So Michelle Obama Is A Bawdy Builder?

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how disgusting is this illustration about michelle obama?
why are black vixens always portrayed as “angry” and “aggressive”?
she looks like would bench press that hoe in that pic.
i’d pay to see it.

judging from this twitter,
the owner specializes in republican comics.
this probably already explains a lot.
i had to wonder tho…

What other fuckery will come if Trump is elected president?

photo credited: twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “So Michelle Obama Is A Bawdy Builder?”

  1. I don’t even give white ppl the sataifaction of remotely entertaining their many levels of ignorance and how they revel in it. I’d advise the same to everyone because it’s what they want… Chi..

  2. Make the first lady great again??? Michelle is a graduate of both Princeton and Harvard, and they are comparing her to a model who got a come up, smh. White people will never cease to amaze me

  3. Trump will be way better than Hillary. At least Trump won’t let millions of Muslims into the country that hate BLACKS and GAYS, and think women should stay quiet. Also, soon blacks will be irrelevant b/c Latinos will be the new Dem favorite. And they are coming in by the thousands on a daily basis.

    The new and improved Democratic Party. Smh.

    1. This.

      That’s why I smh at blacks that are ok with immigration reform. They’re going to be taking all the blue collar jobs and making the rest of the jobs require you to be bilingual. White people are going to have a job regardless.

    2. You do realize that there are black Muslims and Latinos, right? But by all means continue on with your ignorant ass rant.. smh

    3. Interesting…. I mean you are talking out of your ass.

      @Jay And what about the blue collar jobs? You mean the jobs that many whites and blacks don’t want to take? But yeah it’s a good idea to take up new languages especially Mandarin and Cantonese since China will the next economic superpower country.

  4. People are complaining about our current president but trust when he leaves he will be missed. None of the people running give me hope the way Obama and President Bill Clinton did.

  5. This was dead wrong. I really hope he does not win. I will be leaving the country the next day for sure.

    I want Bernie to get in, but it does not appear as likely. I will have to settle for Hillary.

  6. Is FLOTUS supposed to have a penis in this cartoon?? Petty. Also why are they trying to make Melania so glamourous…she’s Eurotrash at best!

    1. She essentially the most personable, down to earth, classy First Lady we’ve ever had. She’s not just arm candy and that’s threatening, especially to white men. Furthermore I can’t remember any other First Lady getting as much coverage about what they wear as Michelle.

  7. What in the entire FU*K is going on. I guess the conservative cave dwellers aka the Snow People are going to try to get in every cheap shot as possible before the Obama’s leave office. Melanie Trump could not even bring First Lady Michelle Obama a piece of toilet paper to wipe her ass because she shits all over this low brow glorified stripper. First Lady Trump will be the first First Lady in history to have pose nude for a magazine, how much low class can you get. I guess one thing will come out of her administration is the Strippers of America will be recognized, and clear heels will be designated the National Shoe, I am sure the Wet T’shirt contest on the South Lawn at the Whitehouse will be a hit with Republican lawmakers. The Snow People are always trying to disguise their Shit by painting it gold. They are so upset that our First Lady has served this country with so much class and grace. She has pushed education, healthy living and other agenda’s that make us all want to be better and live better. Does Melanie Trump even have a GED? A BIG FU to this racist ass cartoon artist.

    1. LMAO you kill me!

      A poised beautiful and elegant Harvard graduate First lady and great role model? Or the naked magazine model gold-digger that brings absolutely nothing but an aerosol filled balloon head? YEAH make The First Lady GREAT again YEAH! The current First lady is a beautiful role model and is intelligent, and a hard worker, and what is Melon Chump going to bring to the table? A porn cover? This is no contest. He’s a clown who obviously didn’t stop to think before his weak comparison of an actual First Lady to another one of Chump’s maids I MEAN wives.

      They’ve been doing this pseudo-racist ish before Obama even became President so these people don’t surprise me in the least. These are also the same people who will argue that Black people don’t deserve the rights that were fought for and make brain-dead claims that racism doesn’t exist, and make themSELVES out to be the victims, and then proceed to make pictures like this.

      Whether it’s Killary or Chump, y’all are f*cked! I feel bad for you guys, honestly, because both of those candidates don’t have the interests of the people as part of their “agenda”. If the same people complaining about Obama think it’s bad now… it’s only going to get worse if it’s down to these two.

    2. 👏👏👏
      I’ve just been laughing to myself at all this, it’s sad. They couldn’t wait to get it started. You heard about the man saying that Barack was gay and did crack? Can’t do nothing but shake my head. The republic is all about spreading lies and trash in the media like girls in high school.

      She’s too muscular because she promotes fitness and getting natural beauty, not plastic surgery 😒

  8. SMH at people who act like there are no Black Muslims.So some of those millions of Muslims Trump doesn’t want to enter this country are Black from Europe and Africa.Some of the immigrants or undocumented workers Trump wants to keep out ,are Black.It won’t be just Mexicans who won’t be Welcome in this country but all non White immigrants.

  9. They’re so mad at #BlackExcellence ! Lol every time they try us we always rise above somehow. They will NEVER keep us down as a race. Nature & fate says no!

    Go FLOTUS!

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