I Hear You’re A Freak In Da Mernin’ and A Freak In Da Evenings

tumblr_mrt132qdQk1r4os7no1_400yeah i’m pretty confused myself.
so i’m a freak.
if you dwell in my foxhole,
you are as well.
every one us has different things that get us off.
when i was younger,
feet use to turn me on.
now i can’t stand the sight of them.
then i had fantasies of tying up a wolf and making him beg for it.
ironically now i like being punished and begging for it.
ive since upgraded to toys,
watching wolves fuckin vixens,
“trying to keep it a secret” sex,
“break up then make up” sex,
role playing,
and kama sutra positions.
being a tasteful freak,
ya know.

i saw this thing on tumblr which had a list of various “get me offs” in sexual psychology.
you may have thought you were a freak,
but this here…

sounds freaky as shit.
out of that list,
i can say basoexia and asphyxiaphilia will get me off the hardest.
am i the only one who likes kissing?
i feel kissing is so intimate and if done right…

tumblr_myf5g7WVa31si245xo2_250 tumblr_myf5g7WVa31si245xo1_250…will have me pre cummin and ready.
from reading those cards to your own personal fetishes,
so i had to ask…

What gets you off?

don’t be shy.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “I Hear You’re A Freak In Da Mernin’ and A Freak In Da Evenings”

    1. ^whaaaat?????
      shiiiittttt f&f.
      here is what you do.

      this is for my fellow slick mouth foxes out there.
      piss your wolf off.
      this aint for any wolf now.
      but make your wolf mad.
      talk shit and get him to that level of mad.
      he will fuck you every which way out stupid.
      as he is fuckin you,
      he will choke your ass.
      that “hate sex” tho.
      i like that shit.

  1. Everything but Asphyxiaphilia. Just my luck I will run out of oxygen and pass the hell out. The Fox will think he killed me, then he’ll panic and throw me on the curb with a liquor bottle beside me. Nope.

  2. Well, I’m realizing anything sexual that involves pain of any kind does nothing for me. This wolf bit me nipple and slapped my ass the other day and it turned me off big time. I guess I just like that gentle loving. Now licking or nibbling on me ear turns me on big time.

      1. I don’t know why. Its like it ruins my concentration or something. I’m into it one minute. Then he slapped my ass and I look at him like “nigga are you crazy?” Maybe he slapped too hard lol.

      2. ^LOL @ slapped too hard.
        i can see how that can throw you off.
        ya know,
        i always wonder why do people like to smack your ass during sex?
        i like it,
        but what is it suppose to do?
        being bad and needing to be punished?

  3. Jamari, just say no to being choked or having your oxygen flow constricted. That can be dangerous and I’ve heard of people being injured or killed during that stuff.

    As far the other stuff goes, I guess that you can call me “vanilla”. Shaved genitalia is preferred for various reasons. Although it retains the “man” smell, it makes the penis look bigger. It allows for the funky smell to be reduced or eliminated. (Hair under the arms or around the dick and balls retains scent and often it’s a funky–too funky–scent.) It’s easier to note sores or discolorations. It allows for condoms to be put on more easily. It does not put hair in the mouth or between the teeth during oral sex. It allows for the person receiving “oral pleasures” on the dick and/or balls to experience that pleasure more fully. I do like “obscene pictures”/porn from time to time but is that desire an “urge”? Kissing gets my motor running. I have a healthy (human/manly) desire for sex but it’s not “compulsive”. So my sexual desires may touch on four of the above. And I consider my sexual desires to be well within the mainstream. In fact, I say that you may not be “normal” if you don’t get a little freaky during sex or if your sexual desires are not a little freaky.

  4. Mine are Merinthophilia, Basoexia, Algolagnia, Pareunomania (it’s not a compulsive urge but a healthy desire as Dean said).

  5. Acomoclitic, basoexia, and pareunomania are my. But I wonder what is the name for being sexual aroused by baby oil on skin.

    1. Well since we are talking about being freaky. I have to admit I have a thing for fisting. I know, I know but something about being able to take a whole hand or hands inside of you is hot to me like it amazed me how the human body adapt to new things. Now I wouldn’t personally take a fist, but I wouldn’t mind to fist a guy ass.

  6. I am a Algolagnia, Basoexia, Pareunomania, Odaxelagnia, Amychophilia, and Asphyxiaphilia typa person.

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