Speaking of An Evil Queen

Angelina-Jolie-Maleficentand im not talking about peanut,
but one of my favorite disney villian-ness gets a movie next year.
next to ursala from “the little mermaid”,
maleficent the evil queen from “sleeping beauty”,
was one bad ass disney hoe bag.
…and i loved every minute of her evil hoe-ness.
well one of my favs,
angelina jolie,
is playing her in the movie and the teaser trailer just got released the other day…

“im not afraid.”
“then come out.”
“then you’ll be afraid.”

tumblr_lte8ueuy911qfzwn5o1_500i love angelina jolie and i’m already loving this.
i’ll be in the theater on may 30th, 2014.
update yourself on sleeping beauty: here

lowkey: i HATED scar with a passion.
he was just pure evil killing his own brother.
i remember being traumatized as a kid watching that.
to this day i still cry in ( x that scene ).
everyone seemed to like:

tumblr_maqfs0yFi51qjm3t5o1_500… from the evil disney hoe-bag collecton.
i mean the chick just wanted a cute coat.
was that so wrong?
okay i’ll sit in the corner now.

7 thoughts on “Speaking of An Evil Queen

  1. While Angelina Jolie is still beautiful, I would have loved to see Gal Gadot(who has the same exotic look & feel as Angelina with a sexy accent)continue on her rise from Fast & Furious 6 to play this role

  2. Angelina is one of my favorite actresses too That’s her youngest daughter, Vivienne running thru field .She plays younger Princess Aurora.

      1. The producer said Vivienne was the only little girl who didn’t cry when she saw AJ as Maleficent.Also she favors Elle Fanning who plays Princess Aurora.TMZ got a copy of her contract at four years old she was paid $3000 a week plus $60 a day per diem.

  3. I am super excited for that movie and hopefully it will be better than Snow White movies. I did like the one with Julia Robert because it was very whimsical, and the one with Kristen Stewarts was okay. But that South African actress is very beautiful.

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