TLC Ain’t Giving No Refunds (Sorry)

tlc 729-620x349i remember when i wrote this ( x entry ) about tlc.
it caused quite the commotion.
well i may have been right.
not saying i am.
just “may”.

it was brought to my attention that tlc hasn’t released any new material.
they raised damn near half a mill and no album to show for it.
when a fan asked where is this new music,
this is what t-boz allegedly replied via f-bi
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Brad James Is Not Dating You

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.19.21 PMguess who this actor wolf belongs to?
no he is not mine.
if he wasn’t,
you def wouldn’t know.
well his name is brad james.
he plays on that tyler perry show,
“for better or worse”.
he is now allegedly dating this r&b vixen…
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He Who Casts The First Pebbles

pebblesfactorficso due to my situation wednesday,
i missed the #pebblesonwendy interview.
i really wanted to post on it that day or night,
but things didn’t pan out that way.
anyway pebbles stopped by to throw a few stones,
or pebbles,
towards t and c for that biopic on vh1.
i finally watched it today and well…
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Lil Mama Will Play What Rapper In What Made for TV Biopic??

looks like lil mama got a new job.
she has been casted in a new movie.
one about a real life 90s girl group who happen to be tomboys.
they been broke.
her character burned her baller wolf’s house down.
she also happened to die in a tragic car crash.
figured it out yet foxhole?…

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I Guess My Blood Has A Little Chilli In It

I hate family who doesn’t do anything for you…
but can brag their asses off.


I seriously hate that shit.
They never call you to see how you are doing,
but will call you every couple of months to update you on what THEY are doing.

Just now my aunt called me,
after not hearing from her for a while,
and she commences to get on a bragging extravaganza I did not sign up for….

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