Bored? Well Blame Draya

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 9.59.57 PMsoooooooo…
of basketball wives la/attention whoring fame,
has a online reality show.
or something?
it’s called “blame draya” and i guess its something to keep her name out there.
i decided to watch a recent episode with her and her baller wolf for the cowboys,
orlando scandrick,
and well…

tumblr_inline_mwnje8XFYQ1r1mjx8*does circle motion with hands*
that relationship looks like something that will be ending soon.
i got “she’s annoying as hell,
but i like fuckin’ her” from orlando.
i will admit,
i skimmed through a lot of it.
close to twenty minutes of draya?
eh eh.
draya cannot carry a whole show by herself.
she ALWAYS needs to be the supporting character.
so couple things i got watching:

  • she’s not really humble.
    that really annoys me (and others) with her.
    the way she acts,
    you’d think she was born into money.
  • (@3:49) why was she comparing herself to jay and b?
    she was stanning HARD.
    this show is about YOU.
    then going in over bigger power couples for damn near 15 minutes.
    stop it.
    i did enjoy orlando shadin’ the FUCK out her tho.
    i caught the low key comments.
  • (@10:36) why are those young ratchets crying over meeting draya?
    why are all her fans ratchet chicks?
    who was waiting in that long ass line to see her?
    ya know what?
    i answered my own questions.
  • (@14:56) “who you texting?”.
    she knows.
    orlando done got caught up a few times.
    reason why i said “i give it a few more months”.

the-hills-gif-staringwould i watch it again?
well maybe for orlando being shady.
the pros?
judging from her past with her own child,
it was nice to see her giving back to other people children.
she may just get into heaven with these good deeds.
s’all i got.

want to see more blame draya?: click here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Bored? Well Blame Draya”

      1. They get to choose from a wide variety of attractive men and they get to have the best sex like that Lady Que or whatever her name was that you posted about this week or last.Women have it so easy.I don’t know why they complain about anything.

  1. Thank you for that review, so I want even waste a second looking at Mommie Dearest. Now lets talk about that damn boyfriend. Never realize he looked that damn good, Im kicking my own self for sleeping on this dude, move over Braylon there some new meat in town lol.

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