He Who Casts The First Pebbles

pebblesfactorficso due to my situation wednesday,
i missed the #pebblesonwendy interview.
i really wanted to post on it that day or night,
but things didn’t pan out that way.
anyway pebbles stopped by to throw a few stones,
or pebbles,
towards t and c for that biopic on vh1.
i finally watched it today and well…

ajp8d4i dunno…
something about her just doesn’t seem… real.
is it just me?
now im glad wendy asked the real questions like if chilli slept with la reid and the money issues,
but pebbles answers seemed contrived… or something.
pebbles and her daughter have a slight stench of bougie hoodrats tho.
the daughter just stinks.
ima need her to put a muzzle on that mouth because passionate or not,
when you start talking about fighting someone because you’re mad at them,
you automatically become ragga in everyone’s eyes.
not to mention the judge when he is taking that in as evidence.
chilli offered up a comeback on twitter for that interview:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.47.42 AM“i really hate the music business.”
i agree with wendy 110.
being a singer or rapper is so hard these days.
talent doesn’t mean you will avoid the shark infested waters of the industry.
its funny that when we get old,
god sparing our lives,
and we watch the behind the music of some of the talents today,
it is going to be an eye opener.
the real stories of the beyonces,
the rihannas,
the jays,
the kanyes,
and the breezywolfs.
don’t ever think none of them didn’t sell their souls for fame.
sacrifices they made.
the drug abuse.
who they fucked to get to where they are.
still fuckin to stay there.
better yet not who they they appear to be when the camera is off.
that’s the problem with making a deal with the devil.
once your career is over,
he writes the tell all.

5 thoughts on “He Who Casts The First Pebbles

  1. Is this woman pebbles a “real pastor”. She impressed me a less than honourable. And her daughter trash. I got the impression that she is writing a book and is laying the foundation for said book.

  2. Pebbles didn’t give any kind answers to us that I was hoping for. The only thing she said she can’t talk about it then why are you on the Wendy William show for? You’re making yourself look more like an asshole.

  3. She had an excuse for everything.She didn’t take responsibility for shit.The excuse about her being deserved that 1 million a letter was bogus.

    “I came up with the name”

    “So you made them pay you $1 million a letter to use it”

    “Well, because of confidentiality agreements, I can’t say how much.”

    Pastor Pebbles my throbbing black asshole.I wish Left Eye was still alive.I wish she would have told her version of events in the documentary.She wouldn’t have held her tongue.

  4. I agree with your post. When she kept saying “hell no” and “shade this and that”, I was like “I thought she was a minister.” But who am I to judge? Her answers where kind of ehh. I wanted her to talk more. The only person that knows the truth is God himself. T Boz and Chili both said that they don’t have anything against Pebbles and that they aren’t grateful for what she did with them, but this is THEIR PERSEPTION of how she treated them. You can’t get mad or call someone a liar by what they perceived about you. It’s their perception. I’m sure they’ll disagree with her movie and book that’ll come out, but I don’t think they’ll bash her for it.

    P.S. Her daughter needs to go sit her ass down somewhere! She is too damn old to be still fighting….with her cute ass. lmao!

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