Look Bitch!

bitch__wallpaper__by_hardii-d59s5zv last night’s scandal completely blew me away.
i want to focus on the one thing that gave me the inspiration to write this.
if you haven’t watched it yet,
watch it ( x here ).
if you have then…
so tonight showed up the beginning stages of fitz and mellie’s marriage.
well we found out mellie was raped by fitz’s father after drinking some crown royal.
always that dark likka.
it introduced us to how she became a cold hearted bitch,
or why she does the things she does.
it made me feel sorry for her.
it also made me wonder about the assholes and the bitches out here.
we have all come across someone who is nasty to us or everyone.
no explanation why.
i had a boss at an old job and god was she a complete inside and out stamped and approved bitch.
everyone hated and feared her.
she was the only female boss at the job and she had to put on that costume for her respect.
she would talk to the wolves like they were stupid.
temps would come in and quit at lunch.
some even left on their smoke breaks.
some didn’t even smoke.
they just said they wanted to “smoke” and ran.
she got on my last fuckin nerve,
but she liked me and always kept me around.
i think she realized i didn’t “play” that as well.
im was the “andrea sachs” to her “miranda priestly”.
34dhsoxjust i had balls.
respect knows respect.

it wasn’t until she got a boyfriend,
and got that “my back is getting blown out regularly” glow…

tumblr_mh1tpdXnUU1r86gcro4_250 tumblr_mh1tpdXnUU1r86gcro5_250…did she become pleasant to everyone.
the bitch found her asshole and they are still living happily ever after.
the way to tame a bitch or asshole is show them yours as ive learned.
they can smell fear.

no one is born a bitch.
you just don’t wake up one day and say you are gonna bring down hell fire on unsuspecting victims.
bitches and assholes are created.
many have been scarred by life/people and just take it out on everyone,
some are spoiled and are self absorbed to other people’s feelings,
and the rest are wannabes trying emulate what would get them respect.
you know a true asshole or bitch when you come across one.
a lot of gays have nasty attitudes because they’re always ready to fight for their respect.
i get it,
i think,
but they just be miserable as hell and no amount of dick/ass will change that.

tumblr_mup0tsZToN1si245xo1_500me myself?
for some odd reason,
my heart hasn’t been completely hardened.
i’m still someone who is still nice,
gives everyone the benefit of the doubt,
and tries to look past the “dumbasses” and “idiots” of the world.
sure ive had my moments with people i can’t stand,
but haven’t we all?
i often wonder when my breaking point is?
when i will become the asshole?
hell will i ever become that?
something i thought about watching the episode tonight.

9 thoughts on “Look Bitch!

  1. I can be nice and I can be an asshole. I am one of the nicest people in the world, but I will get with you in a heartbeat if you come for me man lol.

  2. Last night’s episode was so disturbing. As for his post being a bitch or asshole is not the way to live. It may seem that way, because they look like they’re getting far, but they’re only that way because of unhappiness. When they come to the point of realization they have no one due to their nasty attitudes they will suddenly be nice. That story of your boss is a true example of it. Be nice but be assertive. Mellie was raped by her man’s father, the kid is his half brother, her man don’t even want her, and she has to live with those demons daily. Just my two cents and great blog you have here to provide this kind of discussion!

    1. I agree. Be nice, but assertive. I’ve gotten people to bend over backwards for me by just being kind and rectful. I’ve avoided late fees, miscellaneous charges, fines, tickets, gotten into places for free, and even discounts by simply respecting and being polite to agents at companies. Being a bitch just brings about unwanted stress and drama. People are fooling themselves if they think being a bitch equals respect. It does not.

  3. I usually don’t comment but good entry. Personally I’ve gotten farther in life being a bitch than being nice. Maybe it’s time for you to change your fur and try being a bitch. At least for a week and see how it works out.

  4. I am somewhat nasty and somewhat nice, but I do get nasty because my body is craving for SEX. It been 5 yrs damn.

  5. That J. Strokes gif just reminded me why I’m so jealous of women.They get to have the best sex.

    They don’t have to prepare nor worry about shitting and they can take all dicks, no matter how big.Damn they are some lucky bitches.Maybe I should get a sex change and pretend to be a woman.

    1. Oh honey we may get this better sex as you all it but it ain’t keeping them. The men seem to want to use us to fulfill their homosexual desires these days.

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