’m pretty confused myself.
so i’m a freak.
if you dwell in my foxhole,
you are as well.
every one us has different things that get us off.
when i was younger,
feet use to turn me on.
now i can’t stand the sight of them.
then i had fantasies of tying up a wolf and making him beg for it.
ironically now i like being punished and begging for it.
ive since upgraded to toys,
watching wolves fuckin vixens,
“trying to keep it a secret” sex,
“break up then make up” sex,
role playing,
and kama sutra positions.
being a tasteful freak,
ya know.

i saw this thing on tumblr which had a list of various “get me offs” in sexual psychology.
you may have thought you were a freak,
but this here…
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f0xmail: Should I Play Doctor With The Doctor On Jack’d?


Sup Jay…this shyt blew my mind so I had to share. I just started a new IT gig at a university and I am sitting in my office and a Jack’d message pops up on my phone and it’s from this dude and he says, “sup, i c ur close by…r u a student 2?” I peeped his pics (attached) and I damn near fell out my chair.  He tells me he’s 23 and a pre-med student. My first thought was, damn he can play doctor on me!!!!!!!  Soooooo WWYD? 
Have a safe and prosperous New Year!!!!




Look Bitch!

bitch__wallpaper__by_hardii-d59s5zv last night’s scandal completely blew me away.
i want to focus on the one thing that gave me the inspiration to write this.
if you haven’t watched it yet,
watch it ( x here ).
if you have then…
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I Got A Problem (I Like to F*ck)

okyesso the text conversation took an interesting turn that night.
i was in the middle of watching monster’s university when sex the topic was.
well not how you would think:

“i won’t even fuck a bitch if a nigga in there.
don’t even think a bitch eatin my ass either.”

“but you would let her give you the sloppiest of throat?”

“yeah thats normal.
that other shit i aint with it.
if other niggas are thats on them.”

“wow sounds boring.”

i was starting to think my straight wolf was a prude.
or am i just a whore?
how did this all start, you ask?
well lets a trip back real quick.
it all started when i mentioned what my niece was telling me…
and this is NSFW,
and not for the straights...
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