A Holy Restoration Cuss Out This Afternoon

giphydon’t do that.
don’t play the victim after i let you have it.
you know you did wrong.
at least own up to your dumbassness and apologize.
it just makes me want to go harder to hurt your feelings
so i had to let someone have it today.
in the middle of church nonetheless.
they were supposed to be a “friend”,
but clearly they went to a different friendship seminar than i.
i could have ignored,
but one thing i cannot stand is someone who should know better.
i expect this from the morons who were raised in the projects.
they came from a good upbringing.
when i was there for you,
worked for free at your company,
and holding up my end of the “friendship”,
i expect you to do the same.
so when they pulled some shady shit on me,
they gonna insult my intelligence to see “how i’m doing” today?
i had to politely let em’ know they were a complete fuckin’ doofus.
i have yet to hear back from them.
i even said a prayer for em at the end of service.
don’t think because i’m the coolest person you’d ever meet
…that i won’t go the fuck OFF on your ass when you hurt my feelings.
i can get real crazy real quick.
i do know 1 thing tho.
i felt so good after.
not holding in word vomit anymore can be a cleansing experience.

giphy-12014 is going to be a good year.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “A Holy Restoration Cuss Out This Afternoon”

  1. Jamari, I’ve gone through this exact type of thing with one of my best friends. He pretty much stabbed me in the back, and then wondered why I was pissed. Somethings a true friend should know and should not have to be told. Some lines you just do not cross. I haven’t talked to him in four months, but I invited him to dinner tonight. I’m trying to start the new year right so I’m extending an olive branch. But don’t think I’m letting his ass of the hook!

    1. ^don’t let them treat you like shit sam!
      sometimes you gotta come back at people sideways for them to understand.
      their brains shut off real quick and they need a little jump start is all.
      if they never speak to you again,
      oh fuckin well.
      a billion people on this planet ready to take their place.

  2. Yea tell those mofos like it is. And don’t forget to say “Oh you’re still alive? Aww what a pity. Maybe next time you should be so lucky.” That right I said it and?

  3. God I wish I could do this it’s just not in my nature to go off on someone, even if they really deserve it. Sigh I’m too nice .

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