What If Scandal Was A Cartoon?

Scandal-Season-3so the f-bi knows i love scandal.
i try to live tweet about it on my twitter as im watching.
one of my trusty fox gladiators sent me this video labelled “watch now and smile”.
i did more than smile…

“oh see.
oh so you got somebody special?
i’ll see what i can do,
but i know what i could do if you blew this back out.”

80555-jack-nicholson-laughing-gif-DuRfi feel you on that tho.
you do it extra better once your back been blown.
i gotta say that i love everything about that cartoon.
only my scandal gladiators could relate.
thank you for the laugh.
scandal tonight at 10pm on abc.

see more here: kevonstage

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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