two black queens are coming together for the culture.
kerry washington and viola davis.
in a move that may confuse my tail,
it looks like a cross over is on the way.
“scandal” meets “how to get away with murder”.
olivia pope meets annalise keating.
it all started with these social media teasers both actresses posted today…
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Olivia Pope May Meet Cookie Lyon?

OLIVIAMEETSCOOKIEis olivia pope going to handle cookie lyon in the near future?
she just might.
it seems that the creator of empire,
danny strong,
wants to collab with shonda rhimes
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What If Scandal Was A Cartoon?

Scandal-Season-3so the f-bi knows i love scandal.
i try to live tweet about it on my twitter as im watching.
one of my trusty fox gladiators sent me this video labelled “watch now and smile”.
i did more than smile…

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Are We The Foxhole or Are We Bitches?

scandal is off to a damn good start for season 3.

i missed this show terribly over the summer.
olivia pope makes me feel so alive.
i love how she solves problems.
they show should teach you how celeb teams solve issues as well.
i’m a proud #gladiatorfox.
tonight’s episode really goes to show that you can be perfect,
play by the rules,
and rescue cats from trees in your spare time.
as soon as a scandal breaks and your name is on the package
suddenly everyone is “returning to sender”.
“how they gonna set up…”
i don’t want to give to much away,

x watch this and watch this now

lowkey: abby looks great,
harrison and fitz look like sex,
and melly looks amazing.
season 3 brought top notch make up artists and stylists.

See… Even Olivia Pope Marries Baller Wolves.

olivia-pope-episode-20-maini guess olivia chucked the deuces to snow wolves.
on a serious tip,
kerry washington decided to give a baller wolf a chance.
by chance,
i mean MARRY.
who you ask?…

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Are You Going To Give This Dick Away To Anyone Else?

rosary-beadsi hope when god blesses me with a great wolf.
i want the typical things like loyalty,
but i hope he always turns me on.
i can’t get with just anyone and be happy.
i would cheat on that poor fella like it was nothin.
at least i’m honest.
i want that “olivia and fitz/scandal type bond”

their chemistry turns me on.
as dysfunctional as that is,
he loves her.
the way he looks at her when she walks in a room.
it’s like time stops.
he is attracted to everything about her.
i nearly exploded watching that episode…

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