aurora from “sleeping beauty” was singing and sleeping in white privilege

in watching “sleeping beauty” last night,
i’ve come to realize that aurora was insane amounts of white privilege.
she did nothing the entire movie but sing the other princesses under the table,
frolic around with wild animals in the forest,
had 3 goons with wands perpetrating as the help,
and slept the rest of the time.
she woke up to a man and a whole kingdom.

Oh hi,
I’m a stan.

so i coulda sworn maleficent was causing pure bacchanal over something else.
i thought aurora was gonna take her place as queen or something.

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Speaking of An Evil Queen

Angelina-Jolie-Maleficentand im not talking about peanut,
but one of my favorite disney villian-ness gets a movie next year.
next to ursala from “the little mermaid”,
maleficent the evil queen from “sleeping beauty”,
was one bad ass disney hoe bag.
…and i loved every minute of her evil hoe-ness.
well one of my favs,
angelina jolie,
is playing her in the movie and the teaser trailer just got released the other day…
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