f0xmail: Should I Play Doctor With The Doctor On Jack’d?


Sup Jay…this shyt blew my mind so I had to share. I just started a new IT gig at a university and I am sitting in my office and a Jack’d message pops up on my phone and it’s from this dude and he says, “sup, i c ur close by…r u a student 2?” I peeped his pics (attached) and I damn near fell out my chair.  He tells me he’s 23 and a pre-med student. My first thought was, damn he can play doctor on me!!!!!!!  Soooooo WWYD? 
Have a safe and prosperous New Year!!!!




well thank you and i hope you have a blessed new year yourself.
“ratchet jamari” answer:
tumblr_myiz8ybExw1si245xo2_250 tumblr_myiz8ybExw1si245xo1_250 i saw the pics and he is hot.
his pipe looks like a killer as well.
i would have posted,
but it would have outed him.
listen if he checks out clean,
has no issues,
no signs of crazy or “this is a stick up gimmie all ya shit!”,
then i don’t see why not?
he is a student.
you’re in IT.
it’s not like you are the teacher or principal.
all the IT department at my last job were banging the interns.
something about a nerd who can fix a computer gets them wild pussy on demand.
no offense.
he is on jack’d for a reason.
more than likely,
he is trying to learn how to do a thoro prostate examination.
he’s looking for a willing participant s’all.
so here is his tool for the curious foxholers:
prostateexamtoolschedule an appointment and let me know how it was.

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5 thoughts on “f0xmail: Should I Play Doctor With The Doctor On Jack’d?

  1. In this New Year, I’m loving ratchet Jamari, along with non-ratchet Jamari.. LMAO.

    I agree with Jay and Man, give him a chance and remember you’re grown and you can have sex as much as you want as much as you use a condom. Its just practice.

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