So Michelle Obama Is A Bawdy Builder?

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 11.13.04 AM

how disgusting is this illustration about michelle obama?
why are black vixens always portrayed as “angry” and “aggressive”?
she looks like would bench press that hoe in that pic.
i’d pay to see it.

judging from this twitter,
the owner specializes in republican comics.
this probably already explains a lot.
i had to wonder tho…

What other fuckery will come if Trump is elected president?

photo credited: twitter

f0XXX: Cartoon Porn (WTF)

Post-15337-Christian-Bale-confused-gif-Hje6cartoon porn.
i won’t lie and act like i never watched.
i remember watching some anime porn.
like literally watching it like it was a movie.
that is until the pipe turned into some tentacles…
it was odd.
hell i was distraught when i saw a pic of jasmine suckin aladdin off,
marge simpson getting gang banged,
and the flintstones and rubbles having a crazy orgy.

tumblr_lrhf64oVf51qko5plwell an f-bi sent me this movie and i literally cackled…
as well as being slightly aroused.
it was the strangest yet most interesting thing i have watched in porn.
it’s NSFW,

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Drake and These Double Covers For His New Album

1371784040000-AP-NBA-Finals-Spurs-Heat-BasketballCROP-1306202307_x-largei had to post this before i went to bed.
so drake just revealed his new album covers for his album,
“nothing was the same”.
you would never guess what he did…

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Jason Derulo Tattoos His Album Cover

24cw0lcwhat in the…?????
jason derulo went really colorful with his album artwork.
i guess usher really is his motivation.

x i could be wrong

lowkey: i do like his cartoon waves tho.
looks like that indian remy.
here he is performing on america’s got talent tonight:

and his video with 2 chainz “talk dirty to me”:

…i’m mad at this faux jamaican accent tho.
soooo yeah…
breezy wolf be scared?

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.56.54 PM

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