Booby Gibson Looks Rode Hard and Hung Up Wet! I Wonder Why?

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 2.18.48 PMthis is the nba baller wolf booby gibson i’m use too.
reciting 2pac lyrics.
well this is the booby gibson an hour ago on instagram


Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 2.16.54 PMcould he be talking about the nba making him a free agent?
how about netflix not putting up good movies in their streaming collection?
(i mean seriously?!
what am i paying for.)
nope i don’t think those are the reasons.
it seems to be ( x THIS ).
i could be wrong,
but it also equals to this:


GIF-MALEFICENTif its the reason im thinking of…
if you’re reading,
i think you need to move on boo.
you’re fighting a battle that you aren’t going to win.
these sub…instagrams,
i dunno what you call them,
are so beyond you.stop stressing yourself over bullshit,
get your self together,
provide a good life for you son,
drop the baggage,
and find a vixen who is going to be 100% for you.
lets refresh,
and regroup.
right now you’re look like a pussy whose been over fucked a few times.
not a good look.
like i tell a lot of my straight wolf friends who hit me up with vixen issues:

“get rid of ha’h.”

my email is there if you ever need to vent!
unless this is a pr stunt to keep people talkin’ then…
no dont.

taken: his instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “Booby Gibson Looks Rode Hard and Hung Up Wet! I Wonder Why?”

  1. I love him, and I hate seeing him sad. I could make him happy, so happy that he’ll never stop smiling, and no I am not talking about giving him the pipe either, I’m talking about the proper love and affection that he needs that ol Keyshia ain’t giving him.

    “If she ain’t gonna love you
    The way she should
    Then let her go
    If she ain’t gonna treat you
    The way she should
    Then let her go”

    Keyshia, I want yo man. *in my Missy Elliot voice*

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