Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.36.36 AMdon’t you love a big strong wolf?
well guess what meat i pulled out the deep freezer?
one of the foxhole favs,
he maybe just what you are lookin for with his washboard abs and perfect pecs.
judging from this video he just posted…

Angelina-Jolie-angelina-jolie-23417407-500-281he is a tad short for my liking,
but i always wondered if he tasted as good as he ( x looks )?

found: his instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “MEAT: RE-HEAT (494)”

  1. I was turned on by his pic but my immediate second thought was “damn, I need to work out.”I would love to be walking around half naked with a body like that.Inside of course.Y’all need to stop discriminating against short dudes.Meat is meat.Their height won’t stop that booty from being soar in the morning.

      1. Jamari that’s just a matter of strength. Unless there’s a really big difference in size, you’d be surprised at the power in a short wolf.

  2. I follow this dude on Instagram and he is ATTENTION WHORE times 10. He comes at you like he is this fitness guru but seems to love more than anything to pose for pics and to tell you how good he is, and how hard he works while throwing you out pearls of wisdom to not give up and you can look just as good as him. Its something about him that does not seem genuine at all, trust me when I tell you he never lets you forget he is 100 percent heterosexual male and no man bet not even imply that he looks good because of course he only takes his shirt off in ever pic and pose in his underwear for the ladies. But hey at the end of the day he has a hot body so I guess that makes him a beautiful person and a credit to mankind, well at least on Instagram and Youtube.

  3. I have to agree with tajan. I follow him on Instagram and he doesn’t come off genuine at all. The only time he comes off genuine is when he puts pictures up of his sons, but anything else seems to be keeping up with the joneses. He is a huge attention whore who claims he is a personal trainer but never trains men. He will look down on the fags who are in his comment box. The only time he befriends dudes on Instagram just for access to their followers (George Hill being one). He is good looking, and his body is right, but he comes off slimey, homophobic, with dreams of insta-stardom. Those likes and followers clearly validate him as a human.

  4. Cute, but just by looking at his Instagram, I could tell what kind of person he was. They all are! He has 27,000 followers by doing nothing than taking off his shirt and making a few videos. He has a crown over his bed and only wears name brand. This is his chance to live out his dreams of a failed modeling career to real stardom. This is what Instagram is all about. I would still suck on those tits though.

  5. I like Raq. I “ghost follow” him on instagram lol. That is my dude, I am not even going to front. I believe he is genuine, and no I am not blinded by his looks. I do want some of that ass tho lol. I love his body DAMN! As far as him being homophobic, Raq just doesn’t like it when men hit on him. Remember, he is straight. We can take about him here because this is our place to talk.

  6. Pretty much co-sign what everyone else has said has said here. Attractive man, but that’s where it ends.

    We have to stop giving these homophobic “straight men” a pass just because they’re attractive. It’s counterproductive.

  7. I do not think he is a homophobe. Raq said before that gay men come at him all kinds of ways, which is true because I have witnessed it. Niggas leaving comments on his instagram that are sexual in nature. I am so glad all of you said you followed him because it comes in handy for what I am about to say. A while back, he released a statement informing his followers that he would block gay men who leave vulgar comments on his page, and a few gays were angry over that. There was nothing wrong with his statement, and he said he had nothing against gays. He made that very clear and I believed him. Oh, lets not forget he stopped by here last year, and he was not disrespectful to us, despite the fact everyone was lusting after him.

    Here is what you all fail to realize. It is not cool for gay men to be hitting on straight men, it is not cool. This is not arguable. Yes, women get a pass to hit on these men and they are suppose to. They are women.
    A lot of you need a beat down from straight men in order to retrieve the message. I am serious.
    You all need to know your damn limits, period. In high school, I had a couple of niggas calling me a bitch and a fagget just cause I did not wanna holla at them. Really? You weren’t saying that when you were in my face flirting with me. Niggas getting mad because you do not want to be touched and shit. As soon as you get rejected y’all want to bad mouth niggas. Da fuck? Some gay men are even so blinded by the lifestyle stereotypes they think people who are dark as Trayvon Martin are light skin. Are you kidding me? Talking about “gay standards.” Only one of you sided with me on that topic, it was so sad. Don’t let the lifestyle validate who you are, and do not allow men walk in your life and tell you what you need to be.

    We live in a world where people think they are going to get a person’s attention by being sexual, but where is that going to get them when everyone else is doing the same? What makes you stand out from all the rest? That is what I need to know. A donkey can have a fat ass, a horse can have a big dick, and any person can give compliments. I am not turned on by being complimented on my looks. I get it all the time. As a grown folks, you need to come harder than that to impress me and most attractive people. My confidence and ego is already ^. Sexual compliments will get you nowhere.Try again.

    1. I agree with only the second half of your message. Gay men, their standards, and their approach are all subjects worth discussing.

      What I’m not going to do is give a pass to supposed straight men who base their entire online existence around the validation from both straight women and gay men, feeling emboldened to demonize those very people.

      Who do you think is buying what he’s selling? Who do you think is promoting his image? His videos? It’s not women, that’s for damn sure.

      Don’t get me wrong. Gay men definitely need to get a handle on themselves. Their behavior on these pages (and even at times on this website) is embarrassing. But let’s not act like the straight men posting these images aren’t aware who’s ACTUALLY watching this shit.

      Furthermore, why is it acceptable for straight men to respond with such disdain and disgust? I know plenty of gay men (myself included) who are regularly hit on by women. I’m not attracted to them and sexually they can do absolutely nothing for me, but I take their comments in stride. Straight men can’t do the same?

      1. Do the women who hit on you know your preference? Besides, women aren’t a threat to you man, unless they disrespect you. It is normal for women to hit on men. It is not right for a gay men to hit on men who are supposedly straight though. Plus, gay guys take it to another level. I witness the behavior every day and I have experienced it myself.

        Straight men are oblivious at times, and they believe women are interested in their workout products, fitness advice and etc. Raq knows we are watching, but he targets to please women. Honestly, I do not want a person who does not want me, and you all need to remember that.

      2. Man, there’s so much wrong with what you just said that I don’t even know where to start.

        First and foremost, whether they’re aware of my orientation or not is irrelevant if you’re arguing his issue with the comments from gay men have less to do with their sexual orientation than the disrespect they exhibit with their comments (which is what you just spent several paragraphs arguing). You can’t have it both ways.

        Secondly, the statement “It is normal for women to hit on men” as a counter argument to anything I’ve said is in and of itself offensive. Just by virtue of your statement, you’re suggesting there is something ABNORMAL about gay men and gay love.

        That’s not okay.

      3. Further, women are not aroused in the same way men are. The shirtless pictures and dick prints only do so much for women. Men are far more attracted to the physical.

        I say all that to say, he’s not targeting women. He’s actually targeting men. Whether or not that’s his intention is another discussion.

      4. I am not saying that love between two men is unnatural. Random, be real right now. As gay and bi men, we cannot approach men the ways women are able to. The probability of any man we hit on being is gay is low. The chance of a woman hitting on a man that is straight is high, so therefore it is natural for women to approach men because the chances are in their favor, but men cannot do that to other men. We have to get through more difficult barriers that women do not have to deal with. First, we have the challenge of figuring out whether the man is gay. Second, we have to wonder if he is attracted to us physically. Third, we have to figure out if he likes feminine or masculine men? Women do not think about these things before they hit on a man, but we have to. This is gay etiquette 101. You know we cannot hit on men in the ways women can. You cannot compare the two.

        You do not know what arouses women, you are not a woman, so you are speaking on a topic you cannot relate to. There are more forms of arousal than physical. There is also mental and emotional arousal as well.

      5. I know what arouses them because it’s what I’ve studied.

        But that’s besides the point.

        The point is, probability has nothing to do with being responsible for the energy you put into the world. As much as gay men need to be responsible for the attention they give this man, he needs to be responsible for the attention he garners and relishes in when convenient.

        I have a straight friend who’s relatively IG famous. Gorgeous guy. Great personality. A lot of women and men (gay and questionably straight) follow him. Not only is he aware they follow him, he encourages it. Why? Because even in their thirst, they promote the fuck out of his brand.

        Suraqah can’t have it both ways. You can’t promote for publicity and then be picky with who provides you the attention.

  8. Dude is fine but he a lame. He is also homophobic cause I’ve seen him be rude to men in his comments and his ratchet female followers join in. He is the typical attention whore who will use his body for his advantage when it’s convinent.

  9. We’ll I never heard of him but I’m glad this site features men like this. I always learn something by the content and the comments. He will be promptly added to my boycott list and will receive his proper dragging.

  10. I love this man!! So what if he is straight!!! Just sit back, enjoy the pics and be respectful with the comments you may make!!

  11. I totally understand both sides. Sexual advances from thirsty gay men on social media does make some straight guys uncomfortable and they respond in a fowl manner in most cases. Thats not gonna change. However, these e-celebs/attention whores/personal trainers/herbalife coaches should understand by now, that you cant put your half-naked self out there for social media consumption then act appalled because the thirsty masses included a few tactless gays. You cant bite the hand that feeds your need for attention. When you put it all out there like he does, people behind the keyboards can care less about your boundaries and wont give two shits if you like pussy. You cant be a controlled environment attention whore. Doesnt work that way Raq

  12. LMAOOOO!

    All I can do is laugh at him. He’s attractive, but the fact he has the time on his hands to make those corny videos and take all these shirtless pics is hilarious!

    If a female was taking tons of pics of her ass and chest and posting it on instagram for thousands of followers she’d be a thirsty attention whore. He’s no different to me. Except he has the nerve to get mad at who he gets attention from. Hahaha

    1. ^he better hope he doesn’t have any skeletons because….
      im glad these responses happen tbh.
      it should let everyone know that these guys and girls are nothing to feel intimidated or envious over.
      ever since I made this site,
      it’s like almost all my crushes died.

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